Island police blotter – 07-02-2014

Anna Maria

• June 24, 500 block of South Bay Boulevard, incident investigation. Consumer Services of the Florida Department of Health forwarded Manatee County Sheriff’s Office a letter of misconduct involving violence, abuse and sexual harassment on the part of a health care provider.

      Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

• June 22, 400 block of Gulf Drive North, incident. A 54-year-old woman was arrested for alleged repeat non-emergency calls to 911.

• June 22, 2600 block of Gulf Drive South, criminal mischief. An unknown suspect punched a hole in the gas tank of a parked vehicle. The victim observed gasoline leaking on the ground when he returned from a fishing trip.

• June 21, 1900 block of Gulf Drive, burglary. A man’s car was broken into and several items were reported stolen after an unknown suspect punched a small pinhole by the driver’s side door and manipulated the lock to gain access.

• June 18, 500 block of Gulf Drive, burglary. A 28-year-old man reported his pool-cleaning equipment stolen from his vehicle.

• June 15, 300 block of Bay Drive North, battery. A 44-year-old man was arrested and faces a domestic battery charge.

      Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• June 18, 12100 block of 45th Avenue Drive West, warrant. A 42-year-old man was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

      Cortez is policed by the MCSO.

Holmes Beach

• June 26, 400 block of 72nd Street, burglary. An 18-year-old man and a juvenile were arrested in connection with two burglaries. More charges are pending further investigation.

• June 19, 3600 block of East Bay Drive, theft. A specialized red-and-black bicycle was stolen from a Sandy Point condominiums The victim later saw the bike on a trolley and took it back.

• June 19, 6300 block of Marina Drive, warrant. A 38-year-old Bradenton man was arrested on an outstanding warrant during a traffic stop.

• June 19, 6300 block of Flotilla Drive, warrant. A man was arrested on an outstanding warrant for allegedly violating his probation.

• June 14, 100 block of 47th Street, theft. A woman reported that her lawn chairs and a glass-top table were stolen from her backyard during the night.

• June 3, 500 block of 67th Street, burglary. An unknown person entered a residence through a patio door and took several items, including sunglasses, fishing equipment and a jar of coins. The incident is under investigation.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

            Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

One thought on “Island police blotter – 07-02-2014

  1. bonny cloud

    the noise issue ordinance has gone crazy on anna maria. for years I walked on the beach by the sandbar and was blessed with the music.Its an Island. the people who visit keep the island going. I wish someone would make wireless headphones. If you ate dinner, you would have headphones for the rest of the night. If you had a beer, there would be a slight charge. You could change the volumn of your own headphones.No one walking by or watching t.v. in their homes would hear it. They would miss steel drums, music of anna maria,the stuff our island is made of. they would end up yelling about that isn’t free. businesses pay for it, people come to hear it. I think this is a good idea.A silent island with the exception of people who came to enjoy the atmosphere. It would probably pay for the bands.


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