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County eyes major beach renourishment

Manatee County natural resources director Charlie Hunsicker is planning what he calls the “central beach” renourishment project for Anna Maria Island starting in 2014 or early 2015.

Hunsicker told the Manatee County Tourism Development Council at its June 18 meeting that the project would encompass much of the middle portion of the Island’s beaches, along with Bean Point and other Anna Maria areas.

The major problem, he said, is funding the estimated $19 million project.

It seems like every state along the Gulf of Mexico has a beach renourishment project planned, and 48 Florida coastal cities have applied to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for permits, along with funding by the state Legislature, Hunsicker said.

“There’s a lot of competition out there,” he said.

The good news is that the Anna Maria Island project is presently at the top of the state’s priority list of needed beach renourishment projects, he said.

Hunsicker estimated the state would fund about $4.6 million of the project, while the county beach renourishment fund should provide about the same amount. That leaves around $10 million to come from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

But there’s still no guarantee the corps will provide sufficient funding to make all parts of the project feasible, he cautioned.

“It’s possible we won’t have the $19 million when the corps makes its budget. It will give us some funding,” he noted, but he can’t guarantee it’s going to be enough from the federal government to cover the projected cost.

The county beach renourishment fund comes from the 5 percent tourism development tax collected on rentals of six months or less. The tax is often called the resort, or bed, tax. The county reserves 1 cent of every 5 cents collected for beach renourishment projects.

Hunsicker estimated the renourishment fund currently holds about $3 million.

Some portions of the project not included in the $19 million estimate are funded by other sources.

Before dredging begins in one designated borrow area in the Gulf of Mexico, Port Dolphin LLC, the company constructing a pipeline facility to accommodate natural gas transfers by tankers about 20 miles west-northwest of the Island to Port Manatee, has pledged $4.8 million to the county. Those funds were designated because the transfer facility and pipeline will prohibit future dredging there of the sands — prime beach sands — for renourishment of AMI beaches.

Most of the sand dredged from the pipeline borrow area, which is near the north end of Anna Maria Island, would be used for Anna Maria’s beaches, Hunsicker said.

Included in the plan is the removal and replacement of the three groins erected in the 1950s at Cortez Beach in Bradenton Beach. The groins would be replaced with semi-permeable groins that allow some sand to pass underneath. In their current condition, Hunsicker said they are in danger of collapsing and are closed to the public.

TDC board member Barbara Rodocker questioned the wisdom of spending all that money to “fool Mother Nature,” but Hunsicker said renourishment does more than just keep the beaches looking good for visitors.

A solid, renourished beach supports beachfront structures, roads along the beach, houses and apartments near the beach, and keeps Gulf Drive — the Island’s north-south artery — operational, he said.

It’s still a lot of money for sand that washes away, Rodocker responded.

Hunsicker also said BP, as part of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement, is providing a large sum of money to the five Gulfcoast states for environmental restoration.

How the money received by Florida is distributed has yet to be been determined, he said, but all of Florida — except Okeechobee County — is considered a coastal area.

Hunsicker said he and county commissioners are writing state legislators about Anna Maria Island’s needs, and asking them to consider allocating some BP funds to Manatee County for coastal repairs.

The renourishment project is expected to begin sometime in 2014, Hunsicker said.

Law enforcement says ‘no’ to illegal fireworks

Anyone planning a private fireworks display or even setting off a few firecrackers in Anna Maria and along the beaches July 4 should heed a warning from Sgt. Dave Turner of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office-Anna Maria substation.

    “Anything that makes a bang is a fireworks and will be confiscated,” Turner said.

    He said state statutes require MCSO deputies to seize fireworks as it is illegal to set off fireworks without a permit. It will be up to the confiscating deputies to determine if the situation also warrants a citation for illegal fireworks, Turner added.

    And there will be plenty of deputies on Anna Maria beaches this July 4.

    Turner said he would have three extra deputies on patrol that evening, along with his regular complement of deputies.

    Additionally, the MCSO may have a tactical area control team searching the beach areas of the city on the lookout for any use of illegal fireworks.

    There are usually about eight deputies on a TAC team and they would comb the beach in all-terrain vehicles, Turner said. The decision to use a TAC team is under consideration.

