Island police blotter – 09-11-2013

Anna Maria

        • Aug. 24, 700 block of North Shore Drive, vehicle burglary. A complainant reported someone entered his unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the glove box and center console. Nothing was reported missing.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

        • No new reports.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


        • Aug. 31, 41100 block of Cortez Road West, information. An MCSO deputy responded to a disturbance call and made contact with a group of people who reported a fraudulent charge to one of their credit cards. The group said they rented a watercraft and one of their companions had become stuck. They notified the owner, who gave them an extra 15 minutes. A member of the group said they returned on time, but the owner said they were more than 40 minutes late, so they were charged for the extra time. The deputy told the complainant that it was a civil matter.

• Sept. 1, 4200 block of 127th Street West, vehicle burglary. A complainant reported someone entered his boat and rummaged through his belongings, but nothing was reported missing.

• Sept. 4, 10300 block of Cortez Road West, petit theft. A woman called to report a stolen credit card. She said she allowed a relative to use the card, but had taken it back and told the relative she was no longer allowed to use it. When she went to retrieve the card, it was gone and she suspected it was in the possession of the relative.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

        Sept. 3, 9200 Gulf Drive, DWLS. A 27-year-old Palmetto man was stopped for speeding. When asked for his identification, the man presented a suspended driver’s license. According to the report, the man was listed as a habitual traffic offender June 6. He was arrested on a felony habitual offender charge.

• Aug. 24, 500 block of 67th Street, vehicle burglary. A complainant reported someone entered his unlocked vehicle and stole a pocketknife and cash valued at $150.

• Aug. 25, 5300 Gulf Drive, vehicle burglary. A complainant reported someone gained entry into a secured garaged and entered his unlocked vehicle stealing $600 worth of computer equipment.

• Aug. 25, 400 block of 63rd Street, vehicle burglary. Someone entered an unlocked vehicle and stole three watches valued at $1,200.

• Aug. 25, 26 Seaside Court, vehicle burglary. An unknown person severed a boat’s gas line and stole the gas tank. During the investigation, a police officer remembered seeing a gas tank at another burglary location. The tank was positively identified by the victim, but it was damaged.

• Aug. 26, 5300 Gulf Drive, vehicle theft. HBPD was contacted by MCSO regarding a suspicious vehicle. A deputy reported the vehicle was damaged by someone forcibly gaining access to the wiring in the steering column. HBPD notified the vehicle owner, who confirmed it was stolen Aug. 24.

• Aug. 26, 16 Seaside Court, vehicle burglary. A complainant reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle and forced open the center console. About $5 in change was stolen and the damage to the console was estimated at $50.

• Aug. 26, 8200 block of Gulf Drive, petit theft. Someone stole a pool vacuum valued at $299.

• Aug. 29, 100 block of 75th Street, burglary. A complainant reported two houses were burglarized and were missing TVs and television stands valued at $1,255.

• Aug. 29, 100 block of 31st Street, battery. Police responded to a complainant, who wanted to report his landlord was trying to make him pay for a broken window. The man was advised it was not a police matter, but he said the landlord had pushed him and wanted to press charges.

• Aug. 29, 4000 Gulf Drive, Manatee Public Beach, abuse. Witnesses called police on a woman, saying she had excessively spanked a young child. Police interviewed the woman who said she spanked her 2-year-old child twice for screaming and throwing toys. There were no marks on the child and police determined the allegation was unfounded.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

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