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Rare birds arrive to AMI

There’s an estimated 500,000-700,000 razorbill breeding pairs in the world, but a Florida sighting of the penguin-looking sea bird is rare.

Razorbills made an appearance at the Anna Maria City Pier beginning around Dec. 21.

The razorbill looks a lot like a penguin because of its black and white coloring, but gets its name from its thick, black bill.

According to bird experts, the rarity of sightings in Florida stems from the fact that razorbill breeding habitat is typically cold water coastlines with rocky shores and cliffs. Their habitat range typically does not run south of Maine in North America.

About 65 percent of the bird’s population nesting is in Iceland, hence the rarity of Florida appearances from the razorbill.

The word of razorbills at the pier spread rapidly and birders already within driving distance soon packed the pier to get a sighting.

Theories of why the razorbills are making a South Florida appearance vary. Cornell University reports above average sea surface temperatures in the northeast Atlantic while others believe it’s possible that Superstorm Sandy disrupted the birds’ food supply.

According to statewide media reports, razorbill sightings are being reported in record numbers across the Gulf of Mexico coast, and ornithologists are saying because the razorbill is primarily a coastal bird, the birds in the Gulf flew all the way to the tip of South Florida and up the west coast to their current positions in Tampa Bay and beyond.

The razorbill only comes ashore during breeding season and they rarely fly over land.

Experts say there have been about 15 sightings in the last 100 years in Florida, and only a handful of the birds appear at a time. Ornithologists are reporting thousands of razorbills this year.

While the arrival of the razorbills has created a lot of excitement, it also has created a lot of concern.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is reporting about two dozen dead razorbills have been found at Honeymoon Island State Park, Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Anna Maria.

FWC post death examinations of the birds are showing the razorbills died with mostly empty stomachs. Whether it’s from a loss of food supply or the inexplicable long migration, experts are not yet sure.

BB to clear last hurdle for gateway beautification

Beautification plans for the city’s gateway at Cortez Road and Gulf Drive may soon be finalized, if one last hurdle is cleared, according to email communications from Bradenton Beach Commissioner Gay Breuler,

Visitors entering the city from Cortez Road are provided a view of the Gulf of Mexico as they approach the stoplight to turn either left or right, but gazing eyes are first met with a view of vacant property that is less attractive than the city deserves, according to prior comments from Breuler.

Breuler secured the release of $500 from the Scenic Waves Partnership Committee in September that had been reserved for a gateway landscaping project to coincide with the city’s efforts to improve the gateway with new welcome signs.

That was two years ago, however, and since then the city hit obstacles in an effort to have the new signs posted at the Cortez Road gateway.

The city also has contended with the possibility of the Florida Department of Transportation constructing sidewalks on the west side of Gulf Drive, but Breuler said in September that sidewalks could be in the distant future and, if needed, plants could be relocated when and if a sidewalk project begins.

She has since expressed an interest to the commission to move forward with the beautification design, and at a Nov. 21 capital improvement projects meeting, landscaper Ann Hall spoke to commissioners about proceeding.

Breuler was absent with excuse from the Nov. 21 meeting, but Hall said she was asked by Breuler to provide an overview of the landscape plans. She told commissioners that the landscaping would be native plants.

In a Dec. 18 email to Hall, Breuler said she met with board members of three nearby condominiums, who expressed an interest in seeing the beautification plans move forward, but they would like to provide input, as some of the plants would be placed on condo properties.

“All would like to see the plantings plan before giving their recommendations and I have told them that we would have them by the first of the year, as we have had discussed at our preliminary meeting at the site,” Breuler wrote. “So, we are making sound progress on this project and I am very excited.”

Breuler asked that Hall and landscape designer Mike Miller get together to work on the plan and have it completed by the first of the year.

“After each condominium board contact has had the opportunity to review the plan, we will then schedule a presentation meeting the first week of the new year to answer any questions, concerns, etc., before receiving the go-ahead,” she wrote.