    Only fireworks displays that have been licensed and permitted are allowed, Turner said.

    Beachgoers with illegal fireworks won’t fare any better in Holmes Beach, and definitely should exercise caution on the roads.

    Holmes Beach Police Chief Jay Romine said patrols will be stepped up for the July 4 holiday, with a special emphasis on “impaired and careless driving.”

    The chief urged people to “enjoy the holiday, but to do it with safety in mind.”

    He also reminded residents and visitors to “be aware of the county fireworks ordinance and understand that officers will be confiscating illegal fireworks.”

    Additionally, the chief said anyone traveling to the beach for the fireworks should “avoid leaving valuables” in their vehicles. If beachgoers plan to place valuables in the trunk, Romine recommends he or she do so before arriving at their parking destination on the beach.

    Bradenton Beach also is well-prepared for the expected July 4 crowds and illegal fireworks, said Police Chief Sam Speciale.

    “We’ll have our normal complement of officers plus all reserve officers on duty July 4,” Speciale said.

    In addition, the MCSO will operate a horse patrol along the public beach areas.

    The same personnel will be at work the evening of July 3, when the BeachHouse Restaurant holds its annual fireworks display, he added.

    He cautioned that anyone thinking of bringing fireworks to the beach or anywhere in the city should think twice.

    “We’re going to confiscate illegal fireworks and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand,” Speciale said.

    The 19th annual fireworks display at the Sandbar Restaurant July 4 in Anna Maria will begin after dusk and the event has a permit for its pyrotechnical display.

    On July 3, the BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 S. Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach, also will have a permitted fireworks show starting shortly after dark.

    The MarVista restaurant on the north end of Longboat Key will hold its fireworks display shortly after dark on July 2.

    Island law enforcement officials said the same rules apply to July 3 as July 4, and extra deputies and officers will be available both evenings looking for illegal fireworks.

What’s a legal firework?

    Most fireworks are illegal for consumer use in Florida — even if they are available for purchase at stores and roadside stands.

    Legal fireworks include sparklers and small fireworks that emit only colored smoke, and glow worms that burn bright colors but do not explode.

    Florida law classifies the use of fireworks without a permit as a first-degree misdemeanor, which means those convicted could face up to a year in prison, a $1,000 fine and court costs.

    A loophole in the law allows customers to buy fireworks if they state they will use the fireworks for lawful purposes, including certain uses in agriculture and mining. In stores, this can be as simple as filling out a form.

    But if it explodes, flies or lifts off, the law prohibits you from lighting it for entertainment. That includes the popular Roman candles.

    The state fire marshal website has a lengthy list of allowed fireworks, including brand names, at myfloridacfo.com/sfm/sparklerindex.htm.


Island watch

To report information on an illegal use of fireworks, call the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Anna Maria substation, 941-708-8899; Bradenton Beach police, 941-778-6311; Holmes Beach police, 941-708-5807.

Regardless of location, in the event of an emergency, call 911.

HB v. BB: Lawsuit errs on Sandpiper name

On behalf of Sandpiper Resort Co-op, local attorney Charles H. Webb filed a motion June 15 to nullify the effect of a recent lawsuit served on Sandpiper Co-op Resort Inc. in Bradenton Beach.

        Holmes Beach filed suit in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court against the Sandpiper — the nonprofit association representing 120 owners in the mobile home park — and the city of Bradenton Beach last month, seeking to void Bradenton Beach’s 2008 quitclaim to Sandpiper of 27th Street, at the border of the two cities.

        Webb’s motion asks the court “to quash service of process” because “Doug Lefevre is not the registered agent or officer of any corporation named Sandpiper Co-Op Resort Inc.” It also states there is no such Florida nonprofit corporation as named by the city of Holmes Beach in the suit.

        The Florida Department of State Division of Corporations lists the nonprofit as “Sandpiper Resort Co-Op Inc.”

        The Holmes Beach lawsuit asks the court to declare the street — running east of Gulf Drive to Sarasota Bay on the north side of the park — a public right of way.

        The suit seeks a court order requiring the Sandpiper to remove the gates and private property signs from the fence, and a portion of the fence to provide access from an adjoining Holmes Beach alley to 27th Street.

        The court assigned Judge Diane L. Moreland to the case.

