Rod & Reel Pier undergoes redo

Repairs to the Rod & Reel Pier, 875 N. Shore Drive, Anna Maria, following the Sept. 30 fire in the restaurant apparently will result in a nearly new restaurant, according to manager Dave Cochran.

The smoldering fire started inside the kitchen because of long-term heat buildup. Smoke, fire and water caused considerable damage.

Mario Schoenfelder, who owns the Rod & Reel Pier, said work would continue “as fast as possible” now that insurance adjusters have assessed the damage.

The repairs must meet the new Florida Building Code, according to Anna Maria building official Bob Welch.

“It’s probably going to look almost brand new when finished,” Welch said.

Welch has to approve the work before the restaurant and pier can reopen.

For now, many of the pier’s employees are receiving help with their rent and utility bills and food from All Island Denominations and the AID-supported Roser Memorial Community Church Food Bank.

One thought on “Rod & Reel Pier undergoes redo

  1. cindy glazier

    Have visited Anna Maria for 40 years. We live in Tampa. The Pier was built in 1947, the year my husband was born. Coming down next week, any ideas when the Pier might re-open?


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