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Real Estate – 05-07-2014

By Jesse Brisson, Special to The Islander

105 Sunset Lane, Holmes Beach, a 1,925 sfur / 2,553 sfla 3bed/2bath/2car home built in 1992 on a 180×69 lot was sold 04/11/15, Kaiser to Kyzer for $950,000; list $975,000.

2312 Gulf Drive N., Unit 203, Sunset Terrace, Bradenton Beach, a 1,180 sfla / 1,340 sfur 2bed/2bath condo built in 1982 was sold 04/14/14, Wanderlingh to Gerlach for $515,000.

613 Gladiolous St., Anna Maria, a 1,615 sfla / 1,650 sfur sfur 2bed/3bath duplex built in 1968 ona 50×114 lot was sold 04/17/14, Puryear to JDGE LLC for $465,000.

5608 Gulf Drive, Unit 104, Sun Plaza West, Holmes Beach, a 1,092 sfla / 1,236 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with shared pool built in 1981 was sold 04/14/14, Grant to Schaum for $370,000; list $385,000.

7100 Gulf Drive, Unit 205, Nautilus Condominium Apartments, Holmes Beach, a 1,081 sfla / 1,185 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with shared pool built in 1973 was sold 04/11/14, Feighner to Tobler for $350,000; list $379,000.

501 Gulf Drive N., Unit 301, Bridgeport, Bradenton Beach, a 1,000 sfla / 1,075 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with shared pool built in 1982 was sold 04/14/14, Garvin to Turner for $305,000.

743 Manatee Ave., Unit 32, Westbay Cove South, Holmes Beach, a 1,187 sfla / 1,595 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with shared pool built in 1977 was sold 04/10/14, Anderson to Tarantola for $275,000; list $289,900.

Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244.

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