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HB man arrested for probation violation

Donald Schofield, 84, 618 Gladstone Lane, Holmes Beach was arrested Sept. 13 for violating his probation/community control terms.

Schofield was arrested in December 2010 for felony domestic battery. After several successful continuances filed on his behalf, Schofield was found guilty in March 2012. He was sentenced to two years of community control followed by three years of probation.

As part of his sentencing, Schofield is required to attend 29 consecutive weeks in the Batterer’s Intervention Program. Until he completes the program, his probation conditions require that he not have any face-to-face contact with the victim.

On Sept. 9, Schofield’s probation officer signed an arrest warrant stating Schofield admitted he had met with the victim at a Bradenton address without the presence of a court-approved third party, as required.

In 2010, police responded to the Holmes Beach home of Schofield to find him in a physical altercation with a woman. According to the probable cause affidavit, Schofield struck the victim several times in the face.

She broke loose and tried to call 911, at which time Schofield grabbed her, ripped the phone from her hands and twisted an arm behind her back. Schofield then put his hands over the woman’s mouth, apparently to prevent her from shouting for help.

Police arrived and Schofield attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle, but was apprehended.

As of press time, Schofield remains in custody without bond and a court hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Privateers celebrate second annual island grog fest

Arrrgh! Drink up the grog me hearties or be you a scurvy bilge rat.

While not necessarily the greeting for guests to the Anna Maria Island Privateers second annual Grog Fest, it was a pirates day Sept. 22 at the Drift In, 120 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach.

While the Privateers sometimes put on an intimidating glare, the charitable nonprofit group’s Grog Fest was to raise money for their scholarship fund. Each year, the group helps college students advance by providing assistance.

A dozen bars and restaurants entered their interpretation of grog into the annual contest to claim bragging rights for the year.

According to Roger “Hoodat” Murphree, the inaugural event last year raised $1,000, “and we are hoping to double that this year,” he said.

The term grog dates back to the pirate days where a ship’s quartermaster would add rum to the crew’s water supply.

Murphree said fresh water didn’t last long on voyages and the rum helped to keep the water clean.

“That was a technique used not only by pirates, but most of the world’s navies,” he said. “The water was usually stored in oak kegs and would go stagnate after just a few days. The rum killed the bacteria and kept the water drinkable.”

Today’s grog is any mixture of alcohol concoctions, minus the beer.

Guests to the Grog Fest tasted a dozen samples and voted on their favorite, and the Privateers created a “traveling trophy” for the winner to keep for a year.

Last year’s grog winner, the Drift In, was this year’s host, and this year’s big winner: Big Fish Real Estate.

LA murder trial: Gruesome confession, closing drama

David Viens, a former Holmes Beach resident and island restaurant owner is on trial in Los Angeles for murdering his wife, Dawn Viens.

According to reporter Larry Altman, who has covered the Viens case for the Daily Breeze since Dawn Viens’ 2009 disappearance and murder was first suspected, the drama in the trial last week reached “movie-of-the-week” levels.

Last week a sheriff’s office homicide detective testified and provided two hospital confessions by Viens and played the 2009 recordings made by he and his partner.

Viens summoned the detectives to the hospital, where he was recovering from injuries received when he lept 80 feet from a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes in an apparent suicide attempt.

Viens admitted to the detectives he found his wife dead after he taped her mouth shut and bound her hands and legs and left her on the living floor while he slept.

He found her dead when he awakened four hours later, and put her in a garbage bag in his bedroom closet while he went to work and contemplated what to do.

Viens, 49, and wife Dawn, 39, owned the Thyme Contemporary Cafe in Lomita when she was last seen alive Oct. 18, 2009, according to witnesses.

Viens told friends and customers she had gone into rehab, or moved out of state when he was asked where she was, witnesses said in court.

But Dawn Viens will never be found.

A new girlfriend soon moved into his apartment.

And when the Daily Breeze reported Viens was a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, he took his girlfriend for a high-speed ride into the hills with police giving chase. He stopped the car and lept from a cliff.

He has attended his two-week trial in a wheelchair, wearing a suit and eyeglasses, listening to testimony from friends, family, law enforcement and a forensic pathologist.