At least one condominium board member had questions. In a Dec. 20 email to Breuler from Barbara Hug, a resident at Imperial House, Hug wanted to know who would maintain the landscaping, and if the condo board had rights to remove what gets planted on their property.

As an example, Hug pointed to dead palm trees on a nearby property.

Breuler said the condos would retain its property rights and could remove the plants if so desired. She also assured Hug that the city would maintain the native plants until they could flourish on their own.

Breuler said the dead palms belong to a different condo association, but with the approval of the city commission, she would have them removed by the city’s public works department.

Hug told Breuler that if the plans were ready by Jan. 8, she would present them to the Imperial House board.

“This needs to be run by all the owners,” she said.

Holmes Beach building permits flood city, break record

The city of Holmes Beach issued the most building permits in its 62-year history as contractor applications flooded the city’s building department to meet a Dec. 26 deadline of a planned moratorium.

        As the city commission, its planner and attorney worked in December to prepare for the moratorium expected to halt new construction and substantial improvements Residential-2 district for six months, 90 applications came in for a variety of permits for 1,228 in 2012 — breaking last year’s record of 960 building applications, according to building clerk Susan Lonzo.

        Mayor Carmel Monti estimated “about 75 came in under the wire,” in the two weeks before the moratorium effective date.

        “Last year was the most ever,” said public works clerk Susan Corsi about 2011 building permits, adding that 2012 applications had surpassed 2011.

        Since Dec. 1, the submissions included applications for 20 pools, 11 erosion control permits, seven remodels and six new construction projects submitted by local contractors including Beach to Bay Construction, Ross Built Construction Co., Agnelli Pools and Construction, American Beauty, Wash Family Enterprise and Whitehead Construction, according to Lonzo.

        The vast majority of the permit applications were for R-2 zoned properties, she said.

        The R-2 district became the focus of a committee headed by Commissioner Jean Peelen, as assigned by Commission Chair David Zaccagnino last January, after residents packed the city commission meetings in late 2011 to complain about the proliferation of multi-unit homes in the district and related noise, garbage and parking problems.

        Since then, the building department has worked to keep up with inspections while fielding record requests from residents, commissioners and candidates for election, some of who criticized the department and policies under former public works superintendent Joe Duennes.

        Overdevelopment was blamed on lax interpretations of the land development code, which allowed alleged encroachments in setbacks and took in questionable affidavits and appraisals for remodeling under Federal Emergency Management Agency related rules.

        In April, Duennes disciplined then-building inspector Bob Shaffer for contractor favoritism. Shaffer was fired by Duennes and Bohnenberger in September.

        David Greene, electrical engineer and inspector, stepped in to fill Shaffer’s position, as he was in the process of receiving the necessary state certification as a plans examiner and inspector.

        Duennes left the city in November following the election of a new mayor and two new commissioners.

        Former Holmes Beach and Longboat Key building official John Fernandez was hired in June as a consultant to assist with FEMA issues, perform inspections and plan reviews for the approximately 300-375 ongoing projects.

        Monti hired architect Tom O’Brien as interim building inspector in December on a four-month contract to essentially replace Duennes in the building department, but without the public works and code enforcement responsibilities.

HB mayor to look locally for permanent police chief

Holmes Beach Mayor Carmel Monti announced Dec. 26 he had switched from his prior plan to conduct a statewide search to a closer-to-home search for a permanent police chief for the department now headed by interim Chief Dale Stephenson.

    About a week after former HBPD Chief Jay Romine announced on Dec. 7 his last day would be Dec. 20, Monti named Stephenson to the position, and Stephenson asked to be considered for the permanent position until his retirement date of July 31, 2016.

    Romine’s last day was Dec. 20, following 19 years in the city’s top law enforcement spot and 26 years in the department. He and Stephenson came to the HBPD at the same time, and both filed for retirement on the same day.

