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Seaweed is tough battle for county, beachfront owners

The Manatee County Tourist Development Council at its Aug. 20 meeting heard a report from county parks and recreation department head Cindy Turner and natural resources department director Charlie Hunsicker about the influx of seaweed on Anna Maria Island’s Gulf of Mexico shoreline and the subsequent cleanup.

Turner said she’s taken numerous calls from people the past few weeks asking why the county can’t simply pick up the seaweed from the shore.

“It’s not that easy,” Turner said. “We’ve already taken tons of seaweed off the beach, but I’ve never seen anything like this. And it’s not that easy to go out to the beach with a cleanup crew.”

Hunsicker said permits from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are required for cleanups.

Additionally, the county needs approval from Suzi Fox, executive director of Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shore Bird Monitoring, to pick up seaweed near known turtle nests.

And the county is not allowed to clean up any private areas on the beachfront.

“We can rake from the high-water mark to the water’s edge, but the erosion control line is like an easement. Private property owners have a right to accretion, but they also have to maintain their portion of the beach,” Hunsicker said.

Manatee County Commissioner Carol Whitmore, chair of the TDC board, said she has taken some calls from irate citizens demanding action.

“People are just flipping out, but this is nature. The seaweed has been coming here for years,” she said. “We do the job as best we can under the given conditions.”

Turner said crews have been working “around the clock, but we have to work with turtle and DEP guidelines. And we can rake it up and in 20 minutes, it will be back.”

She said she’s visited beaches north and south of Anna Maria Island that are worse off.

Hunsicker said he’s gotten reports from the county’s marine engineering firm that some cities on the Atlantic coast had to bulldoze through seaweed to create paths to the beach.

“It’s Mother Nature, but I’ve never seen it this bad,” he said.

Hunsicker said he asked Coastal Planning and Engineering of Boca Raton if the county could bulldoze the beach, but was told federal agencies are refusing because sea turtle nesting and hatching season is ongoing.

He said another tropical storm might restore the beach to its previous condition, but Mother Nature will eventually redistribute the sand.

Turner said the good news is that the seaweed is not harmful and visitors have been coming despite the seaweed. Many major areas where seaweed collected have been cleared, she said, and the amount washing ashore appears to be dissipating.

Fishing – 08-29-2012

Fishing peaks in advance of Isaac’s glancing blow


Inshore fishing around Anna Maria Island remains consistent, although with Tropical Storm Isaac heading into the Gulf of Mexico, expect to see a slight change in patterns.

Redfish, trout and catch-and-release snook are abundant on grass flats in water depths of 2-4 feet. Try looking for the redfish and snook along mangrove shorelines adjacent to lush grass flats with good tidal flow. You’ll also encounter some over-slot trout in these areas, although if you’re looking for sheer numbers, you’ll need to move to deeper flats.

Spanish mackerel, ladyfish and jack crevalle are making daily appearances, feeding in the morning around the Rod & Reel and Anna Maria piers. With vast amounts of small baitfish at the piers, these migratory fish come in quick, feed and then are gone, almost as quickly as they arrived. Live shiners on a long shank hook or lures, such as Gotcha plugs or spoons, will get you in on the action.

Mangrove snapper are making a strong showing, especially around the south side of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge fishing piers. Whether you’re fishing from a boat or directly from the pier, you can drift live or fresh-cut shiners around the pilings to hook up with these tasty snappers. Remember, fluorocarbon leader and a small live bait hook are a must to catch these leader-shy fish.

Shark fishing is still going strong in all of Tampa Bay and southward. Bull, blacktip, lemon and nurse sharks are being caught on chunk baits fished on the bottom. Try using mullet, mackerel, ladyfish or jack crevalle for bait.

Dave Sork at the Anna Maria City Pier is seeing good numbers of Spanish mackerel being caught on both artificials and live bait. To catch live shiners, Sork suggests using a Sabiki rig.

If you’re not familiar with a Sabiki, stop by a tackle shop for advice. Once you have some live shiners in your bait bucket, tie a long shank hook on some 30-pound fluorocarbon leader, bait your hook, and you’re ready to go.

