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Island police blotter – 07-11-2012

Anna Maria

        June 28, 700 block of Jacaranda Road, petit theft. A complainant came to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Anna Maria substation to report a theft. The unidentified item was left on a table outside the victim’s front door. According to the report, the item was in the victim’s family for more than 40 years. The complainant reported he had left the item on the table for at least eight years without a problem.

• June 20, 500 block of Spring Avenue, domestic disturbance. A female complainant reported she was upset that her boyfriend had left with their two children, and she did not know where he was. According to the report, the couple argued the previous night “over his actions while intoxicated.” The woman reported there were no concerns over the children being harmed and her boyfriend was not intoxicated when he left. She was eventually able to reach her boyfriend, and the couple agreed to meet later. Domestic packets were issued.

• July 4, 100 S. Bay Blvd., information. While on routine patrol at the Anna Maria City Pier, a deputy spotted a man struggling in the water. The man yelled for a floatation device, and the deputy retrieved a life saver from a nearby wall on the pier. After getting the man safely to shore, the man said he was attempting to retrieve his cast net when he began to struggle to stay afloat.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

        • July 4, 2500 block of Gulf Drive North, grand theft auto. While staying at a local motel, a complainant reported his 2010 white F-150 truck was stolen sometime during the night. The victim told Bradenton Beach police officers the vehicle has a keyless entry keypad, and he left the ignition keys locked in the vehicle. The truck was towing a 2009 Yamaha Waverunner on a 2012 trailer. The complainant also reported a 9 mm handgun was located in the center console, along with several different types of prescription drugs.

• July 5, 1800 block of Gulf Drive North, resisting arrest without violence. Police officers made contact with an intoxicated male standing at the back of a sliding-glass door at an apartment unit. The man told police he had had sex the previous night in the hot tub with the woman who lives at the apartment. He said he returned that evening for more. Police attempted to detain the man for further questioning, at which time he cursed at the officers and said, “I know my rights.” He continued to walk away from the officers, who took the man to the ground to restrain him.

• July 4, 2300 block of Gulf Drive North, domestic battery. A woman called police because her girlfriend had locked her out of their apartment and she wished to retrieve her belongings. Police made contact with the woman inside the residence, who attempted to shut the door on the officers. The woman said they had argued because she didn’t want to go to the fireworks display, at which time her girlfriend grabbed her by the neck and threw her out of bed. The complainant said her girlfriend had grabbed her first. Officers determined the caller was the primary aggressor and arrested her on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

• July 4, 2650 Gulf Drive S., domestic battery. Police made contact with an intoxicated female at Coquina Park, who had called police, but denied anything was wrong when confronted. The woman eventually told police, “I’m tired of my boyfriend hitting me.” The woman reported she and her boyfriend had argued, he left and returned later where the couple resumed the argument. According to the report, the woman claimed the boyfriend then hit her in the face with a chain. Police observed a mark on the woman’s face and encouraged the woman to pursue criminal charges. The woman refused, telling police she was moving back to Kansas.

• July 4, 110 Gulf Drive S. A woman left her purse in her vehicle with her boyfriend to watch the fireworks. At some point, the boyfriend left the vehicle, and left the windows down. Upon his return, the purse was gone.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• July 2, 4400 block of 123rd Street West, battery. A verbal argument turned physical between a man and his adult nephew. According to the report, the uncle bit his nephew in the abdomen and punched him in the face “several times.” The uncle reported to a MCSO deputy that he became upset when his nephew came home, slammed the door, and accidently hit his mother with the door. No visible injuries were observed. Domestic packets were issued.

• June 30, 4500 block of 124th Street West, trespass warning. A man was found sleeping on the property of the U.S. Coast Guard station, and appeared intoxicated. The man was issued a trespass warning and removed from the property.

• July 3, 11000 block of 45th Avenue West, domestic battery. A man called MCSO to report his father had assaulted him. According to the report, the father had come home upset and told his adult son to leave his house. The father kicked his son’s computer monitor over, and when the son went to pick it up, the father is alleged to have punched him in the face. No injuries were observed, but the deputy overheard the father threaten his son with violence as deputies were leaving. He was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. Law enforcement reported that the father has been arrested numerous times for the same charge.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

        June 30, 6900 block of Palm Drive, domestic. A pizza delivery man called 911 after delivering to a residence where a young boy answered the door and said his “daddy was being bad.” As the delivery man was leaving, he heard a woman scream three times, “Call 911.” Holmes Beach Police Department officers responded and observed a young boy in the window, and heard him say, “The police are here.” Police then observed the lights in the residence being shut off. Officers knocked on the door repeatedly, but no one answered. Dispatch was able to contact the landlord, who told police the man had been depressed and drinking a lot lately. Police continued to knock on the door with no one answering. Fearing for the safety of the child, officers broke down the door and discovered the children and their mother barricaded in a bedroom. The mother claimed they had been sleeping for hours and did not hear the officers knock at the door. One of the children spoke up and said, “Daddy hurt mommy’s neck and gave her a boo-boo,” according to the report. The woman denied the incident, and said her husband had left for the night. Officers could find no signs of injury. Police reported the woman to be uncooperative. No charges were filed. The woman called HBPD a short time later to complain about the officers’ actions.