The testimony and tape played Sept. 18 was the first almost anyone in the courtroom knew of the confession and the method David Viens — chef and restaurant owner — used to get rid of Dawn’s body.

Jurors heard Viens tell the detectives he took Dawn’s body to the restaurant, put her head first in a 55-gallon drum mixed with discarded grease and covered with weights. He slow-cooked her for four days. He then strained the fluids, putting them in the restaurant grease trap, and put her bones in three garbage bags, mixing them with restaurant garbage in the trash container.

He said he removed the head and jaw and stored it in his mother’s garage attic, although police searched and were not able to find the skull.

On Sept. 20, court opened with the defense ready to continue its case, but Viens said he had differences with his attorney over witnesses, and he wanted to represent himself.

After questioning by the judge with the jury out of the room, he was denied the request. He further declined to testify.

Viens defense attorney sought to question a forensic pathologist, paid to testify by the defense, on the effect of the drugs given Viens during his hospital recovery and of Ambien, a sleep medication Viens claimed to have taken before duct-taping his wife.

But the judge refused to allow testimony about how the hospital drugs or Ambien may have effected Viens, saying Viens had offered the same information about how he would kill someone to his daughter prior to his injuries and in the taped confession.

A short time later, approximately 90 minutes into the day’s proceedings, Viens attorney, Fred McCurry, rested his case.

At this moment, Viens lept from his wheelchair — the first time anyone in court had seen him stand — thrust his right arm upward, and said, “Your honor, I object.”

The judge asked the jury to leave the courtroom.

Viens and his attorney had a discussion, but Viens said nothing more to the judge.

Closing arguments will be heard Sept. 25.

After the outburst Sept. 20, Viens mother said she had not seen her son stand since he suffered injuries by jumping from the cliff, including a broken pelvis, right foot, lower right leg, neck, ribs and spine, al well a collapsed lung and blood clots.

The Viens’ formerly owned the Beach City Market on Gulf Drive in Bradenton Beach from 2002-2005.

In January 2005, police raided the Viens’ Holmes Beach house and arrested David Viens on suspicion of possession of more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of opium, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm.

Dawn Viens was not charged in that case and said her husband was just the “middle man” in a nationwide drug smuggling operation.

The Florida state’s attorney eventually dropped all charges against Viens in exchange for his cooperation in giving evidence against others involved in the smuggling and sales operation.

For more of Altman’s comprehensive reporting on Viens’ crime and the trial, including transcripts of Viens’ confessions, go to www.islander.org. for a link to the Daily Breeze.

At the Daily Breeze website, enter Viens in the search window for current and past stories and a timeline of related stories.  http://www.dailybreeze.com

You also can follow Larry Altman’s courtroom breaking news on Twitter at http://twitter.com/larryaltman

David Viens’ first confession to sheriff’s homicide Sgt. Richard Garcia at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center on March 1, 2011, six days after he jumped from Rancho Palos Verdes cliff. Jurors read this transcript while listening to the recorded interview.  Click here for Confession

Second confession March 15, 2011.  Click here for Confession

Welcome sign again vandalized

The Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island welcome sign at Kingfish Boat Ramp on Manatee Avenue was damaged for a second time in less than two months, according to club president Lynn Zemmer. The manatee’s fin and dolphin’s flipper were reported broken Sept. 17. It also was damaged in August. Zemmer blamed the damage on vandals and vowed to restore the sign to its original state. Islander Photo: Kathy Prucnell.

Fishing – 09-26-2012

Area waters start cool down, fishing remains hot


As water temperatures gradually get cooler, expect the action for migratory species to heat up.

Good numbers of Spanish mackerel, bonito, jack crevalle and blue runners are making a showing in south Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. To find schools of these high-activity fish, try looking for diving birds. They are a giveaway that fish are feeding on baitfish on the surface of the water below them.

Anglers can motor right up to the schools of feeding fish and cast live baits or artificials into the action. If using live baits, shiners will do the trick. If using artificials, an assortment of different colored jigs will work as well as silver spoons and top-water plugs with silver sides.