Mangrove snapper are being caught under the pier and live shiners and shrimp on a No. 2 live bait hook are producing. Add a split shot about 12 inches above your hook and cast a shiner as far up underneath the pier as you can. Average size of the snapper is 12 inches.

Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier says Spanish mackerel are swarming the pier at sunrise to feed on small baitfish, which are schooling around the pilings. Most pier fishers are using Gotcha plugs or white jigs to get in on the action, although a small long shank hook baited with a live shiner will work, too. Macks up to 20 inches to the fork were the norm this past week, but bigger fish were in the mix.

Pier fishers using live bait — shrimp or shiners — are reeling up a variety of species from under the pier. By bottom fishing with shrimp, pier fishers are reeling up mangrove snapper and a few flounder. Those fishing with shrimp are catching black drum and sheepshead.

Lastly, pier fishers using small chunk baits, such as squid or mullet, are catching plenty of bonnethead sharks. Most are in the 24-inch range, but don’t be surprised to catch them up to 40 inches in length.

Steve Oldham at Island Discount Tackle is hearing of good action coming from the piers and from the grass flats.

Oldham is hearing of good catch-and-release snook action. Live shiners, or “snook candy,” as Oldham refers to them, are a surefire way to put your tackle to the test against a big snook. But handle these fish with care, they are still making a comeback from the cold 2010 winter.

Oldham is seeing fishers coming to the docks from the grass flats with respectable catches of redfish and spotted seatrout. Live bait, such as shrimp or shiners, are getting good results. And artificials like the Rapala Skitterwalk or the Sebile Stickshad are catching fish. If fishing artificials, Oldham suggests fishing low-light conditions — early morning or sunset.

Capt. Mark Howard of SumoTime fishing charters says this past week has been action packed, resulting in some excellent catches of spotted seatrout, redfish and catch-and-release snook.

Spotted seatrout were feeding with vigor, chewing on the shiners this past week, including some catches measuring up to 27 inches.

Redfish were more scattered, but still providing excellent action. Howard says the reds are roaming flats in smaller schools, feeding on the moving tides.

He says to look for the snook up in the mangrove bushes on a high tide and following the tide as it runs off the flats.

Shiners have been easy to find, and many of the traditional bait spots are holding bait. “Use caution in overloading your live wells, as the summer heat will stress your bait, resulting in a loss,” Howard says. Look for the bait game to only improve as the hatch from June grows to the more preferable 3-4 inch size.

Looking forward, low tides in the morning hours will lead fish to the potholes and edges and away from the mangroves. “Some excellent opportunities will present themselves with the low-water periods,” Howard predicts.

Capt. Mark Johnston of Just Reel fishing charters is working on mangrove snapper on structures in Sarasota Bay. Using small live shiners for bait, Johnston’s clients are catching limits of mangrove snapper in the 14- to 18-inch range.

After snapper fishing, Johnston is moving to the lush grass flats of the bay in search of spotted seatrout. Again, Johnston is using small live shiners to entice the bite. For rigging, Johnston is either free-lining shiners or using a popping cork with a couple of feet of fluorocarbon leader under it. Either way, Johnston is producing good numbers of trout averaging 18-23 inches.

Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business is working the back country of south Tampa Bay and Anna Maria Sound with good results. Adding variety to the spots he fishes allows Gross to bring numerous species back to the fillet table.

To start, Gross is fishing shallow grass flats adjacent to mangrove shorelines in search of redfish and catch-and-release snook. Free-lining shiners over the flats and under the mangroves is providing Gross’ clients the opportunity to catch numerous slot-size redfish. The same applies for the catch-and-release snook.

Next, Gross is moving to deeper grass flats in search of spotted seatrout. By chumming with live shiners, Gross has a target as the trout come to the surface to feed. By sight casting, his clients are reeling in limits of spotted seatrout.

To finish out the day, Gross is anchoring over small structure and wrecks in the bay to find mangrove snapper and macks. Keeper-sizes of both species are being caught on live and fresh-cut shiners.

