Holmes Beach mayor’s boat underwater again

Holmes Beach Mayor Carmel Monti is having boat problems — again.

Neighbor, Larry Solberg, reported the sunken boat April 17 and May 3 to the U.S. Coast Guard Station Cortez.

“It’s been an ongoing thing, it’s still sunk,” said Solberg.

He observed Coast Guard officers spending several hours at Monti’s property May 3 and May 4.

Solberg said he was visited May 3 by four officers from the Coast Guard who thanked him for reporting the sunken boat and the apparent fuel discharge in the canal in connection to the incident. Solberg said the uniformed officers told him they were with the Coast Guard environmental pollution unit.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Scott Crawford said May 5 that he had been briefed on the situation and confirmed the Coast Guard National Response Team had responded to Monti’s home May 3 and May 4.

He said they would be following up further on May 5.

Monti’s boat had previously sunk in the canal April 17. The Coast Guard, Holmes Beach Public Works and Holmes Beach Police departments, as well as code enforcement officer Dave Forbes responded to the incident. At that time, the city departments offered assistance to Monti and reported he was working with them to solve the problem.

The boat was eventually raised, only to sink again May 3.

Solberg said Monti attempted pumping out the boat May 4, but it remained underwater the morning of May 5.

Solberg also received a visit from the HBPD May 4. He said the officer advised him the mayor was doing everything he needed to do to comply with the Coast Guard.

Monti did not return calls to The Islander for comment before press time.

One thought on “Holmes Beach mayor’s boat underwater again

  1. rbodell

    “city departments offered assistance to Monti and reported he was working with them to solve the problem.” How far does the city go for EVERYBODY whose private boat sinks or was this special treatment?


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