Tiffy talks about fleas – Part 2

Pawt 2 about those pesky little critters we call fleas.  There are some natural, effective things you can do around the home and yard to help control the flea population.  Remember:  most of this army of fleas live in your home and yard, not your pet.  Treating the environment is essential and here at Dogs for the Earth, we choose not to use chemical pesticides in our home or yard.  We just don’t want those toxins around us, our pets, or on this glorious planet we live.

The key is cleanliness.  The more you vacuum your floors, carpeting, bedding and furniture, the better off you will be.  Remember, the larvae don’t like light, so get under furniture, in the cushions, around the baseboards and your pets favorite places to hang out.    I know, I know, you don’t have time to this every day.  So, along with doing that as often as you can, especially during the height of flea season,  we recommend using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade only) or another natural powder.  What is D.E. you ask?  Tiny fossilized organisms called diatoms.  Diatoms serve as food for other organisms and when they die their silica shells become fossilized.  If you look at D.E. through a microscope, it looks like shards of glass.  Ok, so how does it work as a pesticide?  Any insect with an exoskeleton that crawls across it picks up the particle while it cuts through their protective wax layer.  Once that happens, the insect just dries up.  This includes earwigs, ants, silverfish, cockroaches (YUK), flies, ticks, bedbugs and last but not least, those darn fleas.  It’s a fine white powder so rub it on your carpets, in your cushions, on your patio, in your yard, around your house.   You will have to reapply outside after a hard rain and once a month inside is good.  Remember to rake up your leaves outdoors since fleas like damp, dark places.

It’s safe for plants, trees, flowers, really anything.  Back in the day and even now, farmers would use it around their livestock instead of chemicals.

The best part of all, It’s really inexpensive.  If you have any questions, you know where to find us and pawt 3 is coming next week. “Keeping them off your pet.”

Rescue is the best way to recycle.


Tiffy, Kathy & Annie

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