Capt. Warren Girle also is fishing the grass flats of Sarasota Bay in search of the bay trio, redfish, spotted seatrout and catch-and-release snook. Using live shiners, Girle is catching some of all three, depending on where he is in the bay.

For the spotted seatrout, Girle is finding grass flats with a depth of 3-5 feet. Next, he finds the sandy potholes that are scattered throughout the flat. Once he finds one with trout in it, he anchors and chums with live shiners. Girle’s clients are then casting free-lined shiners, which are resulting in trout up to 26 inches.

For the reds and catch-and-release snook, Girle is fishing slightly shallower water. Again, he’s chumming with live shiners to get the fish in a feeding mood. On the high tides, Girle suggests fishing along mangrove shorelines.

Jeff Medley at the south bait shop on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fishing Piers is seeing a variety of species being caught both day and night. Pier fishers are having good results on migratory and reef species.

To start, the early morning mackerel bite is in full swing. Pier fishers using live greenbacks under a popping cork are catching macks in the 20-inch range. Those opting to use artificials, such as Gotcha plugs or silver spoons, also are catching good numbers of these high-speed predators. While targeting macks, expect to encounter jack crevalle, ladyfish and, possibly, bonito.

If you’re fishing for something to put on your dinner plate, try live bait fishing for gag grouper and mangrove snapper. Both species are taking up under the pier and around the artificial reefs that surround the pier. Live greenbacks will work for the snapper, and if you’re in search of grouper, try using a live pinfish.

Finally, night fishers are catching good numbers of shark. Bull, blacktip and nurse sharks are the usual suspects at the pier. Any chunk bait — the favorites are mackerel, bonito and stingray wings — fished on the bottom should get a bite.

On a final note, we heard last week the reports of a giant mysterious fish — pictured this week — being caught off of the city pier.

According to Dr. Bob Hueter, director of the National Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, the fish is “a good-sized smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) whose saw (rostrum) has been cut off.

Hueter says the saw is a prized collector’s item, and people think it’s OK to cut off the saw and throw the fish back. But the sawfish, a type of large ray related to sharks, need their saws to feed, according to Hueter, and “the sawfish in the photo looks a bit skinny, suggesting that it might be having some trouble getting enough food.”

Hueter reminds us that “this animal is an endangered species, and any handling or harassment, much less mutilation or killing, of this protected species can bring severe federal and state penalties.”

Hueter says if you’re fishing the pier avoid catching this or other sawfish and, if caught, release the fish immediately.

He says to cut the leader as close to the hook as possible if you can’t remove the hook itself. Never remove the saw.

For more information, go online at http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish. To report sawfish sightings, email sawfish@flmnh.ufl.edu.

Send fishing reports to fish@islander.org.

Islander Calendar – 08-29-2012

Friday, Aug. 31

• 6 p.m., Captain’s Meeting, Galati Yacht Basin. Galati Yacht Sales Labor Day Billfish Tournament. Fee applies. Galati Yacht Basin, 900 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-0755.


Saturday, Sept. 1

        6 a.m., fishing begins, Galati Yacht Sales Labor Day Billfish Tournament. Fee applies. Galati Yacht’s Basin, 900 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-0755.


Sunday, Sept. 2

        8:30 p.m., fishing ends, Galati Yacht Sales Labor Day Billfish Tournament. Free weigh-in event. Galati Yacht Basin, 900 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-0755.

3 p.m., Allegro Music Academy, free instrumental concert and lecture, 241 Whitfield Ave., Sarasota. Information: 941-358-8511.


Monday, Sept. 3

5 p.m., Picnic and Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1813


Off Island

Sunday, Sept. 2

3 p.m., Allegro Music Academy, free instrumental concert and lecture, 241 Whitfield Ave., Sarasota. Information: 941-358-8511.



• Through Aug. 31, Maro Lorimer’s abstract acrylic exhibit, The Studio at Gulf and Pine, 10101 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-1906.

• Through Sept. 2, “Legally Blonde,” Manatee Players Riverfront Theatre, 102 Old Main St., Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-748-5875.

• Tuesdays, noon, Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island meetings at the BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-794-8044.

• Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7 a.m., weather permitting, Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 248-982-5600.

• Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m., players pitch horseshoes in the pits at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-708-6130.

• Thursdays, Sept. 6-Dec. 20, except Thanksgiving, 10:30 a.m., Make a Child Smile story and craft hour, Tingley Memorial Library, 111 Second St. N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-779-1208.

• Thirsty Thursday hosted by Bridge Street Merchants, Bradenton Beach, Information: 215-906-0668.

        • Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-962-8835.

• Third Fridays, 5-8 p.m., Pine Avenue Porch Party to benefit Roser Food Pantry at Anna Maria Pine Avenue stores and boutiques. Information: 941-896-3132.

• Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island meets at the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-761-8834.


Coming up

        • Sept. 13, St. Bernard Catholic Church Council of Catholic Women, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-4769.

• Sept. 24, 13th annual Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce Lucky 13 Golf Outing for Scholarships, Bradenton Country Club, 4646 Ninth Ave. W., Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-224-1337 or 941-284-2523.


Save the Date

• Nov. 3, Nautical and Landlubber Treasure Show, Anna Maria Island Sail and Power Squadron, 1200 71st St. NW, Bradenton. Information: 941-761-1860.

• Nov. 11, Popular Light Classics, CrossPointe Fellowship Church, 8605 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, Classics. Fee applies. Information: 941-778-8585.

• Nov. 17, Enjoy the Bay, Sarasota Bay Water Festival, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, Ken Thompson Park, 1700 Ken Thompson Pkwy., Sarasota. Information: 941-955-8085.

Send calendar announcements to news@islander.org. Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via e-mail and phone.

Sports – 08-29-2012

Duffy’s Tavern wins NFL flag football Super Bowl


The Anna Maria Island Community Center NFL Flag Football League saw its coed adult season came to an end Aug. 23 in a Super Bowl match up between Duffy’s Tavern Raiders and Agnelli Pool and Spa Dolphins.

The shorthanded Raiders, able to dress only five players for the game, jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of action and held on for a 21-19 victory.

The Raider defense played a huge role in the victory, holding Dolphin quarterback Tim Shaughnessy to an 8-for-20, 99-yard passing performance and three interceptions, including first-quarter interceptions from Raider defenders Tyler Redmond and Chris Gillum that spearheaded the 21-point scoring run.

Offensively, quarterback Chris Gillum played mistake-free football for the Raiders, completing 16 of 27 passes for 205 yards and a pair of touchdown passes.

Mike Gillum was his favorite target, with eight catches for 106 yards and one touchdown. Dustin Swain added three catches for 39 yards, including a touchdown and a two-point conversion. Redmond scored on a 10-yard run and added an extra-point reception to complete the scoring, while Jamie Gregorich finished with one catch for 7 yards in addition to making two flag pulls on defense.

Pat Calvary had a huge game for the Dolphins with a 13-yard touchdown run and six catches for 64 yards, including a touchdown reception and a 2-point conversion. Mike Shaughnessy completed three passes for 50 yards and a touchdown pass, while Frank Agnelli caught three passes for 55 yards to complete the Dolphin scoring. Defensively, the Dolphins were led by Calvary, Shaughnessy and Sean Sanders with four flag pulls each in the loss.

Young Tampa player makes national baseball team

John Killichowski, a long-time island visitor who was featured in an Islander story earlier in the summer, has recently been named one of the 20 members of baseball’s Team USA and will compete starting Aug. 30 in the 2012 IBAF 18U/AAU World Championships in Seoul, South Korea.

The roster was whittled from 27 players to 20 during four exhibition games against some of the top baseball players from California.

Kilichowski pitched three innings in the exhibition games, allowing no hits, while fanning six and walking only two.

Team USA played three exhibition games against Chinese Taipei, Aug. 25-27 before heading to Seoul, where pool-play games against Australia, Netherlands, Korea, Columbia and Venezuela await.

Good luck and congratulations to John and the rest of his proud family from The Islander.

Horseshoe news

Two teams emerged from pool play during Aug. 22 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City hall pits, ending a string of outright winners. The team of Jerry Disbrow and Sam Samuels pulled away from what was a tight match on the way to a 22-12 victory.

