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Captain Morgan artist joins Invasion Weekend

Don Maitz has authorized use of his artwork, “Starboard Gunner,” for commemorative T-shirts at the Pirate Invasion. Islander Image: Courtesy Don Maitz

The Anna Maria Island Privateers recruited American artist Don Maitz to help with the November weekend when the nonprofit invades and captures the island.

Maitz is perhaps best known for his “Captain” character promoting Captain Morgan rum. He works in commercial, science fiction and fantasy art and twice has received the Hugo Award for best professional artist.

His work can be found on the covers of books written by Ray Bradbury, Gene Wolfe, Michael Moorcock, Raymond E. Feist, C. J. Cherryh, Stephen King and Isaac Asimov.

During the three-day Pirate Invasion, Maitz has authorized the use of “Starboard Gunner” for commemorative T-shirts, and will sell limited-edition art. He also will attend the invasion Saturday, Nov. 2, when the Privateers seize Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach.

For more information about the Pirate Invasion, go online to

For more information about Maitz, go online to

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