Beloved Beach Bistro Patron Tony Jacklin Renews His Wedding Vows

One of our most esteemed Beach Bistro patrons, golf icon Tony Jacklin, made international headlines recently when HELLO! magazine (the premier celebrity tabloid in the United Kingdom) featured his love story.

Jacklin renewed his 25-year commitment to his wife, Astrid, this winter on the sands of the Bistro—a tale that has been touching hearts across the globe and garnering vast recognition for the restaurant.

Both dressed in white on a breezy afternoon, Tony and Astrid pledged their devotion to one another in the company of their loved ones. They recited the vows they made on their first wedding day in an intimate ceremony that inspired joyful tears and applause.

“Tony and Astrid have been very, very good friends and great patrons of the Bistro for many years now,” says Beach Bistro/Eat Here restaurateur Sean Murphy. “I’m sure you’ll join us all in wishing Tony and Astrid every happiness on their 25th anniversary.”

Tony, who lives in Bradenton, is a longtime friend of Murphy’s. Eight years ago, he told Murphy that he, Jack Nicklaus and Kevin Daves were going to build the best golf course in America, which later became The Concession. Tony is such a regular at the Bistro that he has a drink named after him: the Tony Jacklin martini, with Bombay Sapphire gin, white vermouth, and a cocktail olive with Maytag blue cheese.

“Tony is a rock star in Britain—their Mickey Mantle, their Arnold Palmer,” says Murphy, adding that Jacklin was history’s most successful European Ryder Cup captain and the first British player to win the Open Championship for 18 years.

He is also a wonderful husband, as his recent ceremony proved. The officiant began the day by sharing these compassionate words with Tony and Astrid: “Today these vows are beautiful words representing even more beautiful intentions. My wish for you is that you live these vows for the rest of your years, offering freely of your time and your love to one another, and that the meaning of these words will deepen.”

She went on, “I know the happy times have been twice as joyous because you’re sharing them with someone you love. And while life has gotten tough, it has only been half as difficult because there has been someone by your side to help you carry the burden.”

As Tony was asked, “Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife as you did 25 years ago?”, he replied “I do.”

He slipped a ring onto his wife’s finger and the two gazed into each other’s eyes. It was an idyllic setting—just outside the restaurant, on the shore, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico—for romantic lovebirds like Tony and Astrid.

“It’s a location where we’re looking forward to doing a lot of different events, maybe even some weddings as well,” Murphy says.

A toast to the happy couple from all of us at the Beach Bistro!

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