Hank Huyghe walked out of pool play with the only 3-0 record and was the day’s outright winner. Huyghe dominated, throwing three six packs and three single ringers in one game on the way to an easy 22-3 victory.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection.

There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.


Key Royale golf news

The women of Key Royale Club played an individual-low-net golf match Aug. 21. Former Anna Maria Mayor Fran Barford fired a 3-under-par 29 to take first place in Flight A by two shots over a trio of women, including Joyce Brown, Sue Wheeler and Christina Mason.

Liz Lang’s 2-under-par 30 was good enough for first place in Flight B. Kris Landkammer and Terri Westby were two shots back in second place at even-par 32.

Island police blotter – 08-29-2012

Anna Maria

• Aug. 7, 600 block of Gladiolus Street, recovered property. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office was contacted regarding a found purse. Deputies were able to identify the property from an April 29 vehicle burglary in Anna Maria. The owner of the purse was notified. She told deputies she would collect her property when she returns to the island.

• Aug. 19, 600 block of South Bay Drive, theft. A complainant reported someone stole a kayak from his property.

• Aug. 14, 200 Lakeview Drive, loitering/prowling. A MCSO deputy was patrolling due to recent burglaries and observed three men in dark clothing. The men spotted the deputy and fled. Additional MCSO units, a K-9 unit, two Holmes Beach Police Department units and a Bradenton Beach Police Department unit were called to assist in setting up a perimeter to locate the subjects. The search lasted about 30 minutes, but the subjects were not located. According to the report, the deputy suspected the men ran into a nearby home.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

• No new reports.

Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• Aug. 22, 4500 block of 123rd Street, criminal mischief. A male complainant reported someone cut a decorative fishing net on his carport and broke a piece of art in his backyard. A MCSO deputy viewed a neighbor’s video recording, but reported the video was of poor quality and only allowed him to identify the suspect as a “slender, white male.” The victim said he suspected a neighbor. The deputy made contact with the neighbor, who denied having knowledge of the incident, but admitted to disliking his neighbor, according to the report. The deputy then told the man he was going to review video of the incident, at which time the man said, “I’ll be honest with you, I did it. I cut his net.” According to the report, the man said he was mad at the victim for harassing him. The damage was estimated to be $40.

Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

• Aug. 19, 4000 Gulf Drive, information. Holmes Beach Police Department officers responded in conjunction with EMS and marine rescue personnel to a report of a “deranged” man at Manatee Public Beach. The man told police he and a group of other homeless men had gone to the beach from the homeless shelter. He had put his medications, including 48 pills, in his bag. When he returned from the water, the medications were gone. The man requested transport to Manatee Glens, but was told it was full. Police took the man to Blake Medical Center.

• Aug. 17, 100 block of 75th Street, suspicious incident. Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch reported that wooden marker stakes around a loggerhead sea turtle nest were knocked down for a second time. Nearby residents reported juveniles were partying in the area. HBPD said it would patrol the area.

• Aug. 17, 7500 block of Marina Drive, suspicious vehicle. A woman complainant contacted HBPD regarding several vehicles coming and going to a nearby residence. The woman insisted drug deals were occurring and told police, “Either you do something about it or I will with a crowbar,” according to the report. Officers made contact with two adult parents, who told police they were throwing a back-to-school party for their son and his friends. Police reported no alcohol consumption or suspicious activity was taking place and cleared the scene.

• Aug. 17, 4000 Gulf Drive, trespass warning. While on routine patrol, a HBPD officer observed an empty truck at the beach playground. He continued to observe from a distance and noticed a group of seven young people returning from the beach and placing a Manatee County beach sign into the back of the truck. The officer made contact with the group and issued all seven a trespass warning. Three of the seven members were juveniles. Their parents were contacted.

