Island police blotter – 08-27-2014

Anna Maria

• Aug. 18, 800 block of South Bay Boulevard. Found property. A woman’s undergarments were turned up by a backhoe. Manatee County Sheriff’s Detective John Kenney was contacted about the find, in the event there could be a connection to the 2008 Sabine Musil-Buehler disappearance. Kenney entered the item into property and was planning to notify the lab.

• Aug. 13, 0-100 block of North Shore Drive. A vehicle was stopped for speeding in the 9700 block of Gulf Drive and the driver admitted he had no license. Two juveniles described a day of drinking and smoking marijuana. The deputy determined the vehicle was not stolen, and had the juveniles call their parents to pick them up. The juveniles surrendered paraphernalia, a small bag of cannabis and two cases of Bud Light.

        Anna Maria is policed by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.


Bradenton Beach

• Aug. 20, 103 Gulf Drive S., Circle K. The Bradenton Beach police officer on patrol was advised of people panhandling on Bridge Street. The subjects were located at the Circle K store. Upon running a warrant check, police discovered a 44-year-old Bradenton Beach man had a warrant out of Sarasota for failure to appear. He was transported to Manatee County jail.

• Aug. 20, 103 Gulf Drive S., Circle K. Theft. A Bradenton Beach officer was advised by the store manager that a 19-year-old male of no known address had walked out of the store with two bottles of wine without paying. A capias request was sent to the state attorney’s office for arrest.

• Aug. 14, 0-100 block 26th Street. Theft. A cargo carrier delivered by UPS was discovered missing from the condo where it had been delivered. The victim told police she had pictures of the person taking the carrier, a stocky shirtless male who pulled up in a red, 4-door pickup and put the item in the truck and drove off. The truck was not located.

• Aug. 2, 2400 block of Gulf Drive North, criminal mischief vehicle. A victim said that some time during the night, someone threw an unknown object at his or her vehicle, shattering the rear window.

       Bradenton Beach is policed by the Bradenton Beach Police Department.



• No reports

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO.


Holmes Beach

•Aug. 13, 5800 block Marina Drive. Driver’s license. A Holmes Beach police officer stopped a 39-year-old Holmes Beach woman on learning her vehicle tag had a seize tag order. The driver acknowledged her license was suspended. She was issued a summons for DWLS with knowledge and no proof of insurance. The tag was seized and vehicle towed.

•Aug. 12, 500 block of 65th Street. Grand theft. A 102-year-old Holmes Beach woman, aided by a relative, reported jewelry and coins stolen from her home. Photos were provided of the stolen items.

•Aug. 12, 200 block of 76th Street, occupied burglary to dwelling, burglary to conveyance. Residents reported an unknown person or persons gained entry into an unlocked rental vehicle, taking about $9 in change. A second vehicle also had been entered, but nothing was missing. A landscaping brick had been thrown through a glass door at the residence and someone had attempted to remove two window screens.

•Aug. 12, 5400 block of Marina Drive, Island Shopping Center. Battery. HBPD responded to a disturbance in the parking lot and observed a man with some minor bleeding above his right eye and swollen left eye. The officer learned the man had shoved his wife and the injuries resulted after some friends defended her. The woman declined to pursue charges.

•Aug. 10, 6300 block of Gulf Drive. Larceny. A real estate agent reported two televisions missing from a rental property.

•Aug. 10, 3300 block of East Bay Drive. Driver’s license. A 52-year-old Palmetto man was stopped when he and his passenger were observed not wearing seat belts. The man’s license was found to have been suspended. Notice to appear for driving on a suspended license and seat belt citation were issued to the driver. A seat belt citation also was issued to the passenger.

• Aug. 9, 4000 block Gulf Drive, domestic battery. An officer responded to a disturbance on the beach where he learned the suspect threw sand in a woman’s face. The officer observed the victim had sand and shell on her face and in her ears. The victim said the suspect, a 51-year-old Lakeland man, grabbed her iPhone and threw it into the Gulf of Mexico The victim reported the man grabbed the bill of her visor, pulling her head down, ripping the visor off her head. She had a slight cut on her left cheek. The suspect had left the beach in the victim’s vehicle. A witness confirmed the woman’s account and a BOLO was issued for her vehicle. Because the suspect could not be located, a capias request was submitted.

• Aug. 8, 3000 block of Gulf Drive. Anchor Inn, battery. A woman who had been drinking at the bar told HBPD that she thought someone may have given her a drug without her knowledge and groped her. The activity was not visible on the establishment’s security video.

• Aug. 7, 8000 block of Marina Isles Lane, theft. Complainant stated she noticed a man’s black Schwinn bike and a red 5-gallon gas can were missing.

• Aug 7, 3000 block of Avenue C, neglect of child. A 28-year-old male motorist from Bradenton complained that HBPD ruined his 2-year-old’s birthday party by writing his friend a ticket. The driver appeared unsteady and smelled of alcohol. The officer told the driver to leave his vehicle in the parking lot, and he would drive him home. The man then said he had to get home because his two kids, ages 2 and 3, were alone. The officer had the man contact a relative to come and care for the children and placed him under arrest for two counts of child neglect without injury.

• Aug. 5, 4300 block of Gulf Drive, driver’s license. During a traffic stop, a 22-year-old Bradenton man stated he did not have a valid driver’s license. The officer conducted a search of the vehicle and found seeds and shavings of marijuana. A citation was issued for driving with suspended license with knowledge and the man was taken into custody.

• Aug. 5, 400 block of 62nd Street. Driver’s license. An officer conducted a traffic stop and learned the 43-year-old Sarasota driver had a suspended license. Another officer advised he had already confiscated the man’s license. The HBPD learned the driver had a previous conviction for DWLS and was on pretrial intervention for a second DWLS charge. The subject admitted knowing his license was suspended. He was taken to Manatee County jail.

• Aug. 5, 2800 block of Gulf Drive, criminal mischief. A crosswalk sign valued at $440 was vandalized.

• Aug. 4, 6500 block of Marina Drive, driver’s license. A 44-year-old Anna Maria man was stopped in the 6500 block of Gulf Drive. The driver admitted his license was suspended. A tow service was summoned and the driver was taken to Manatee County jail.

• Aug, 4, 6000 block of Marina Drive, driver’s license. A 45-year-old Parrish man was stopped in the 6000 block of Marina Drive and admitted he did not have a driver’s license. The driver had several suspensions of his license dating back to 2011. He was issued a notice to appear for driving on suspended license.

• Aug. 3, 100 block of 81st Street, burglary. Police were summoned to a home where several items were reported missing, including a 1920s vintage stereoscope, glass electronic tubes from vintage radios, a wooden mask that had hung on wall and a silver certificate. The officer noted that other items remained in the open, including a flat-screen TV, a Kindle, ham radios and cash. There was no sign of forced entry.

• Aug. 3, 4000 block of Gulf Drive, Manatee Public Beach, trespass. Manatee County marine rescue called police regarding a 17-year-old Clearwater man. The lifeguards requested a trespass warning for the use of offensive language.

•Aug. 3, 600 block of North Point Drive, vandalism. A woman called police to report allowing use of her garage for storage, but upon arriving home, she found the garage door kicked in. It was unknown to her if anything was missing.

•Aug. 3, 500 block of 83rd Street, armed burglary to unoccupied dwelling. A Holmes Beach man reported that while away, unknown person(s) had entered his home, pried a gun cabinet open and removed a 22 caliber handgun. He also reported missing stamps and a stamp holder, a second handgun, jewelry and cash. Fresh marks were found on the bolt lock consistent with it being pried open.

        Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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