Holmes Beach planners to hold re-zoning hearing

The Holmes Beach Planning Commission will hold a public hearing 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 2, to consider a rezoning issue.

The property in question at 214 54th St. is on the corner of 54th Street and Holmes Boulevard. It is currently zoned medium-density residential.

The applicant, Lizzie Lus Island Retreat, LLC is requesting the lot be re-zoned commercial with a mixed-use overlay.

The property’s existing use is classified in city planner Bill Brisson’s staff report as a single-family home with a former home-occupation license for a CPA office in the residence.

Benjamin and Keren ten Haaf are the owners of Lizzie Lus Island Retreat. Monica Simpson is the agent filing on behalf of the ten Haafs.

The ten Haafs want to redevelop the existing building, creating a two-story building of two business offices on the ground level and two elevated residential units on the second level.

The city’s consulting firm, LaRue Planning and Management, submitted a staff report March 27 with a recommendation to the commission. The city planners wrote in the report that re-zoning is inconsistent with the comprehensive plan.

The main reasoning behind the recommendation is the incompatibility with surrounding areas. The property sits between a commercial area to the south and east and residential to the north and west.

The report stated the issue of compatibility is not only in question because of the proximity to the residential area, but the classification of mixed-use overlay allows for more development in the future than what is presently requested by the applicant.

The applicant plans two resort housing units, but the requested zoning would allow the property owners to build four or five resort housing units on the upper floor if each had only one bedroom.

The report also said it could “have dramatic impacts upon the surrounding residential properties to the north and west.”

Simpson filed for a continuance, which will be heard April 2, when another hearing on the issue will be set.

The planning commission hearing will be held at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive.

One thought on “Holmes Beach planners to hold re-zoning hearing

  1. Patricia Garrett

    There are two sides to this that deserve comment. One is that the house as it currently stands is not very attractive as a residential or rental property. It’s on a busy corner, and the trash and dust from the Island mall across the street is blown across Holmes Blvd several times a week and lands in the yard. Landscaping the property and using a vacuum instead of a blower to pick up the dust and trash from the mall would improve this situation a great deal.

    The proposed new uses for a new two-story building don’t sound bad, until you explain that it seems to be a Trojan horse for much denser development. By doing that, the proposers may lose whatever good will might have been available from the neighbors. It’s too bad.


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