Remember, with all of this action occurring, expect to see plenty of sharks. Species include blacktip, spinner, sandbar, bull, hammerhead and bonnethead. I suggest using 3 feet of 100-pound hardwire tied to a 5/0 circle hook with a haywire twist to help reel up most sharks up to 6 feet in length. If you’re after the big boys, you may want to increase your leader and hook sizes.

These sharks are feeding on whatever migratory species are in the area, so make use of these species for bait. A chunk of Spanish mackerel or bonito is like candy to a shark. Don’t forget to update yourself on new limits and prohibitions for harvesting shark if you plan on keeping one.

Bob Kilb at the Rod & Reel Pier says a variety of fish are being caught daily, although the bite is sporadic at best. “We’re seeing all kinds of fish being caught,” says Kilb, “but the numbers aren’t there yet.”

To start, pier fishers using white speck rigs are catching Spanish mackerel. Mixed in with the mackerel are ladyfish, jack crevalle and blue runners. Typically the macks are feeding in the morning and soon after the bite diminishes. As for the ladyfish, jacks and blue runners, you should be able to catch them most of the day.

Those opting to use live shrimp or shiners are catching juvenile grouper, redfish and black drum. These catches are occurring under the pier around structure. Anglers may need to be patient when fishing for these species, since the bite is hit or miss.

Steve Oldham at Island Discount Tackle says due to the water temps dropping into the lower 80s, fishing in the canals is improving. Stories of redfish, black drum and mangrove snapper are being told daily, with most catches occurring on live shrimp. Typically, during this time of year, vast amounts of catfish invade the canals, so expect to catch a few. Oldham suggests carrying a dehooking device to aid in releasing these slimy bottom-feeders. Plus, it can prevent being stabbed by the catfish’s poisonous dorsal and pectoral fins.

Around the local piers, Oldham is hearing of good numbers of migratory species — mackerel, jack crevalle, ladyfish and blue runners — being caught. “A Clark spoon trailed behind a popping cork is a great choice to add to your arsenal,” says Oldham. “Gotcha plugs and white jigs are a must, too, for serious mackerel fishers.”

Also around the piers, Oldham is seeing bait fishers reeling up good numbers of flounder. A No. 2 long shank hook baited with a live shiner or shrimp will get you hooked up. Add a split shot about 18 inches above your bait and drag the bottom around the pilings. When you feel a slight resistance, set the hook. The flounder bite is subtle, so it may take a few nibbles to get the hang of it.

Finally, Oldham is hearing from the charter captains of good action on the grass flats. Spotted seatrout, redfish and catch-and-release snook are being boated daily by their clients. Most of the trout are in the 15- to18-inch range, while the reds being caught are running up to 25 inches.

Capt. Mark Johnston of Just Reel charters is fishing north Sarasota Bay and around the Cortez “kitchen” for mangrove snapper.

Johnston is using live shiners and shrimp to catch these tasty little fish. Snapper up to 15 inches are the norm this past week, which is a great size for a bay catch.

Along with snapper, Johnston is catching numerous juvenile gag and red grouper, as well as decent numbers of keeper-size sheepshead. For the sheepies, Johnston is using whole live shrimp or fresh-cut pieces.

Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business charters is working the backcountry in search of redfish. Gross is using live shiners for bait and also for chum. Once he locates a congregation of fish, he anchors and chums to get the target in a feeding mood. His clients then cast free-lined shiners into the strike zone to hook up. Most reds being caught this week were in the 20- to 24-inch range.

In Sarasota Bay, Gross is seeing decent numbers of catch-and-release snook although most are in the 20-inch range.

Again, Gross is anchoring and chumming shiners to get the bite going. In these same areas, Gross is hooking up spotted seatrout up to 22 inches.

Finally, Gross is putting his clients on deep grass flats on the edges of channels to catch mangrove snapper and flounder. Instead of free-lining his bait, Gross is adding a small split shot about 12 inches up the line from a shiner. This aids in getting the bait toward the bottom, in the strike zone. Snapper up to 14 inches are the norm. The same applies for flounder.

Capt. Warren Girle is working north Sarasota Bay for a variety of flats and migratory species, using live shiners to get the bite.