    Rather than the statewide or national search by the Florida Police Chiefs Association previously announced by the mayor, Monti decided to cast a more local net to find a department head for the 21 full-time employees and one part-time employee in the HBPD after talking to area local law enforcement officials.

    “There’re a lot of known quantities locally,” he said. “I think I should do a more local search.”

    Mayor for a little more than a month, Monti’s been trying to talk to the entire department, he said. He’s also spoken with officials in Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria, Longboat Key and Manatee County, including Sheriff Brad Steube.

    “I’m in no rush,” Monti said. “I think it’s well under control with Dale.”

    Stephenson, who filled the position Dec. 21 on an interim basis, said Dec. 26 he was looking forward to continuing as police chief, and that there’d be no personnel changes from Romine’s administration and the community style of policing under Romine also would continue.

    Stephenson said he told the mayor that the most important asset he could provide the city would be “stability.”

    Like Romine, Stephenson elected to participate in the Florida Retirement System Deferred Retirement Option Plan and has a retirement date no later than July 31, 2016.

    Romine is officially still on the city payroll until February, which is the effective date of his resignation.

    Monti said a number of candidates for the chief position have offered their resumes for consideration, and he’s been asking each one to provide an outline of what they’d accomplish in their first year as the Holmes Beach police chief.

        The city charter provides that the mayor appoint the police chief as well as other department heads, on the condition that the city commission provides concurrence before a department head is hired.

Center announces cornhole league

The Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria, is launching a cornhole league beginning this month.

Cornhole is the trendy old name for the old-fashioned lawn game in which points are earned for tossing bags of corn or beans into a raised platform with holes.

The co-ed league competes on Wednesdays, 6:30-9 p.m., for eight weeks beginning Jan. 16.

The cost per teams of two is $40 for members, $50 for non-members.

There are no age or skill requirements.

Registration is under way at the center.

Also, on Jan. 12, noon-4 p.m. the center will host an adult coed cornhole tournament to benefit the nonprofit’s children’s programs. The cost to compete is $20 per two-person team.

For more information, call the center at 941-778-1908, ext. 9205, or e-mail troy@myamicc.com.

Island police blotter – 01-02-2013

Anna Maria

• Dec. 18, 100 block of Crescent Drive, suspicious incident. A Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a possible burglary attempt. Upon arriving to the scene, he observed no suspicious activity. He made contact with the complainant, who reported someone had knocked loudly on her door several times. She told the deputy she asked who it was with no response. The deputy noted no signs of an attempted entry and filed a suspicious incident report.

• Dec. 18, intersection of South Bay Boulevard and Pine Avenue, battery. A complainant went to the Anna Maria Sheriff’s Office substation to report an incident between himself and his boss. The complainant reported that his boss shoved him against his vehicle.

• Dec. 21, Lakeview Place, petit theft. The owner of a rental unit was preparing her property for a new renter when she observed a garbage can was missing.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.


Bradenton Beach

• Dec. 21, 2513 Gulf Drive N., theft. Two men entered the Circle K and grabbed two 18-packs of beer. The men walked the beer to the counter, but as the clerk approached them, the men fled the store without paying.

• Dec. 20, 100 block of Gulf Drive South, criminal mischief. A man was performing some maintenance work for an out-of-town relative when he noticed a storage unit had been broken into and damage was caused to the unit. No items were reported missing.

• Dec. 17, 300 block of Gulf Drive South, ordinance violation. A female complainant reported that her neighbor was allowing his dog to potty on her property. She told police that the man does pick up the feces, but makes no effort to clean the area where the dog urinates. She said she has confronted her neighbor, and said he laughs at her. She claims to have a video of the dog on her property and would submit the video to police.

Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.



• Dec. 22, 4200 block of 125th Street West, information. A complainant reported that a man and woman came to her door to sell magazine subscriptions. The man began to compliment her on her jewelry and subsequently demanded $40. The woman told the two suspects to leave before she called law enforcement. Two neighbors reported similar circumstances.