• Aug. 18, 5401 Marina Drive, disturbance. HBPD responded to D.Coy Ducks regarding a fight. Upon arrival, police observed several people scattered across the parking lot. After interviewing some people, police determined the instigators had fled the scene. No one wished to pursue charges, so police cleared the scene.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

The Islander Classifieds: Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012


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FREE GUN LOCK courtesy of Project Childsafe, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Holmes Beach Police Department. Pick up at The Islander office, 5404 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Don’t be sorry, be safe.


ROSER THRIFT SHOP: Closed in August, but accepting donations 9 -11 a.m. Wednesdays. Store reopens in September, 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9 a.m.-noon Saturdays. 511 Pine Ave., Anna Maria.

NEW LOCATION: STEFF’S Stuff Antiques has moved to The Centre Shops on Longboat Key. 5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Unit 101. 941-383-1901.

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LOST: SILVER WEDDING ring and band while fishing on Holmes Beach. Please, call 941-201-5515, if found!


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CLEANING BY LAURA offers everything on your list from kitchen and bath cleaning to dusting and emptying wastebaskets. 941-539-6891.

TRANSPORT SERVICE: LET me drive you to the airport or anywhere in Florida. Flat rates. Reasonable. Call Mike, 941-567-6634.

AFFORDABLE HURRICANE PROTECTION: Doors and windows, impact rated screen installs easily on inside, see-through, leave-up.  Free estimate. Registered and insured. Island discount. TDWSINC@msn.com. 941-730-1399.

U FLY I drive your car anywhere in the USA. Airport runs, anywhere. 941-746-5651, 941-545-6688.

ISLAND SEDAN TOWNCAR Service: August, September summer rates. Tampa and St.Pete, $70, Sarasota, $30, local on-Island, $15 flat rate. Mike, The Island Guy, 941-730-8803.

BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS JD’s Window Cleaning looking for storefront jobs in Holmes Beach. I make dirty windows sparkling clean. 941-920-3840.

ISLAND MERMAIDS CLEANING and Co.: 36 years of happy customers. Organizing, laundry, ironing, pet-watch, storm-check, etc. Rentals our specialty. 941-778-3046.

BEACH SERVICE air conditioning, heat, refrigeration. Commercial and residential service, repair and/or replacement. Serving Manatee County and the Island since 1987. For dependable, honest and personalized service, call William Eller, 941-795-7411. CAC184228.

ANYONE CAN TAKE a picture. A professional creates a portrait. I want to be at your wedding! www.jackelka.com. 941-778-2711.

RELAXING MASSAGE IN the convenience of your home or hotel. Massage by Nadia, more than 19 years on Anna Maria Island. Call today for an appointment, 941-518-8301. MA#0017550.MA#0017550.


CONNIE’S LANDSCAPING INC. Residential and commercial. Full-service lawn maintenance, landscaping, cleanups, hauling and more! Insured. 941-778-5294.

TIM’S LAWN Care: Light hauling, most lawns, $25. Call 941-807-2537.

JR’S LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE Lawns, native plants, mulching, trimming, hauling, cleanups. Island resident 25 years. Call 941-807-1015.


STRAIGHT SHOT LANDSCAPE. Shell installed $45/yard at true specifications. Free appliance pick up. Call Shark Mark. 941-301-6067.

SHELL DELIVERED AND spread. $45/yard. Hauling all kinds of gravel, mulch, top soil with free estimates. Call Larry at 941-795-7775, “shell phone” 941-720-0770.

NATURE’S DESIGN LANDSCAPING. Design and installation. Tropical landscape specialist. Residential and commercial. 30 years experience. 941-729-9381, 941-448-6336.

TOP NOTCH LAWN Care: Residential and commercial. For all your landscaping needs. 941-932-6600.


VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, interior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. Island references. Bill, 941-795-5100. www.vangopainting.net.

TILE -TILE -TILE. All variations of ceramic tile supplied and installed. Quality workmanship, prompt, reliable, many Island references. Call Neil, 941-726-3077.

CUSTOM REMODELING EXPERT. All phases of carpentry, repairs and painting. Insured. Meticulous, clean, sober and prompt. Paul Beauregard, 941-730-7479.

GRIFFIN’S HOME IMPROVEMENTS Inc. Handyman, fine woodwork, countertops, cabinets and shutters. Insured and licensed, 941-748-4711.

