AMI ranks in top worldwide family vacations

Anna Maria Island was listed among the 12 best family vacation spots in the world by, a vacation rental website.

FlipKey a relatively new TripAdvisor partner website, said in its rating, “This hidden gem is considered to be Florida’s best kept secret. (It) features gorgeous beaches, beautiful weather and a fun and family-friendly environment ideal for the ultimate family vacation.”

Maui in Hawaii is listed first by FlipKey, and Orlando is the only other Florida destination. London, Paris and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, also are listed.

Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce president Mary Ann Brockman said she learned of the ranking last week and was thrilled.

“I think it shows we are a top family destination and we have the real old Florida atmosphere every other Florida destination would like to have,” she said.

“I guess it shows we’re no longer unknown to families, especially with tourism increasing this past winter and spring. And it looks like the summer season is going to be one of the best ever.”

Brockman said FlipKey is one of the newer vacation rental websites, but is fast growing in popularity, and it’s a chamber member.

The notice about the listing came by email to the chamber from Claire Fischer of in Boston, along with the 12 ranked destinations.

David Teitelbaum, owner of four Bradenton Beach resorts and a member of the chamber board of directors, agreed FlipKey is making inroads in the online reservations industry.

“In my opinion, they are rapidly becoming fairly big players in the online reservations industry. Their ranking of the island is very big for us,” he said.

FlipKey said in a release its rankings were determined from visitor surveys about the family friendliness of a chosen destination.

3 thoughts on “AMI ranks in top worldwide family vacations

  1. Mermaiden

    After living here 25 years, and walking down the same street to the beach for the same, something very unsavory happened to me and my family. WE WERE HARASSED AND ALMOST RUN OVER BY A GOLF CART. Yes, it was a renter … Just let me say that if our 4 year old family member had been hit, we yanked her out of the way in the knick of time, some rude a** muncher’s VACAY would have been spent in jail, awaiting a major LAWSUIT. Come, if you must, but be warned, MANNERS ARE REQUIRED.

  2. Janie Thomas

    We have been coming to AMI for about 30 years now, first as a newly married couple , then with our children and now with all of our extended family. We rent the same house every year and we feel like the whole island is our home away from home.Everyone does their own thing whether it is going to the beach, hopping on the trolley to have dinner at the City Pier or to take an early walk on the beach to see how many turtles visited the night before or if there are any dolphins are out. We have visted other places but keep coming back ” home”

  3. Malte Moeller

    AMI –
    so beautiful…. We have been lucky enough to visit a couple of times – and will be back soon,

    Leaves the question of whether or not the a.m. ranking will play a role or not.

    It is certainly a correct choice for us, but seems the fact that FlipKey are also a chamber member leaves some doubt wrt real reasons for making AMI appear on their listings – esp. when you consider that Paris and London also appear within the top 12 – completely lovely and great cities, yet totally incomparable with AMI and a very very different sort of vacation one would book…

    Seems to me that somebody wants to make money, and I don’t think AMI deserves this sort of advert…


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