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A Toast to Tony Jacklin: Friend, patron, icon, dancer

We cheered as golf icon and Bradenton resident Tony Jacklin strutted his stuff on the BBC One’s “Strictly Come Dancing,” and though he was the first contestant voted off during the fall season opener, we give him an A for effort! Jacklin is a longtime friend of Beach Bistro/Eat Here restaurateur Sean Murphy. Eight years ago, Jacklin told Murphy […]

Tiffy talks about fleas – Part 2

Pawt 2 about those pesky little critters we call fleas.  There are some natural, effective things you can do around the home and yard to help control the flea population.  Remember:  most of this army of fleas live in your home and yard, not your pet.  Treating the environment is essential and here at Dogs […]

Tiffy talks about fleas – Part 1

Dogs for the Earth here again and as promised last week, Tiffy has to talk about fleas.  Since there is so much to learn about those pesky little itchy critters, we thought we should do it in 3 pawts.  Get it?  Pawts. In this pawt, let’s talk about the flea and why they are so […]

Sure is Hot

There is hot. There is Florida hot … but the hottest and most soul-sucking of all the hots is September hot. By the time we hit September hot we are out of patiencewith heat. This September I am out of patience with the “farm to table” marketeers. The “farm to table” marketeers would have you believe […]

Welcome to our weekly column/dog blog

Hi. First, we’d like to thank the Islander for inviting us to be part of their team.  At Dogs for the Earth we search the globe to help you and your pet find ways to lower our carbon paw prints on this beautiful planet we call home.  We’re going to give tips, advice, tell some […]

Paradise Has a Soundtrack

Welcome to my little portion of The Islander’s new “Outer Space” in cyber space. It’s a privilege to have been given the opportunity to sound off, way out here, in this newest cyber launch of forum for all things “ISLAND.” As I write this, I’ve made several attempts to catch up with the artist who […]

Island Screwballs…

If you unscrew a screwball anywhere in the United States, blindfold him, turn him around twice and turn him loose, he’ll wind up in Anna Maria.