Cortez is policed by the MCSO.


Holmes Beach

• Dec. 22, 3002 Gulf Drive, domestic battery. A woman told a friend she wanted to leave the Anchor Inn and go home. When she began calling for a taxi, a 40-year-old Bradenton man grabbed her phone and pulled her hair. The incident was witnessed and documented. The man was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery.

• Dec. 18, 600 block of Key Royale Drive, information. A Holmes Beach Police officer spoke to a man who said his dog had been very ill for two days and then died. A veterinarian told the man his dog had ingested a large amount of antifreeze. The owner said he had no antifreeze on his property. He suspected someone had given the antifreeze to his dog and wanted the incident documented.

• Dec. 18, 400 block of 39th Street, trespass warning. A property manager called HBPD to report a suspicious male on the property. An officer made contact with the man, who said he was waiting on a friend and was not aware he was on private property. The man was issued a trespass warning.

• Dec. 18, 500 block of 70th Street, trespass. A woman reported that more than 50 Xanax pills were missing and believed a friend had stolen the pills. Per the officer’s request, the friend emptied her purse and no pills were discovered. She did admit taking two of the pills, but with the complainant’s permission. She accused the complainant of selling some of the pills and named a third woman as a possible suspect in the theft of the remaining pills. The complainant wanted her friend trespassed from the property.

• Dec. 19, 3700 block of East Bay Drive, battery. A male complainant reported he was asleep when his brother and girlfriend came home and began to hit him. The man’s mother confirmed the story, but the officer observed both to be intoxicated. He advised them to go to HBPD in the morning if they wanted to sign an affidavit.

• Dec. 21, 200 block of 83rd Street, burglary. A woman’s son checked on her house while she was out of town. Upon entering the residence, he observed the back door open and a TV valued at $800 was missing.

• Dec. 21, 3900 E. Bay Drive, information. A female complainant exited Publix and saw folded papers on her vehicle’s windshield. She opened the papers and saw nude photos of her mother’s boyfriend that she said were taken from a website. She believed her mother’s ex-boyfriend may have placed the photos on her vehicle.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Island real estate transactions – 01-02-2013

212 52nd St., Unit 6, Villas of Holmes Beach, Holmes Beach, a 2,656 sfla / 3,898 sfur 3bed/3bath/2car bayview condo with shared pool built in 2006 was sold 12/07/12, Odom to Schlossberg for $625,000; list $730,000.

310 66th St., Holmes Beach, a 1,974 sfla / 2,517 sfur 3bed/3bath/1car  pool home built in 1961 on a 85×91 lot was sold 12/10/12, Handley to Barefoot Bliss LLC for $565,000; list $599,000.

522 72nd St., Holmes Beach, a 1,949 sfla / 2,865 sfur 3bed/2bath/2car canalfront home built in 1961 on a 100×117 lot was sold 12/07/12, Willman to Upshaw for $550,000; list $559,000.

5802 De Palmas Ave., Holmes Beach, a 1,520 sfla 3bed/3bath home built in 1969 on a 50×101 lot was sold 12/14/12, Davis to Martins for $485,000; list $499,000.

5608 Holmes Blvd., Unit A, Barefoot Bungalows, Holmes Beach, a 1,040 sfla / 1,502 sfur 2bed/1bath condo with pool built in 1957 was sold 12/17/12, Florida Gulf Coast Vacation Homes LLC to Herrick for $450,000; list $489,000.

312 57th St., Unit B, Turtle Towers, Holmes Beach, a 1,918 sfla / 2,315 sfur 3bed/2bath condo with pool built in 2010 was sold 12/12/12, Axiotis to Pokrovskaia for $425,000.

215 66th St., Holmes Beach, a 1,114 sfla / 1,390 sfur 3bed/2bath/1car home built in 1977 on a 54×105 lot was sold 12/11/12, JH 2 LLC to 215 66th LLC for $415,000; list $439,000.