• June 26, 100 block of 31st Street, theft. A man gathered up eight aluminum lawn chairs, a pair of aluminum screen doors and two plastic chairs as Tropical Storm Debby intensified. The complainant reported he placed the items next to his residence and discovered them missing the next day. He told police he searched the area to see if they had been blown away, but determined them to be stolen. He placed the value of the items at $336.

• June 26, 200 block of North Harbor Drive, burglary. Police were searching for a 33-year-old homeless man for questioning in the theft of a child’s piggybank, containing $20 in coins. Another woman saw the suspect in the home. Police responded to the victim’s home and discovered a broken kitchen window as a point of entry. The suspect cut himself upon entry and blood was found on a computer desk. The crime scene was processed, and the only thing that appeared to be missing was the piggybank.

• June 27, 5400 Marina Drive, assault. A woman’s ex-boyfriend followed her and her new boyfriend to the Sand N Suds Laundromat. According to the report, the suspect told the new boyfriend, “I’m going to bash in your teeth,” and then threatened to slit both of their throats. The suspect then noticed another person in the laundromat and fled the scene. Believing bodily harm was the intent, the victims filed assault charges.

• June 28, 500 block of 67th Street, burglary. The complainant told police he and a friend went for a walk on the beach, leaving his backdoor open. Upon his return, he noticed his prescription medications were missing, including 25 Xanax pills. Police noted on the report that the complainant has a prior drug history and warned the man that if he was filing a false report to get more medication, he would be charged. Police were able to determine the prescriptions were valid. The man said the suspect is likely someone he knows from his past, “but the list of names was too long to narrow down,” according to the report.

• July 1, 6000 block of Holmes Boulevard, DUI investigation. Police responded to an accident that sent a 21-year-old Holmes Beach man to Blake Medical Center with serious head injuries. Officers suspected alcohol to be a factor in the crash and, with consent, took blood samples from the man. As of press time, no further information is available.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Obituaries – 07-11-2012

World-class surfer, crusader Rich Salick dies


Rich Salick grew up on the smooth, glassy waves of the Manatee Public Beach on Anna Maria Island.

He went on to greatness, induction in 2000 to the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame and founder with twin brother Phil of the National Kidney Foundation Pro Am Surf Festival.

But never you mind his struggles with kidney disease and the gift of life — three kidney transplants — he received from siblings, including the first from Phil.

Never mind his 40-year fight against medical odds and a bout with cancer in recent years.

Never mind all that. He lived life to the fullest, and he did it to see that others with kidney disease could triumph, succeed and live their lives to the fullest.

Rich Salick, 62, died July 2 shortly after surgery at Orlando Regional Medical Center. His heart would have no more.

But his legacy as a surfer and as an inspiration to people affected by kidney disease will live on. So many people are influenced by his wake.

Rich was the No. 1 ranked surfer on the East Coast in the 24-35 age group in 1980.

He and Phil started a surfing competition in Cocoa Beach, where they had moved to pursue the perfect wave and a surfing profession. They opened a surf shop, started forming their own brand of boards, and from that was born the world’s largest charitable surfing competition — which draws tens of thousands of spectators to Cocoa Beach on Labor Day weekend. This will be the 27th consecutive year for the tournament that last year raised some $125,000 for the NKF Orlando chapter.

They also opened a highway of surfers trekking from Anna Maria to Cocoa Beach and back to frequent their favorite beaches and learn from the best of the best, and to purchase a coveted Salick surfboard. Their surf shop and board-making enterprise operated from the 1970s-80s.

Salick had received a trio of kidney transplants from his brothers over the course of 38 years. He received transplants from twin Phil in 1974, older brother Channing Salick in 1986 and younger brother Wilson Shymanski in 1999.

“He was the heart and soul of the National Kidney Foundation. He personified who we are and what we do,” Stephanie Hutchinson, chief executive officer of the organization’s Orlando-based Florida chapter told Florida Today on his death.

“He was all about being there for patients — getting them the right care that they needed — and he did that for over 30 years. He would run all over the state in his car, in Jacksonville and Fort Myers, meeting with volunteers,” Hutchinson said.

“I only worked with him the past seven years — but in my life, I have never had the privilege of working with such a great man. And I will miss him every day,” Hutchinson said.

A memorial service was held July 7 in Cocoa Beach with a gathering that followed at the Cocoa Beach Pier.

On July 8, friends and family participated in a paddle out service from the beach at Third Street North, the beach nearest the Salick’s surf shop.

A local celebration of life is to be announced.

Memorial donations may be made by mail to the National Kidney Foundation of Florida, Patient Services Program, 1040 Woodcock Road, Suite 119, Orlando FL 32803 or by calling 800-927-9659.

Salick is survived by his twin, Phil, sister Joanie and husband Tony Mills and their son Brandon of Holmes Beach, brother Rosser Shymanski, son Philip, stepson David Morgan, and ex-wife Michele Brenner Salick.

The Islander Classifieds: Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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