        Attorneys for the two cities agreed June 1 to extend the time allowed for Bradenton Beach to respond to the complaint. A stipulation, signed by the respective city attorneys, gives Bradenton Beach until July 6 to file its answer or other response.

        As of The Islander’s presstime, no responsive pleading by the city of Bradenton Beach had been filed.

        The dispute first arose in December 2008 when Holmes Beach learned of the impending Bradenton Beach quitclaim deed and an ordinance in support of the conveyance.

        While Holmes Beach commissioners dropped the matter shortly after it advised Bradenton Beach of its objections to the quitclaim deed, the issue arose again last summer when the Sandpiper erected a fence, installed gates and posted no trespass signs along the border.

        Settlement discussions and meetings between the cities in the fall last year failed to resolve the conflict.

AM election makes New York news

Anna Maria has certainly received its share of publicity of late, particularly in tourism and wedding magazines, on websites and in newspaper articles.

The city probably got publicity it didn’t want or need June 17 when the New York Daily News ran a story about the lack of a candidate for mayor in the November city election

The article, some of which was taken from The Islander’s June 13 issue, said it was the first time in the town’s history, which incorporated in 1923, that there was no candidate for mayor.

Several people interviewed for the story, such as Sandy Rich of Anna Maria, said they were surprised no one stepped forward to qualify. Others said they didn’t think the job paid enough, and was too demanding for many people with a fulltime job elsewhere.

Following publication of the story, Mayor Mike Selby said he had calls from several New Yorkers asking if they could move to Anna Maria and be the mayor.

“One lady said it looks so lovely here, she wanted to know when she could start,” Selby said.

Selby said he informed all the callers that the nomination period had ended.

Selby said he believes the job of Anna Maria mayor requires too much time for the benefits.

“What’s needed is a city manager,” he said.

Selby and former mayor-now Commissioner SueLynn agree that being mayor of a barrier island resort city is a fulltime position and the annual salary of $9,600 is not sufficient compensation. During her tenure, SueLynn lobbied commissioners for a city manager, but the proposal was turned down by successive commissions.

Previous commissions the past few years have discussed raising the salaries of both the mayor and commissioners, but no action has been taken.

Any resolution raising the salaries would not take effect until a new commission is sworn into office.

The city hasn’t raised its pay for the mayor or commissioners — $4,800 annually —since the 1990s, a fact the Daily News also noted.

For city and county commissioners and the mayor of various municipalities, the base annual salary is:

• Holmes Beach mayor, $12,000; commissioner, $6,000.

• Bradenton Beach mayor, $9,600; commissioner, $4,800.

• Bradenton mayor, $56,865; council member, $29,034.

• Longboat Key mayor $0; council member, $0.

• Palmetto mayor $39,783; council member, $7,723.

• Manatee County commissioner $74,807

Manatee County commissioners can raise their annual salary during budget hearings, but the raise does not go in effect until the new fiscal year begins Oct. 1.

Longboat Key’s charter does not provide compensation for the mayor or commissioners.

For the three Island cities, salary increases are approved by the commission, but raises do not take effect until the official is newly sworn into office.

The salaries for elected officials in Anna Maria and Bradenton Beach have not been increased in more than a decade, while Holmes Beach commissioners voted several years ago to raise their salary and that of the mayor.

Police seek information on burglary suspects

Holmes Beach police are seeking the identity of three suspects in connection to separate vehicle burglaries where checks and credit cards were stolen.

A Hispanic male was captured on video at a bank in Valrico, Fla., attempting to cash a stolen check by using a stolen driver’s license, and attempting to look like the victim.

The suspect donned a woman’s blonde wig in the Feb. 18 attempt. According to Holmes Beach Police Detective Sgt. Brian Hall, the Hispanic male is wanted in connection with a vehicle burglary where the man smashed out a window and stole a purse.

Police also are searching for a young man and woman who were captured on store video at an out-of-town Macy’s and Best Buy stores.

Hall said the stolen credit cards used by the couple were taken during a Holmes Beach vehicle burglary.

If you have information as to the identity of these suspects, you are asked to contact Hall at 941-708-5815 or e-mail Detective@holmesbeach.org.

Key Royale man arrested for shooting, beating bird

A 75-year-old Holmes Beach man faces felony cruelty to an animal charge after what police say was a deadly attack on a great white heron.

