Tiffy talks about fleas – Part 1

Dogs for the Earth here again and as promised last week, Tiffy has to talk about fleas.  Since there is so much to learn about those pesky little itchy critters, we thought we should do it in 3 pawts.  Get it?  Pawts.

In this pawt, let’s talk about the flea and why they are so fierce.  They are tiny hard shelled insects that can do circus tricks like jump 4-5 ft horizontally.  WOW! Those hind legs of theirs are super strong.

They can adapt to almost any environment except the Antarctica and last time I checked, none of our neighbors plan on moving there.    They are like a small army and have 3 commands they must abide by: eat, survive and reproduce.  The female, of course is the key to survival.  She usually lays her eggs in damp, dark places and sometimes on your pet where they fall off on your carpets,  floors, bedding, yards, well you get the idea….everywhere!  The eggs usually hatch in about a week but under different conditions they can survive in their cocoon for up to 6 months.  What nerve!!  For EVERY single adult flea you see, there can be up to 50 eggs, 35 larvae and 10 cocoons.  Creepy!!!  They inject a blood thinner in to your pet during feeding which causes the itching.  One meal can keep a flea alive for up to 2 months.   Now, that’s impressive.

So, hopefully we’ve learned a little about the flea and next week we’re going to share some  earth friendly ways to help keep them out of your environment.  If you just can wait until then, please stop by and we’ll help you out.  In the meantime, Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum.

Rescue is the best way to recycle.


Tiffy, Kathy & Annie

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