Island vacationer, daughter arrested

A woman was arrested June 4 in Holmes Beach after she allegedly joined her 16-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter in a smoke of marijuana.

The 38-year-old mom faces a charge of child abuse after her son was rushed to the hospital due to breathing problems associated with smoking marijuana.

Around 12 a.m., the woman pulled up in the 200 block of 83rd Street in Holmes Beach, where two Manatee County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles were on a call with emergency lights flashing. The deputies were engaged in a law enforcement matter unrelated to the woman.

She asked the deputies for help, saying her son was having trouble breathing and his heart was racing, according to the police report.

She then told the MSCO deputies she caught her son smoking marijuana with her 20-year-old daughter at the beach rental they were sharing. The family group is visiting from Cincinnati.

She said she decided to be a “cool mom” and smoke marijuana with her children.

A Holmes Beach Police Department officer responded to the scene and placed the woman in the back of a patrol vehicle while he called an ambulance for the son.

The HBPD officer then went to the family’s accommodation, where the daughter answered the door and denied access to the officer.

But the mother allowed HBPD inside, saying “she was more worried about her son and did not care what happened to her,” the report said.

Officers found 3.7 grams of marijuana in a plastic bag in the daughter’s suitcase, the report said.

HBPD officers arrested Kayla Meyer on possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

The officer also confiscated the marijuana and requested it be tested for any other drugs.

Mother and daughter were taken to Manatee County jail. Meyer was released the same day on a $500 bond. The mother was released June 5 on a $1,500 bond. The son was cleared of any medical condition at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton and placed into the custody of a cousin.

Meyer and the mother’s arraignment are scheduled for 9 a.m., Friday, June 20, at the Manatee County Judicial Center, 1051 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton.

One thought on “Island vacationer, daughter arrested

  1. Thisisstupid

    This war on pot is stupid. If mom has prior run-ins with cops, especially over children, haul her in. But police are losing the war on will soon be legal and this mountain of trouble for a vacationing family would never happen. I could easily see how this could happen in a solid middle-class family with a college daughter home for break…hanging with her brother…and mom, who probably hadn’t smoked since college, shared a strange moment with kids…and no, I do not smoke pot myself…


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