Christmas dream for Anna Maria Island

A few nights ago, I fell asleep dreaming about what to get everyone for Christmas.

I didn’t dream of sugar plum fairies or candy canes while nestled in bed, I dreamed about what I should give the three island cities.

For Anna Maria, I dreamed of giving the city one large parking lot. I would build it on the south side of the city, on pilings, so it would be above all the homes.

The lot would be about 1,000 feet by 1,000 feet and motorists entering the city for the first time would take an up ramp by the city limit to get to their rooftop parking.

There would be about 500 parking spaces and signs would direct people to where they wanted to go. Elevators would deposit visitors on Pine Avenue and at the city pier, or near the beaches, restaurants and other shops on Gulf Drive.

Of course, half of the city would be in darkness, covered by this huge parking lot, but it would forever solve parking problems in the city at the north end of AMI.

Then, I dreamed of Holmes Beach. I dreamed of a giant duplex with 200 bedrooms, 100 on each side. The two sides would be connected by a covered walkway to ensure the structure was a duplex.

This giant duplex would be built on the city field and could be raised high enough to allow soccer players and dogs to continue their activities.

High-speed elevators would deposit guests on the appropriate floor. Some guests might enjoy a bedroom at the top, which would probably be about 300 feet into the sky. Guests might also enjoy small retail shops and a grocer in the parking garage.


This would solve the problem of too many large duplexes in Holmes Beach. Now, there would only be one giant duplex.

For Bradenton Beach, I dreamed of a restaurant on the Historic Bridge Street Pier — one built high enough to be raised to allow boats to pass underneath.

Boaters would tie up to the dock and dine, while some guests could fish for their dinner.

The restaurant would be two stories high, and be taller than the Cortez Bridge.

This would allow diners to gaze down at the boats traversing the bridge. The diners could even throw bits of food to hungry boaters.

Food would be terribly expensive, but diners would be paying for ambiance, not cuisine.

Then, I dreamed of island consolidation: One city for Anna Maria Island. One police force. One building department. One city commission. One set of codes.

There we go. All problems on Anna Maria Island solved.

A giant parking lot, duplex, restaurant and consolidation on the island are the answers.

Suddenly, I heard a loud explosion.


The bridges to Anna Maria Island exploded and were destroyed, requiring visitors to arrive by boat.

That woke me up.

Hey, it was only a dream.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and feliz navidad to everyone.

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