To start, Girle is catching redfish up to 27 inches by free-lining shiners behind the boat. Using his trolling motor, he can quietly scan the flats in search of sandy potholes and ditches. These holes are where the reds congregate, especially during lower tides. Once the fish are located, Girle chums with live shiners before putting out the hooks.

In these same areas, Girle is hooking up spotted seatrout and catch-and-release snook. Trout up to 23 inches are being caught on live shiners, mixed in with some reds. For the snook, Girle pulls up and works near the mangroves.

Moving into the Gulf of Mexico, Girle is finding Spanish mackerel and bonito ravaging schools of baitfish. Girle suggests looking for diving birds to locate the fish. Live baits such as shiners or threadfin herring will get the bite, as well as artificials, such as Gotcha plugs or silver spoons.

Jeff Medley at the south bait shop on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fishing Piers says migratory species are thrashing bait schools around the pier during the early morning tides, and both live and artificial baits are producing good numbers of fish. For live bait, try shiners or threadfin herring. If you choose to use lures, Gotcha plugs or silver spoons rigged on a popping cork also will get a bite.

Migratory species being caught at the pier include Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle, blue runners and small sharks. If you’re targeting macks, Medley suggests keeping the bait in the upper part of the water column — toward the top. Once the bait reaches depths of 4 or 5 feet below the surface, expect to catch jack crevalle and blue runners.

For sharks, simply cast out a small chunk of any of the species mentioned to get in on the action. Don’t forget to use a wire leader if you plan on landing a shark.

        Send fishing reports to fish@islander.org.

Obituaries – 09-26-2012

Audrey Lorraine Ellens

Audrey Lorraine Ellens, 83, of Bradenton, died Sept. 17. She was born March 28, 1928, in Falmouth, Mich.

Mrs. Ellens owned and operated a restaurant in Bradenton for several years with her husband and also operated the Palm Cove Resort in Bradenton Beach for many years.

She was member of Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, Bradenton.

Private family services are planned at a later date at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Fla. Memorial donations may be made to Tidewell Hospice & Palliative Care, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota FL 34238. Condolences may be made online at www.shanonfuneralhomes.com. Shannon Funeral Home Westview Chapel, Bradenton, is in charge of arrangements.

Mrs. Ellens is survived by son Michael; daughter Marcia; grandchildren Christine Huggins, David, Diane and Daniel Cass; great-grandchildren Trace Avery Huggins and Austin David Huggins; and niece Beverly Waltz.

AME celebrates Peace Day

Anna Maria Island Elementary School celebrates Peace Day and remembers Sept. 11, 2001, at a Sept. 21 celebration at the school. Students learned zero is a number, too, from Todd Persinger, center, as “Zero the Hero.” The character struggles to find value as a number and tries to change, but in the end realizes his value. The lesson: Students learn to accept differences in those around them, find value in themselves, and others.  Islander Photo: Courtesy Sharon Burgess


ZEROs – kids making Os with hands


New custodian Todd Persinger as Zero holds 6-week-old Vincent Gollamudi. Islander Photo: Sharon Burgess


AME counselor Cindi Harrison shares a moment with the microphone and second-grader Lance Valadie. Islander Photos: Sharon Burgess


AME first-grader Kolbe Huffman crats a clay peace sign in advance of the school’s peace day celebration. Islander Photo: Karen-Riley Love


Flag bearers Jaclyn Schlossberg and Jack Groves, both fifth-graders. Islander Photo: Sharon Burgess


Islander Calendar – 09-26-2012

Thursday, Sept. 27

• 9:30 a.m.-noon, Florida League of Cities and ManaSota League of Cities, State Office Candidates Forum, Sarasota City Hall, 1565 First St., Sarasota. Information: 407-484-3597.


Friday, Sept. 28

• 8 p.m., Opening night of “Story Theatre,” Studio 84 Productions, David S. & Anne V. Howard Studio Theatre at State College of Florida, 5840 26th St. W., Building 11 West, Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-752-5252.

Saturday, Sept. 29

    • 8:30 a.m., Fourth Annual Sarasota Bay Fishing Line Cleanup Day, Sarasota Sailing Squadron, 1717 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota. Information: 941-232-2363.