113 North Bay Blvd., Anna Maria, a vacant canalfront 56×110 lot was sold 12/14/12, Hebebrand to Pearson for $370,000; list $399,000.

211 82nd St., Holmes Beach, a 2,124 sfla / 2,204 sfur 4bed/2½bath duplex built in 1956 on a 90×90 lot was sold 12/14/12, Mele to Goerlitz for $325,000.

1000 Gulf Dr. N., Unit 2, Beach House Resort, Bradenton Beach, a 480 sfla 1bed/1bath Gulfview condo with shared pool built in 1983 was sold 12/14/12, Frady to Lopez for $290,000.

Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244.

Sports – 01-02-2013

Hooke runs to top of The Islander’s 2012 sports


Another year of Island sports is done, which results in the ranking of the top sports stories. It’s enjoyable to look back at all of the great sports moments reported and to reflect on the accomplishments of islanders.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention regular contributors to this sports column — which starts with Troy Shonk and other staff at the Anna Maria Island Community Center. They provide the “meat and potatoes” of sports on AMI with youth programs and with expanding adult sports.

Other contributors to be recognized are Sam Samuels, Jay Disbrow and the rest of the horseshoe regulars. Last, but not least is Ed Havlik of the Key Royale Club. He really puts effort into his weekly reports, complete with photos and stats of the members’ weekly golf matches and tournaments. He stepped up to provide running coverage of the men’s and women’s match-play championships at KRC.

And after pouring over the archives of the year 2012, The Islander sports champion award of the year goes to Mickey Hooke.


1. Hooke shatters running records

Former islander and longtime Anna Maria Galati Marine employee Mickey Hooke made several appearances in The Islander sports section — and each had him setting new age division running records.

To say Hooke had a great year would be an understatement. He ran in 37 races and set 55 records, including six course records, 19 masters records, 26 grandmasters and four event records. He had 11 first places overall, 19 top-two overall finishes and finished the year unbeaten in grandmasters races.

He finished third overall in the RRCA Florida State 10K Championship in February, setting masters and grandmasters records. In April, he won first overall in the Villages Senior Games 5K and again set a record.

He finished fourth overall in the RRCA Florida 5K State Championship in September, setting a new grandmasters course record. He followed that up with an overall first place finish in the 10K Beach Running World Championship in October, again setting new masters and grandmasters records along the way.

In November, he “lapped the field,” winning first place overall by three minutes at the Florida Senior Games 10K Road Race State Championship, setting new masters and grandmasters records.

Last, but certainly not least, Hooke captured first place overall by more than two minutes at the Florida Senior Games 5K Road Race State Championship in December.

For this body of work, Hooke is The Islander sportsman of the year!


2. Islander takes fourth in world triathlon

Ten-year Holmes Beach resident Sandy Meneley graced the pages of The Islander in November for her fourth-place finish in the Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii.

Meneley overcame heavy winds, rain, leg cramps and raced downhill at speeds up to 41 mph in the bike race portion of the event. She persevered to finish fourth in her age group.

Meneley, a retired sixth-grade math teacher is originally from Illinois, where she coached high school track and cross country.

She got involved in triathlons after her move to the island and became an avid runner, competing frequently in 5K races. She “graduated” to marathons in 1982.


3. Young islander helps team to world hockey title

Holmes Beach resident Zack Fernandes and his teammates on the Tampa Bay Lightning 2001s (grouped by year of birth) captured first place in the Bauer World Hockey Invitational Nov. 2-4 in Chicago.

In what is billed as the world’s largest youth hockey tournament, Zack scored the game-winning goal with six seconds to play in the second overtime against the Michigan Nationals in the round of 16. They went on to defeat the Soo Greyhounds from Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, 3-2 in the finals.


