Island police blotter – 11-20-2013

Anna Maria

        • Nov. 9, 800 block of North Shore Drive, suspicious incident. A complainant reported that the Bradenton Herald was charging her for newspapers that were not being delivered to her address, owned by another person. She said the owner claimed the newspapers are being stolen, but that she was forced to pay a $200 bill.

• Nov. 12, 5314 Cortez Road, Bradenton, Walmart, theft. A 29-year-old Anna Maria man was arrested for misdemeanor theft after allegedly stealing memory cards from the electronics department. According to the report, the man took the cards to the bakery where he purchased a single doughnut and then attempted to exit the store without paying for the cards.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

        • Nov. 9, 2400 block of Gulf Drive North, resisting arrest. A Bradenton Beach Police Department officer responded to a domestic disturbance and made contact with a 50-year-old New Port Richie man, who was banging on the door of a second-floor condominium unit. The officer asked the man to come down, but he refused and continued yelling and banging on the door. The officer went up the stairs and asked the man again to come down and speak with him, but the suspect refused and kept trying to get into the residence. The officer attempted to place the man in custody, at which time he began pulling away. The officer reports that he had to take the man to the ground in order to gain custody.

• Nov. 13, 900 Gulf Drive N., Gulf Drive Cafe, violation of a protection order. A 30-year-old employee of the restaurant was arrested onsite after a complainant filed a report that the suspect violated a protection order by attempting to call her three times. The suspect’s voice was identified on a voicemail left for the woman Nov. 8.

• Nov. 13, 307 Gulf Drive N., no driver’s license. According to a probable cause affidavit, a woman pulled out in front of a police officer in a careless manner, forcing the officer to slam on his brakes. Upon initiating a traffic stop, the 28-year-old Bradenton woman said she has never had a driver’s license in this country.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• Nov. 10, 4500 block of 123rd Street West, theft. A man reported that an unknown person stole his unsecured bicycle left near his boathouse.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

• Nov. 12, 3600 block of East Bay Drive, criminal mischief. An argument occurred between a man and woman staying at someone else’s residence. During the argument, the man damaged the front door, walls and broke several items within the residence totaling $300 in damages.

• Nov. 12, 700 Manatee Ave., reckless driving. A 46-year-old woman was observed “fishtailing” in a parking lot and then exited at a high rate of speed, at one point crossing the double yellow line to pass another vehicle. A police officer gave pursuit and recorded her speed at 60 mph. After initiating a traffic stop, the Bradenton woman said she has never had a driver’s license. She was charged with reckless driving and not having a valid driver’s license. When the officer began to arrest her, she allegedly resisted and had to be physically restrained. She was additionally charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

• Nov. 2, 300 block of 61st Street, assault. Police responded to a domestic disturbance and heard a female inside the residence screaming. As they approached, a male exited the residence and appeared to be trying to flee. He was detained as the female exited, saying, “He tried to kill me.” The suspect was placed under arrest, at which time the female declined to prosecute.

• Nov. 2, 200 block of 29th Street, battery. Police responded to a domestic disturbance and upon arrival witnessed a male juvenile hitting an adult female. An officer pulled the juvenile off of the victim and placed him in his patrol car. The victim said the juvenile attacked her without warning when she asked him to take his medication. A female juvenile also was punched while trying to help the woman. Police interviewed the male juvenile, who admitted to striking the woman, but said it was because she had stepped on a cockroach and killed it. The juvenile was arrested.

• Nov. 3, 300 block of 62nd Street, vehicle burglary. A complainant said she arrived home to feed her cats and left her vehicle unlocked for only a few minutes. When she returned, her purse was missing. The purse and the stolen contents were valued at $67.

• Nov. 5, 500 block of Bay View Drive, theft. A man reported two unsecured bicycles valued at $140 were stolen from outside his residence.

        Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

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