Photogenic pets and pals

The Islander concludes its annual Top Notch contest with awards for pet photography. Pet winners can claim an Islander “More Than a Mullet Wrapper” T-shirt at newspaper, 5604 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.


Rochelle Bowers wins for her photograph, which she titled “Sailor Scooby Bowers.” She says the pup likes to go kayaking with pop Mark Bowers.

Natasha Joffer of west Bradenton wins for her well-framed snapshot of a boy, a dog and a plunge into the water.


Natasha Joffer also earns recognition for her nicely lighted photograph of Ruca and Michael Stull.


John M. Lafferty of Holmes Beach was a Top Notch weekly prize winner with this underwater shot of Aces diving for a football. He received front-page placement and an Islander T-shirt.

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