4. Islander qualifies for national surf contest

Lifelong islander Christian Daniels surfed in four separate divisions in the four-day Nike National Scholastic Surfing Association East Coast Regional Championships held in New Smyrna Beach Inlet April 12-15.

Christian, 10, and a fifth-grader at Anna Maria Elementary, advanced to the quarterfinals of the Explorer Menehune division (12 & under) and advanced to the semifinals of the open Mini-grom division (10 & under) before being edged out.

His best performance came in the Explorer super-grom (10 & under), where he advanced to the finals and led midway before settling for third place.

Christian may not have come in first, but his performance importantly qualified him for the June 26-July 3 NSSA Nationals in Huntington Beach, Calif.


5. Longtime island friend makes USA baseball team

John Killichowski, an 18-year-old who has island ties in the Busciglio family annual July 4 pyramid, was named one of 20 members of baseball’s Team USA and competed Aug. 30 in the 2012 IBAF 18U/AAU World Championships in Seoul, South Korea.

In the early 1950s, his great-grandparents purchased a home on Anna Maria Island. John’s parents, Debbie and Bill, met on the island and much of the extended family now own homes and spend summers here.


6. Islanders spark new Magic

Manatee Area Youth Soccer Organization merged its Magic competitive program with Football Club Sarasota three years ago to be more competitive.

It didn’t work out quite the way it was planned and the MAYSO board of directors decided to revive the Magic program.

Last season, Magic had four teams and the U12 girls team finished its regular season with a 10-2-2 record and the southeastern Division III championship.

Four islanders played a major role in the team’s success, starting with goalkeeper Emma Moneuse, who helped the team post eight shutouts. Contributing to the team’s stingy defense, allowing only eight goals all season, was central defender Gracie Bowers. Gracie also added a pair of goals to the offense. Outside midfielders Morgan Burns and Brooke Capparelli also were a big part of the team’s success. Morgan was the second leading scorer on the team with six goals, and Brooke notched two goals while also playing strong defense.


7. Adult sports adds pizazz

The community center kicked things up a notch in its adult sports offerings in the past year with adult soccer, flag football, basketball and volleyball leagues.

The adult sport that most exemplifies the center’s goal to provide fun, exercise and camaraderie is volleyball. This league fosters the attitude in which more talented and experienced players encourage and teach the newer players the nuances of the game.

Lobstahs completed an undefeated volleyball season Aug. 14 with a 25-12, 25-16 victory over The Feast.

Other champs crowned in the adult leagues include Gatorman Pools, crowned basketball champs in two seasons. They defeated Bowes Imaging 64-51 to win the title June 12 and then upset undefeated Best Buy 79-75 to win the second-season title Nov. 13.

Two seasons of flag football champs were Florida Discount Signs 49ers, defeating Coastal Orthopedic Raiders 35-14 in March and Duffy’s Tavern Raiders in a 21-19 victory over Agnelli Pool & Spa Dolphins in August.

Don Meilner & Son Construction defeated Florida Discount Signs 8-0 to win the summer Island Cup soccer championship in June, while Sato Real Estate defeated Wash Family Construction 4-1 to win the fall title in November.


8. Championship Saturday

The center’s youth basketball season closed June 9 with “Championship Saturday,” where three teams were crowned champions and the crowd enjoyed three great games.

Dip’s Ice Cream was undefeated in the Premier League with a 66-55 win over Anna Maria Oyster Bar.

Walter & Associates  lived up to their No. 1 seeding with a solid 35-26 victory over Holy Cow Ice Cream in the 11-13 division. Jack Walter scored 16 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to lead Walter & Associates, which also received 13 points and 19 rebounds from Mark Miller. Seth Walter’s 6 points completed the Walter scoring in the victory.

David Daigle exploded for 12 points and grabbed five rebounds to lead Gettel Toyota to a 26-20 upset victory over Beach Bistro in the 8-10 division championship game.


