Protestors gather on land and sea to fight Long Bar Pointe development

It’s one of the last large pieces of undeveloped coastline in Manatee County and a growing number of people are determined it stays that way.

Dozens of protestors staging from Cortez boarded vessels of all sizes July 19 to form a “boat brigade” that cruised across the Sarasota Bay to Long Bar Pointe, a proposed development site that will encompass more than 400 acres of housing, stores, boat slips and a hotel.

Protestors also gathered landside at the proposed development at the 75th Street-53rd Avenue roundabout in unincorporated Manatee County.

The development would mean losing some of the mangroves and seagrass in the area that protestors say would destroy a valuable breeding ground for fish and wildlife. Some protestors have said the development would be the death of Sarasota Bay.

Opposition to the development continues to grow and the Manatee County Board of Commissioners have a land-use special meeting scheduled Aug. 6 to address the development plans — and a proposed amendment to the county’s comprehensive plan — being proposed by the developer, Carlos Beruff.

Because a large crowd is expected, commissioners have scheduled the meeting to take place at 9 a.m. Tuesday, at the Bradenton Area Civic Center, 1 Haben Blvd., Palmetto.

The meeting is scheduled for the entire day with a noon-1:30 p.m. lunch break.

8 thoughts on “Protestors gather on land and sea to fight Long Bar Pointe development

  1. logan

    Don’t let Beruff develop Longbar Pointe, He is only looking to line his pockets, and his political right wing. He was in bankruptcy few years ago and still buying up property in Parrish and east Manatee and Lake county. I heard thru channels that he has strong ties to gov. Scott which does answer a lot of questions. He has destroyed huge trees, wet lands, developed on waterways without putting up a protective fabric. Pictures were taken. Garbage, mud, street and chemical, debris runoff going into water. I know for a fact that was reported to county. They said that they would take care of issue after they had looked into it and found it was a valid issue, nothing was ever done. May be to late for Parrish and other areas, hopefully not for LBP area.

  2. Mermaiden

    Hope all you good people can TAKE OFF WORK to be there. A Tuesday at 9a.m. is the best you could do??????? BE THERE, AND BE RESPECTFUL. we don’t want it, not now, not ever. Carlos, you have a dream, and we have an ecosystem to preserve. Our dream to keep our environment alive, and perhaps someday thrive, trumps your dream to exploit and ruin our commnity.

    1. bonnerj

      The meeting begins at 9 a.m. at the county chambers, but the Long Bar Pointe matter is scheduled time certain for 1:30 p.m. at the Bradenton Area Convention Center in Palmetto.

  3. Alex & Joady

    Isn’t that area refered to as The Cortez Kitchen?
    if so why would they want to crap where there food comes from??

  4. Yvonne and Vera

    We also say NO to the development. The beauty of the area is that there are still parts that are undeveloped and it should remain that way.

    1. Terri K. Wonder

      Absolutely No to all of it. Way too high-impact to be considered safe either to humans or the environment or the local economy.

    2. Skip Speer

      I hope to lay the ground work for any possible future litigation for the loss of property and life if this project moves forward without regard or concern for Sarasota Bay and the possible destruction caused by storm surges and hurricanes and the loss of life caused by this project, to lay the responsibility for any future destruction at the hands of the developer, and to call attention to the complete disregard for the proper use of this particular property and habitat and how the land serves Manatee County, Sarasota County, and Sarasota Bay bay as a buffer against storms and storm surges, a wildlife refuge and sanctuary.

      Sarasota Bay is under attack. Help stop Developer Carlos Beruff and his attack on the environment of an ecological niche, home to breeding fish and nesting sites for large numbers of frigate birds, pelicans, egrets, and cranes. We need support and help to stop a developer from decimating and destroying a nesting area for “frigate birds” here in Florida. The plan site for planned development lies in a flood plain and is unsuitable for development under any standards of reasonable, rational, consideration to the environment or to the remaining wetlands along the Florida Coast which act as a buffer against seasonal hurricanes. We need help in support for opposing this project. The coast will be forever damaged and the impact on the Sarasota Bay will be devastating. This is another example of political power, influence, and money being place ahead of the concerns for the Earth and the environment.
      Mr. Carlos Beruff is also in a conflict of interest with this ongoing project. He is the “Chair” of the Southwest Florida Water Management Board and his involvement of this project runs counter to his responsibilities to defend and protect the water quality and the environment. Just because he takes a shower or bath everyday does not qualify him as a “Water Expert or Specialist”. What are his qualifications to be the Chair of Southwest Florida Water Management accept political contributions. The purposed project lies within the most severe area for hurricane impact and subject to the highest possible damage from any hurricane. This project is a self interest project without regard to the very real possibility of future flood damage and lose of life and not beneficial to the State of Florida.
      If you look on Google and find 75th street and Cortez Rd West in Bradenton, Florida and you follow 75th Street south you will find “El Conquistador Parkway” and El Conquistador Parkway will be the access road to the planned 5 story 5 star hotel, Marina, a large housing development, and rather large shopping center, basically a whole city complex within a city complex, but in a Hurricane flood plain, with planned dredging of a channel or channels to and from Sarasota Bay and the impact that will have on the tidal area of that coast line and the removal of all, all barrier mangroves disrupting the current fish habitat which supports the Sarasota Bay fish breeding area and disturbing the rookies for nesting birds where their habitat has been reduced and eliminated over the years reducing the natural resources to almost nil. Those Mangroves provide another important function; they act as a barrier to storm surge and protection of the coast by providing a buffer between the water and the land. They also act like kidneys in the human body, cleansing the tidal waters from heavy metals and contaminates. When will this insanity stop? We cannot pave and asphalt the whole world, but people like Carlos Beruff will continue to try until someone says enough is enough.
      According to the information I have been supplied with, Mr.Beruff laid the ground work some time ago for his handpicked candidates. Mr. Beruff apparently has been instrumental in the funding of campaigns for “in his pocket “candidates to the Manatee County Board of Commissioners and removing non-myopic members that had been serving well for the best interest of the County. The members that were replaced were not indebted to any particular interest group but were members that were concerned with the best interest of Manatee County. That balance of power changed when the election was purchased. Who says Politicians cannot be bought. The new biased board will rule on Mr. Beruff’s proposal August the 6th and the new board is in a position to return a ruling that would be favorable to and in the interest of Mr. Beruff’s position and not that which is in the best interest of Manatee County, Florida,


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