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Hi. First, we’d like to thank the Islander for inviting us to be part of their team.  At Dogs for the Earth we search the globe to help you and your pet find ways to lower our carbon paw prints on this beautiful planet we call home.  We’re going to give tips, advice, tell some funny stories and for those of you who know Tiffy, there’s definitely going to be some barking.

Don’t worry, Tiffy won’t forget about the cats.  We’re all in this together.

We’re gonna chat about nutrition and food, toys and beds, pest control and cleaners, shampoo and we’re even gonna talk about poop.  There are so many ECO and pet friendly ways for us as a community to work together to keep our pets, ourselves, our beautiful island and our Earth healthier and happier.

So, look for us next week and we’ll talk about those pesky fleas and an easy, inexpensive, earth and pet friendly way to keep them out of your lives.

Remember, one of the best ways to recycle is to rescue and adopt.

Recycle* Reuse* Rescue

Kathy and Tiffy
Dogs for the Earth

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