9. Super Bowl winners crowned

Super Bowl winners in the center’s NFL Flag Football League were crowned March 24 at the center with three exciting games, each decided by 6 points or less.

Walter & Associates Bears came from behind to defeat Integrity Sound Redskins 31-28 to win the 13-16 division title. The Redskins had taken a 28-25 lead with 2:30 left to play on a spectacular catch by Joseph Andruzzi on a pass from Joey Carder.

Undaunted, the Bears got the ball back and drove the length of the field. With 24 seconds to play, the Bears had a first and goal. Seth Walter dropped back to pass and found brother Jack Walter to give the Bears a 31-28 victory.

Ross Built Broncos outlasted Mr. Bones Colts 26-20 to win the 10-12 division title. Jake Ross nabbed an interception with 27 seconds remaining and the Colts inside their 10-yard line to end the game.

Beach Bistro Vikings slipped past Beach Bum Steelers 13-12 in the 8-9 division Super Bowl. Nathan Hyman’s touchdown pass to Morgan Horesh provided the winning margin for the Vikings.


10. Soccer champs crowned

AMICC’s fall recreational youth soccer season finished Nov. 10 with another Championship Saturday.

Steam Designs swept its way to the 11-13 division title and finished the season with a perfect 11-0 record on a 9-0 routing of Jen Crady Massage Nov. 10. League MVP Nico Calleja and sportsmanship winner Gavin Sentman led the way with three goals each, while Aiden Grumley and Christian Daniels added a goal each to the victory total.

Lobstahs also ended its season on top without a loss and a shutout victory over Tyler’s Ice Cream in the 8-10 division championship game. Catherine Calhoun led Lobstahs with two goals while Chris Snyder added one in the 3-0 victory.

Thanks to all the players for another great year.

Calendar – 01-02-2013

Wednesday, Jan. 2

1 p.m. — Gulf Coast Writers meet with local author Diane Robertson, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-928-5302.


Thursday, Jan. 3

5-7 p.m. — Thursdays, Thirsty Thursdays specials and activities, Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-778-3400.


Saturday, Jan. 5

8:30 a.m. — The Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria meets for breakfast and a program — Wendy Webb talking about “property tips,” Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-761-8834.

10 a.m. — Island Gallery West, 5368 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, hosts a free demonstration, “Cards Created with Watercolor Pencil.” Information: 941-778-6648.


Sunday, Jan. 6

10 a.m.–4 p.m. — Bridge Street Market, Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach. The first Sundays include a food challenge. Information: 215-906-0668.


Monday, Jan. 7

6:30 p.m. — Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria meeting and program, “What is it like to travel to Cuba Now?” Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach.


Wednesday, Jan. 9

Noon — Off Stage Ladies meeting and luncheon, Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant, 800 Broadway St., Longboat Key. Information: 941-799-2181.



Friday, Jan. 4

6:30-9 p.m. — Opening reception for “Florida Winter,” the Joan Peters Gallery, 1210 11th Ave., W., Village of the Arts, Bradenton. Also, the First Friday Art Walk in the Village of the Arts. Information: 941-365-9960.


Sunday, Jan. 6

4 p.m. — New Year’s Romance on the Piano concert, Eleonara Lvov, Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 322 15th St. W., Bradenton. Information: 941-358-0235.


Tuesday, Jan. 8

8:30 a.m. — Manatee County Audubon Society field trip, Emerson Point, 5801 17th St. W., Palmetto. Fee applies for non-members. Information: 941-776-8424.



• Through Jan. 4, Signature Show exhibition, Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society, the Studio at Gulf and Pine, 10101 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-966-1397.

• Through Jan. 6, “Waist Watchers: The Musical,” by Alan Jacobsen, the Professional Learning and Theatrical Organization, Ramada Sarasota, 7150 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Fee applies. Information: 941-363-1727.

• Jan. 8-25, Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island art show, the Studio at Gulf and Pine, 10101 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-753-5004.

