Cole regains Bradenton Beach commission seat in 3-1 vote

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Ralph Cole, who previously served as a Bradenton Beach commissioner, addresses the mayor and commissioners prior to being voted the fifth commissioner Dec. 6 during a special meeting at city hall. The vote was 3-1, with newly elected Commissioner Randy White casting the dissenting vote. The seat opened when then-Commissioner John Chappie resigned to run for mayor in November. Cole, who lost his seat to White in the Nov. 7 election, will now retake a seat on the dais. Planning and zoning board vice chair Jim Lynch also applied and was considered for the open seat. Islander Photo: ChrisAnn Silver-Esformes

6 thoughts on “Cole regains Bradenton Beach commission seat in 3-1 vote

  1. allan smolinsky

    Being, so it seems Jack Clarke still has an interest in local affairs, he could be appointed by a 3 to 1 vote for dog catcher by this so called commission,

  2. Michael Harrington

    What a shame. All of the efforts to get a commission that will listen to the residents were trashed. The newly elected Mayor had made a statement that he is listening to the residents when asked if he was going to fight the 3 initiatives. That certainly does not seem the case at all. He is the same old John Chappie, telling the people what they want to hear but acting in the opposite. Feel sorry for the residential community here as they will only have one on the commission that cares about them. A big mistake was made when Marilyn Maro was supported by the people as she has just turned out to be another commissioner who cares not about the residential community.

  3. John Metz

    Jim Lynch was a highly qualified applicant who was an attorney for the Army JAG and the County of Hillsborough for 30 years. He is currently on the Planning and Zoning Board, serving for a year and a half..

    Mr. Lynch was too educated and experienced and posed a new force on the Commission that intimidated the voting Commissioners and Mayor.

    It was a punch in the face to the voters who turned out Mr. Cole only to have him put back in because he is a dependable vote.

  4. Patricia Shay

    Correction to my above comment….actually two commissioners and the Mayor decided to put Ralph Cole back on the cmmission after the majority of the voters decided to vote him out of office.

  5. Patricia Shay

    I guess “the will of the people” is meaningless in Bradenton Beach.
    Ralph Cole was voted out of office in the recent election and now three of the commissioners currently in place hasve decided to give him back a seat on the commission.
    Sad state of affairs.


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