Coroner: Anna Maria resident drowned

Manatee County medical examiner Dr. Russell Vega ruled that drowning was the cause for Henry Hicks, 60, of Anna Maria. Hicks died in a boating accident April 27.

Vega said Hicks also had heart disease and that “it is possible or even probable that his heart disease played a role in either incapacitating him while underwater or causing disorientation.”

Hicks’ death was classified as an accidental drowning with heart disease contributing, Vega said.

Hicks had his boat anchored about 3 miles west of Egmont Key when he fell in the water while retrieving the anchor. He was pulled from the water by passengers on the boat and taken ashore.

He was a Tampa attorney who purchased a home in Anna Maria in 2009.

Vega said the delay in announcing the cause of death was to allow Hicks’ family to be notified.

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