Sunday, Sept. 30

    • 2 p.m., “Story Theatre,” Studio 84 Productions, David S. & Anne V. Howard Studio Theatre at State College of Florida, 5840 26th St. W., Building 11 West, Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-752-5252.


Monday, Oct. 1

    • 8 p.m., “Story Theatre,” Studio 84 Productions, David S. & Anne V. Howard Studio Theatre at State College of Florida, 5840 26th St. W., Building 11 West, Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-752-5252.



    • Tuesdays through Oct. 2, Magic of Manatee Sweet Adelines, free vocal lessons, Bradenton Christian School, 3304 43rd Street W., Bradenton. Information: 941-778-6222.

• Through Oct. 7, Evita, Manatee Players, Riverfront Theatre, 102 Old Main St., Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-748-5875.

• Tuesdays, noon, Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island meetings at the BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-794-8044.

• Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m., players pitch horseshoes in the pits at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-708-6130.

• Thursdays through Dec. 20, except Thanksgiving, 10:30 a.m., Make a Child Smile story and craft hour, Tingley Memorial Library, 111 2nd St. N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-779-1208.

• Thursdays, 6-8 p.m., Thirsty Thursdays, hosted by Bridge Street Merchants, The Fish Hole, Bradenton Beach, Information: 941-778-3388.

    • Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-962-8835.

• Third Fridays, 5-8 p.m., Pine Avenue Porch Party to benefit Roser Food Pantry at Anna Maria Pine Avenue stores and boutiques. Information: 941-896-3132.

• Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island meets at the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-761-8834.


Coming up

    • Oct. 6, Florida Produce Crate Label Swap Meet, Carnegie Library Basement, Palmetto Historical Park, 10th Ave. W., Palmetto. Information: 941-776-9444.

• Oct. 7, Anna Maria Island Privateers Sixth Annual Shiprek Poker Run, starts and ends at Peggy’s Coral, 4511 U.S. Highway 41 N., Palmetto. Fee applies. Information: 941-752-5973.

• Oct. 5-7, “A River of Art in Blue,” featuring art, music and food, Village of Arts, four blocks south of Manatee Avenue between Ninth and 14th Avenues West, Bradenton. Information: 941-747-8056.

• Oct. 7, Blessing of Animals, Episcopal Church of the Annunciation Memorial Garden, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1638.

• Oct. 7, History of Bowed String Instruments, a free concert and lecture, Allegro Music Academy, 241 Whitfield Ave., Sarasota. Information: 941-358-8511.


Save the Date

• Oct. 13, Third Annual Causeway 4 the Cause, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Manatee Ave., Holmes Beach. Information: 941-224-7506.

• Oct. 13, Bowl for Dogs & Cats, MoonRacer No-Kill Animal Rescue-The Islander, AMF Bradenton Lanes, 4208 Cortez Road W., Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-896-6701.

• Oct. 16, Free Wellness Seminar, 21 Ways to Improve Breast Health, Stonewood Grill, 7110 Cortez Road, Bradenton. Information: 941-713-3767

• Oct. 16, Chart Reading Seminar, Anna Maria Island Sail and Power Squadron, 1200 71st St. NW, Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-795-0482.

• Oct. 19, Palette Petals, Artist Reception, Nancy Law, Island Gallery West, 5368 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6648.

• Oct. 19-20, Bayfest, Anna Maria City Field, corner of Bay Boulevard and Pine Avenue. Information: 941-778-1541.

• Oct. 20, Yard/Parking Lot Sale, Island Gallery West, 5368 Gulf Drive, S&S Shopping Plaza, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6648.

• Oct. 20, Manatee Players Ladies Day Out Luncheon and Fashions, Courtyard by Marriott Bradenton Riverfront, 100 Riverfront Drive W. Fee applies. Reservations required. Information: 941-748-5875.

    • Oct. 23, Global Positioning Seminar, Anna Maria Island Sail and Power Squadron, 1200 71st St. NW, Bradenton. Information: 941-795-0482.

• Oct. 25, Fourth Annual Chowdown for Charity, Manatee Chapter of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, Riverhouse, 955 Riverside Drive, Palmetto. Information: 941-545-3620.

