Anna Maria requires compliance on address displays

Tape measure? Check. Address numbers? Check.

Anna Maria residents and business owners better make sure they have a proper address sign posted on their structure by Sept. 30. Otherwise, they could be facing a code citation and potentially an appearance before the city’s special magistrate.

The city has mailed notices requiring that house numbers be “affixed and visible” from the street, and is giving residents until Sept. 30 to comply.

After that date, code enforcement officers will be issuing citations, a news release from the city said.

The release said finding an address in an emergency is important, particularly at night.

“If numbers are unreadable, hidden, unlighted or have missing numbers, it may delay emergency responders from getting to you as quickly as possible,” the release said.

City code requires that residential one- and two-family dwellings, as well as individual units in multi-unit structures, have address numbers that are a minimum of 4 inches tall.

Non-residential buildings must have an address number a minimum of 6 inches tall.

Numbers and letters must be plain and in an “easily readable style,” continued the release. Script and cursive characters are not permitted.

Structures located on more than one street, such as a corner lot, are required to post street numbers “on each street frontage.”

Waterfront lots must post addresses on both the waterfront side and street frontages.

Mayor SueLynn said, “If someone has an emergency, we have to be sure fire our medical units can find their address quickly and easily.”

SueLynn discussed the problem with code enforcement officer Gerry Rathvon and building official Bob Welch, also a code enforcement officer, before sending out the notices.

Most structures in the city comply with the code, the mayor said, but she suggested residents and business owners check to see if an address is properly posted and visible from the street.

For more information, call Anna Maria City Hall at 941-708-6130, ext. 29.

Anna Maria requires compliance on address displays

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