JERRY’S HOME REPAIR: Carpentry, handyman, light hauling, pressure washing. Jack of all trades. Call 941-778-6170 or 941-447-2198.

SOUTHBAY HOME REPAIRS: If it’s broken, stuck, loose, leaks, needs paint, etc. I’ll fix it. Affordable quality work. 941-720-2906.

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN LLC: Professional tile roof restoration. Call Peter for free estimate. 23-year Island resident, references, insured. 941-447-6747.


WEEKLY/MONTHLY/ANNUAL rentals: wide variety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, 941-779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.suncoastinc.com.

HOLMES BEACH BUSINESS Center. Rental units available for office/commercial spaces from 750-2,000 sf. Humidity-controlled mini-storage units and garage units, 11 x 22 feet. 5347 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. 941-778-2924.

VACATION RENTALS ONLY: Private pool homes, 3BR/2BA and 3BR/3BA. Condo, 1BR/1BA overlooking golf course. Call 941-794-1515 or www.coastalpropertiesrealty.com.

2BR/2BA HOLMES BEACH waterfront condo. Fully furnished with views, pools, Jacuzzi, tennis. Boat dock available. $1,795/month, yearly, $3,400/month seasonal. Call 818-620-3543.

ANNA MARIA RENTAL: 2BR/1BA, washer and dryer, close to beach and fishing pier. Call 941-720-2418.

AUGUST SPECIAL: 2BR canalfront with boat slip, turnkey furnished with utilities, $499/week. 941-538-8622.

PERICO ISLAND: MONTHLY 3BR/3BA private pool. September, October and November discounts available. 941-795-3778.www.pericoholidayvilla.co.uk.

CUTE OFFICE FOR rent: 315 58th St., Holmes Beach. 941-794-8202.

BEACHFRONT SEASONAL RENTAL: Adorable 2BR/1BA, three-day minimum, 100 feet from Gulf. Email: Mememersh@aol.com for details.

ANNUAL RENTAL, PERICO Bay Club, gated, 2BR/2BA, lanai, fully applianced, carport, pool, spa, tennis, new clubhouse, fitness room. $1,100/month. Call 603-969-6840.

CORTEZ/SUNNY SHORES: Quaint 1BR cottage. Washer and dryer, central air conditioning, $615/month. Call 941-545-9025.

SEASONAL OR WEEKLY cottage-style rentals. 1BR/1BA or 1BR/1BA with loft with pool. Walk to beach, shops or dining! 941-778-3426. Web site: www.spinnakerscottages.com.


DIRECT GULFFRONT: 146 feet on the beach. 3BR/4.5BA, office recreation room, spa, pool, outdoor kitchen and theater, elevator, turnkey furnished. $3,750,000. Suncoast Real Estate, 941-779-0202 or 941-720-0288.

FOR SALE BY owner: 1BR/1BA mobile completely remodeled with share, beach and bay access. Call 941-224-1652 for more information.

CAPTAIN GREG BURKE: Duncan Real Estate. Need listings, all inventory sold or pending. Call 941-592-8373, email: gregburkesr@hotmail.com.

DIRECT GULFFRONT CONDO: Bradenton Beach. Excellent investment income. $259,000. By owner, 941-962-8220. www.flipkey.com/124227.

FOR SALE BY owner: Canal home in Bay Palms community, Holmes Beach. 3BR/2BA, 1,818 sf, well, garage, new seawall and cap, large lot (almost 11,000 sf). $525,000. 519 72nd St. 863-660-8366.

FOR SALE BY owner: 2BR/2BA, beautiful canal condo in Runaway Bay provides the peace, quiet and serenity desired for “Island time.” Tastefully furnished, totally updated. Pool, tennis court, fishing pier, steps to beach, $289,000. 847-308-2366.

ANNA MARIA ISLAND canal home for sale by owner. 3BR/2BA home on large 10,000-plus sf lot. 1,818 sf home with garage, terrazzo floors and enclosed porch. 519 72nd St., Holmes Beach. $525,000. 863-660-8366.