        Send calendar announcements to news@islander.org. Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via e-mail and phone.

Island police blotter – 09-26-2012

Anna Maria

        Sept. 13, 8605 Gulf Drive, vehicle burglary. An estimated five vehicles were broken into during church services at CrossPointe Fellowship. The primary complainant reported someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and stole $5 in change from his center console. He told a Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy he was not going to report the incident, but had discovered other vehicles also were burglarized.

• Sept. 9, Gulf Drive, burglary/theft of a firearm. A complainant reported someone had broken into his home and stole two handguns, two watches and numerous pieces of jewelry, all valued at $15,790.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

        • Sept. 20, 1301 Gulf Drive N., theft. The owner of Coastal Water Sports reported a stolen kayak from the beach where he maintains several rental kayaks locked with a cable. The complainant said the kayak had been secured after its last use, but when he arrived the lock was open and the kayak and paddle valued at $490 were missing.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• No new reports.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

        Sept. 13, 3500 block of Fourth Avenue, vehicle burglary. An employee of a house-cleaning company called the Holmes Beach Police Department to report that someone had stolen a purse, wallet and cash valued at $81 from her vehicle. The complainant said she had locked the doors, but left her windows down a few inches while she was inside a house performing her duties.

• Sept. 15, 100 block of 78th Street, information. A complainant called police to report two couples were on the beach kissing and wanted to file a complaint. The complainant was informed that kissing on the beach is not illegal.

• Sept. 15, 6600 Gulf Drive, disturbance. Employees at the Beach Bistro contacted police regarding a male customer who was intoxicated and angry because of the wait for a table, but the man had left the restaurant by the time police arrived. A HBPD officer told the employees to call police if the man returned.

• Sept. 16, 3200 block of East Bay Drive, theft. The owner of Paradise Bagels arrived for work in the morning to find her cash register emptied of $135. She told police that the money was in the register at closing and the key was hidden. There were no signs of forced entry.

• Sept. 16, 5300 block of Sunrise Lane, information. A complainant called HBPD regarding a loaded syringe that was found in a mailbox. The officer contacted EMS and the syringe was removed.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Sports – 09-26-2012

Soccer spirit, basketball prevail at AMICC


The Anna Maria Island Community Center fall youth soccer program got under way on the center field Sept. 22 with a day filled with spirited soccer games in all age divisions — Spirit Day.

The season runs through October with playoffs starting early in November. The season culminates with championship games Nov. 10. Stay tuned for all of the results.

Steam Designs grabbed early control of the 11-13 division thanks to a 6-5 victory over LPAC behind three goals from Nico Calleja. Aiden Grumley, Olivia Glavan and Gavin Sentman each added single goals in the Steam Design victory. Zach Fernandez scored three goals and Tyler Pearson added two goals to lead LPAC in the loss.

The second 11-13 division game saw Wash Family Construction and Jen Crady Massage battle to a 3-3 tie. George Lardas notched two goals and Abby Achor scored one to lead the Jen Crady Massage effort.

Tyler Yavalar’s two goals and one goal from Ben Connors paced Wash in the tie.

Best Buy slipped past American Marine in the first 8-10 division game of the season behind five goals from Daniel Fritz and one goal from Jaclyn Schlossberg.

Tyler Brewer led the American Marine effort with four goals, while David Daigle added one goal in the loss.

Tyler’s Ice Cream then rolled past Miller Electric 6-1 in the second game of the day behind three goals from Javier Rivera and a pair of goals from Daniel Sentman. Giana Sparks completed the scoring with one goal in the victory. Ava Zink scored the lone goal for Miller in the loss.

Lobstahs clawed its way to a 2-1 victory over LaPensee Plumbing in the final 8-10 division game of the day. Allie Connelly and Kole Pearson scored a goal each for Lobstahs. Sam Bowers notched the lone goal for LaPensee in the loss.


Adults play on

Coed adult soccer completed its second week of action with only two teams left to chase an always elusive perfect season.