Laurie Pardee, 671 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach, was arrested June 16 after allegedly shooting the heron with a .22 caliber handgun from his porch.

According to police, Pardee shot the heron, but it did not die. Pardee then allegedly began beating the bird with a net and ultimately stomped it to death before throwing it into Tampa Bay.

Three witnesses saw the incident and contacted police, who noted that Pardee initially admitted to the incident. The bird’s body was recovered.

The Holmes Beach Police Department reported that a representative of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission identified the bird as a great white heron.

During the investigation, Joyce Parker, 76, who was at the scene, also was arrested for felony tampering with evidence.

According to the report, Parker attempted to hide the handgun from police by placing it in a closet under some linen. Police allege that Parker “made several false statements” during the investigation.

Pardee was charged with felony cruelty to an animal and misdemeanor discharging a firearm within city limits, and booked into the Manatee County jail. Pardee posted $1,500 bond the same day.

Parker was charged with felony tampering with evidence and misdemeanor obstruction. She initially was held overnight on $1,500 bond, but was released on her own recognizance June 17, according to the MCSO website.

Parker and Pardee were scheduled for arraignment July 13, at 9 a.m.

First ‘Top Notch’ deadline July 6 for cover spot

If you’ve got a great snapshot, we’ve got a contest you could win.

The Islander Top Notch photo contest will begin publishing weekly winning photos July 11. Six weekly winning pictures will be featured on the cover of The Islander, and one photo will be a grand prize winner of $100 cash prize from The Islander and other prizes and gift certificates from local merchants. Weekly winners receive a “More Than a Mullet Wrapper” Islander T-shirt.

The weekly deadline is noon Friday throughout the contest, with the first deadline July 6.

Top Notch judging begins with a selection of pictures that may include family, landscapes and scenics, candid snapshots, action, holidays, humor and animal pictures. Nothing is overlooked, including kid pics, sentimental moments and moments of personal triumph. This year judges also will be looking for photos in a category of its own: Pets. First- through third-place pet photos will earn special prizes appropriate to the pet from Perks 4 Pets and The Islander.

Digital contest entries should be submitted in original camera format via e-mail to topnotch@islander.org or on a non-returnable disc.

Only photo cropping is allowed. No retouching, enhancements or computer manipulation is allowed.

Digital entries are encouraged, but contestants may send or deliver photo prints to Top Notch Contest Editor, The Islander, 5404 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach FL 34217.

Complete rules and entry criteria for the contest are published weekly and online at www.islander.org.

E-mail entries must include only one photo attachment/entry per e-mail with the required information in the e-mail text. There is no limit to the number of weekly entries. Entries need not be repeated weekly. Any photos not selected but preferred by the judges are moved forward each week of the contest.

Photos without the required entry information will be disqualified.


Top Notch contest rules

        1) The Islander Newspaper Top Notch Photo Contest is strictly for amateur photographers — those who derive less than 5 percent of their income from photography.

        2) Black-and-white and color photographs taken after Jan. 1, 2011, are eligible. Photos previously published (in any format/media) or entered in any Islander or other competition are not eligible.

        3) Photographs may be taken with any camera. No retouching or other alteration (except cropping) is permitted; no composite or multiple print images will be accepted. Digital photos must be submitted in JPG file format. Prints from digital or film are accepted. Slides are not accepted.

        4) Entrant’s name, address and phone number must be included either in the e-mail or affixed to the back of each print submitted. One e-mail per photo submission. E-mail single entries to topnotch@islander.org. Mail or deliver print entries to The Islander, Top Notch Photo Contest, 5404 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach FL 34217.

        5) Entrants by their entry agree that The Islander may publish their pictures for local promotion. Entrants must provide the original digital image or negative if requested by the contest editor. All photos submitted become the property of The Islander. Photos will not be returned. The Islander and contest sponsors assume no responsibility for materials submitted.

        Entrant must provide the name and address of any recognizable persons appearing in the picture with the entry.

        6) Employees and paid contributors to The Islander and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the contest.


The Islander Classifieds: Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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WEEKLY/MONTHLY/ANNUAL rentals: wide variety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, 941-779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.suncoastinc.com.

