Paradise Has a Soundtrack

Welcome to my little portion of The Islander’s new “Outer Space” in cyber space. It’s a privilege to have been given the opportunity to sound off, way out here, in this newest cyber launch of forum for all things “ISLAND.”

As I write this, I’ve made several attempts to catch up with the artist who would have been the subject of this first post. I even made it to one of his shows, but, too my surprise, he never took a break. He was apparently too busy entertaining the audience to let vanity and the allure of celebrity, interfere with his freakishly long set.

I don’t get the impression he’s totally impervious to the wiles of fame, so, I’ll likely catch up to him soon.

Who is “he?” That’s not important right now, but if you follow this post, I’ll make sure to let you know when it’s the guy. There’s no telling how long it will take, mainly because it’s not urgent. There’s no deadline.

In fact, that’s how I intend to pursue this blog … in island time. There are dozens, if not hundreds of fulltime, professional working musicians in Manatee and Sarasota counties, many of  whom perform on Anna Maria Island regularly, at any one of the more than 20 live music venues.

As a musician, I’m always interested to see what qualities, skills and personalities, other full-time musicians employ, in order to carve their niche, claim their gigs and connect with their audiences. As a music lover, I’m always looking for the next act talented enough to hold my attention, so I can shut off my business side, enjoy the music and just be entertained.

It’s also nice to just get out and network with my colleagues!

In my blog, you’ll find what I observe, from my perspective, when I make the rounds. I’ll select an artist,
from the many I find and let you know a little about the music you can expect to hear from them, parts of their show that stand out and likely a little note worth personal info.

Please, don’t mistake this blog for a review. I have no intention of ever critiquing a fellow musician. I don’t think I’m qualified. Most of the hardworking professionals, those who have managed to secure enough contracts as a professional musician to fund their livelihood, outrank me. I consider it an act of grace that I get to be among them and am much better served by focusing on what I can learn from their game, than assuming I know enough to analyze them.

I look forward to your comments and questions as we work our way through the grand list of great talent that conspire to create the soundtrack of our island in paradise.

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