Congratulations, AME 2014 grads!


Heather Nyberg Class of 2014

Sophia Belsito

Lilah Bowers

Tyler Brewer

Lauren Buchanan

Ciarra Buff

Andrew Burgess

Avery Carnes

Randy Carter

Grayson Chatt

Ella Coney-Jones

David Daigle

Daniel Fritz

Ana Gonzalez

Morgan Horesh

Sam Howells

Irada Karpthip

Roman Langley

Tuna McCracken

Dylan McKee

Zachary Meek

Brianna “Lupe’” Morales-Lopes

Cecilia Petereit

Emilia Randolph

Jackson Randolph

Javier Rivera

Sean Rodriguez


Pidge Taylor Class of 2014

Nico Altizer

Brandon Annis

Blake Balais

Halle Bingham

Rain Cooper

Mary Grace Cucci

Aaron Dunnan

Jaclyn Gilman

Bryson Higgins

Nathan Hyman

Bella Love

Ethan Mata

Josue Membreno

Gabriel Moschini

Giancarlo Padilla

Nyla Parker

Julius Petereit

Emily Sackett

Gianna Sparks

Alexandra Texidor-Abel

Tristan Watson

Adrian Wilson

Maya Yarlagadda


Many Thanks

      This year I received the Rotary Service Before Self award and I am thankful to the teachers who helped me to become the person I am today.

Mrs. Taylor helped me in many ways. When I first came to her class in fourth-grade, I despised writing, but now, thanks to Mrs. Taylor, writing is one of my favorite subjects.

She let me write on topics that I was interested in. She also increased my people skills greatly. She had us work in groups and complete team challenges.

Another person I would like to thank is Mrs. McDonough, our school librarian. Most people underestimate the power of a book. A book can change your perspective or help you understand someone better.

I also would like to thank my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Granstad. Before I was in her class, I was extremely shy and didn’t talk much. She put us in groups and made us work together.

Lastly, I would like to thank my kindergarten and first-grade teacher, Ms. Goffred. When I came to her class, I did not talk. The people I was closest to usually only got a hello. Mrs. Goffred helped me find my voice.

Thank you all. — Bella Love

            Editor’s note: The award is presented by the Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island upon recommendation of the faculty and staff of Anna Maria Elementary School. The award is given to a graduating fifth-grade student who exemplifies Rotary’s motto of placing others first.


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