HOLMES BEACH BUSINESS Center. Rental units available for office/commercial spaces from 750-2,000 sf. Humidity-controlled mini-storage units and garage units, 11 x 22 feet. 5347 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. 941-778-2924.

HOLIDAY/VACATION RENTALS: 3BR/2BA private pool home in northwest Bradenton, 3BR/3BA private pool home in Palma Sola, west Bradenton. No annuals. Call 941-794-1515.

VACATION RENTALS ONLY: Private pool homes, 3BR/2BA and 3BR/3BA. Condo, 1BR/1BA overlooking golf course. Call 941-794-1515 or www.coastalpropertiesrealty.com.

WANTED: RETAIL STOREFRONT in Bridge Street area, Bradenton beach, 1,000 sf and up. 941-447-1506.

PERICO ISLAND: MONTHLY rental. 3BR/3BA, private pool, beautifully furnished. Call 941-795-3778. www.pericoholidayvilla.co.uk.

HOLMES BEACH SEASONAL rental. Adorable efficiency available monthly, January-April 2013. $1,200/month. 908-850-6086. Photos available.

1BR/1BA APARTMENT AND 2BR/2BA cottage annual rentals. Available now. No pets. Call Jessica, 941-778-7500. Dolores M. Baker Real Estate.

WATERFRONT TWO BEDROOM townhouse with boat slip on Palma Sola Bay. Heated pool, patio, cable, washer and dryer. Lease six months plus. $925/month plus utilities. No pets. Call 941-538-8622.

2BR/2BA HOLMES BEACH waterfront condo: Fully furnished, views, pools, Jacuzzi, tennis, boat dock, Available seasonal or annual. 818-620-3543.

1BR/1BA APARTMENT AND 2BR/2BA cottage, both annual rentals. Available now. No pets. Call Jessica, 941-778-7500. Dolores M. Baker Real Estate.

ANNUAL RENTAL WANTED: 2BR/2BA or 3BR/2BA, Holmes Beach house preferred. References available. September occupancy, 941-778-5318.

BEAUTIFUL, TROPICAL, KEY Royale unfurnished annual rental. 2BR/2BA with den, pool, boat lift, two-car garage. Don’t miss this gem! $2,500/month. Credit check required. Available Sept. 1. 941-730-1086.

ANNUAL DUPLEX: 2BR/2BA, central heat/air conditioning, all appliances, close to beach, clean and comfortable, $900/month. 941-745-0407.

SEASONAL OR WEEKLY cottage-style rentals. 1BR/1BA or 1BR/1BA with loft with pool. Walk to beach, shops or dining! 941-778-3426. Web site: www.spinnakerscottages.com.


DIRECT GULFFRONT: 146 feet on the beach. 3BR/4.5BA, office recreation room, spa, pool, outdoor kitchen and theater, elevator, turnkey furnished. $3,750,000. Suncoast Real Estate, 941-779-0202 or 941-720-0288.

FOR SALE BY owner: 1BR/1BA mobile completely remodeled with share, beach and bay access. Call 941-224-1652 for more information.

UPSCALE ANNA MARIA! 215 Chilson Ave. Virtual tour, pop-up floor plan and facts at www.215chilson.com.

HOLMES BEACH HOME, quality built and priced for quick sell. Centrally located, three short blocks to sandy beaches. Price reduced to $499,000! No reasonable offer refused! Questions, 309-642-7370. View virtual tour: www.srqmediaworks2.com/30959thstreet/

OWN PARADISE: $13,700! 2BR/2BA mobile home. Great shape with water view. Boat slips, RV storage available. Near outlet mall, fitness center, fishing pier, tennis, five pools, four clubhouses, full activity calendar. 567 Bayshore Drive in Colony Cove. Contact Seth, 941-722-7874. Winstons-mom@tampabay.rr.com.

CAPTAIN GREG BURKE: Duncan Real Estate. Need listings, all inventory sold or pending. Call 941-592-8373, e-mail: gregburkesr@hotmail.com.

REDUCED IRONWOOD CONDO! $49,999. 1BR/1.5BA. Many upgrades. 55-plus community. Overlooks golf course. HOA fee, $233/month. Pet-friendly building, six miles to Anna Maria Island. 941-524-8969.