• Through April 28, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, hosts Sea Lions: On the Water’s Edge. Fee applies. Information: 941-388-4441.

• Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m., horseshoes pitched, Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-708-6130.

• Wednesdays through the spring season, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., the Anna Maria Island Historical Society, 402 Pine Ave., Anna Maria, sells settlers bread. Information: 941-778-0492.

• Wednesdays through March, 1-3 p.m., Anna Maria Irish Ceili dancers, Mannatee Sports Grill, 7423 Manatee Ave., Bradenton. Information: 779-1416.

• First Wednesdays, noon, Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce networking luncheon. Location varies. Fee applies. Information: 941-778-1541.

• First Wednesdays, Mana-Tween Book Club, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information:  941-748-5555.

• Second Wednesdays, 8 a.m., Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce sunrise breakfast. Location varies. Fee applies. Information: 941-778-1541.

• Fourth Wednesdays, 5 p.m., Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce business-card exchange. Location varies. Fee applies. Information: 941-778-1541.

• Thursdays, Thirsty Thursdays specials and activities, 5-7 p.m., Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach.

• Thursdays, Jan. 17-through the spring, bingo games, Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-778-3580.

• Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St., Bradenton Beach. Fee may apply. Information: 941-962-8835.

• Third Fridays, 5-8 p.m., Pine Avenue Porch Party presented by local merchants, Pine Avenue, Anna Maria. Food donations requested for Roser Food Pantry. Information: 941-896-3132.

• Fourth Fridays, through March, community dinners, Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-778-3580.

• Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island meeting, Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-761-8834.

• First Saturdays, 8 a.m.-noon, Manatee County Audubon open house, 9:30 a.m. Audubon Walk, Felts Audubon Preserve, 4600 24th Ave. E., Palmetto, Information: 941-729-2227.

• Third Sundays, through May, 9-11 a.m., Junior Audubon, Manatee Audubon Society, Felts Audubon Preserve, 4600 24th Ave. E., Palmetto. Information: 941-729-2227.

• Sundays, through April 10, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., the Bridge Street Market, Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach. The first Sundays include a food challenge.

• Mondays, 1 p.m., bridge games, Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-0414.

• First Mondays, 7 p.m., Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage board meets, Fisherman’s Hall, 4515 123rd St. W., Cortez. Information: 941-254-4972.

• First Mondays, through May, 6:30 p.m., the Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island meets, the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6694.

• Third Mondays, September through May, noon, Anna Maria Island Democratic Club lunch meeting, BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Fee applies. Information: 941-779-0564.

• Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m., Anna Maria duplicate bridge, Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3390.

• Tuesdays, noon, Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island meets, BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-794-8044.


Coming up

• Jan. 10, 5-7 p.m., Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island reception and awards ceremony for Inspirations all-media juried show, the Studio at Gulf and Pine, 10101 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-753-5004.

• Jan. 12, 8 a.m.-noon, Roser Thrift Shop yard sale, 511 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-779-2733.

• Jan. 12, noon-4 p.m., coed adult cornhole tournament, Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-1908.

• Jan. 12, 2-4 p.m., Friends of the Island Library host a 30th anniversary celebration, Island Branch Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-34217.

• Jan. 17, 8 p.m., the Island Players’ opening of “A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody,” which continues through Feb. 3, Island Players theater, 10009 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-5755.


Save the date

• Jan. 17-27, Manatee County Fair: Manatee Goes Hollywood, Palmetto. Information: 941-722-8951.

• Jan. 19, Anna Maria Island Privateers Thieves Market, Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-722-3212.

• Jan. 19, Night with Neil Diamond supper and show, Anna Maria Island Community Center, Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-1908.

• Jan. 21, Anna Maria Island Democratic Club inauguration and viewing celebration, Cortez. Information: 941-794-2571.


Calendar announcements

Send calendar announcements to calendar@islander.org. Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via email and phone. The deadline for submissions is the Wednesday before publication.