Slim’s Place maintained its edge against Pink & Navy Boutique 3-1 during Sept. 20 action, while Wash Family Construction rolled past Florida Discount Signs 8-3 to remain undefeated and tied for first place. Island Pest Control, Florida Discount Signs and Moss & Barnard Construction follow in the standings at 1-1, while Jessie’s Island Store and Sato Real Estate come in at 0-1-1. Pink & Navy Boutique brings up the rear with an 0-2-0 record.

Moss & Barnard opened the night’s action with a 6-3 victory over Island Pest Control behind four goals from Omar Polar. Brent Moss added a pair of goals, while Ryan Moss chipped in a pair of assists. Jonathan Moss added 13 saves in goal to help preserve the victory.

Austin Wash led Island Pest Control with a pair of goals, while Erin Voegel added one goal and Tony Frudakis chipped in with an assist.

Sato Real Estate and Jessie’s Island Store battled to a 3-3 tie in the second game of the evening. Diego Felipe scored two goals and Jason Sato added one to lead Sato, which also received an assist from Jeff Christianson and five saves from long-time closet goalie, Lexi Braxton.

B.J. Grant had a goal and an assist to lead Jessie’s Island Store, which also received single goals from Zach Gillilan and Stephen Perry, while Nate Talucci made 14 saves in goal.

Wash rolled over Discount Signs by an 8-3 score behind three goals and two assists from Kris Yavalar and two goals from Damir Glavan. Scott Eason added a goal and two assists, and Darin Wash contributed a goal and an assist. Greg Ross completed the scoring with one goal while Don Purvis made 10 saves in goal.

Chrissy Rice scored a pair of goals and Tim Tedesco added one goal to lead the Florida Discount Signs scoring effort while Troy Shonk made 15 saves in goal in the loss.

Slim’s Place edged Pink & Navy 3-1 in the evening’s final game. Sean Sanders led Slim’s with a goal and an assist, while Danny Anderson and Nate Coleman each added one goal. Tyler Krauss helped preserve the victory for Slim’s with 12 saves in goal.

Aaron Parkin scored the lone goal for Pink & Navy, while Rudacille made 17 saves in goal.


Basektball action continues

Adult coed basketball continues in the center gym with three games played Sept. 18. The first game saw Gatorman Pools roll past Island Real Estate 65-42 behind 33 points and five rebounds from Evan Wolfe. Aaron Duduks added 13 points, 11 rebounds and three assists in the victory.

Matt Ray led IRE with 15 points and 14 rebounds, while Eric Gledhill finished with 12 points and six rebounds in the loss.

Eat Here slipped past Agnelli Pool & Spa 66-42 in the second game of the evening. Dominic Orloff led Eat Here with 22 points and seven rebounds, while R.J. Mizel added 17 points, 13 rebounds and two assists in the victory.

Chad Woods scored 24 points and 12 rebounds to lead Agnelli, which also received 17 points, six assists and four rebounds from Jonathan Moss in the loss.

The last game of the evening had Best Buy defeating The Feast Restaurant 58-47 behind 32 points and 21 rebounds from Antwan Jackson. Brandon Kern finished with 17 points, while Tyler Bekkerus added 10 points and nine rebounds in the victory.

Matt Morgan’s 14 points, five rebounds and three assists led The Feast, which also received 9 points from Richard Fosmore and 8 points each from Michael Haynes and Nate Coleman in the loss.

Horseshoe news

Three teams advanced during Sept. 22 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City hall horseshoe pits. Steve Grossman and George McKay drew the bye into the finals and watched as Sam Samuels and Tom Skoloda slipped past Dom Livedoti and John Johnson 22-18. Team Samuels-Skoloda then obliterated Grossman-McKay 21-1 in the finals to earn bragging rights.

The Sept. 19 games also saw three teams advance from pool play. Bob Heiger and Sam Samuels drew the bye to the finals and watched Jerry Disbrow “walk” past Steve Doyle and Hank Huyghe by a 21-6 score. Disbrow then dispatched Heiger and Samuels 21-12 in the finals.


AMICC youth soccer league schedule

4-5 Division

Oct. 1      6 p.m.      Bowes vs. A&E

Oct. 1      6:30 p.m. Bistro vs. Firkins


6-7 Division

Oct. 2      6 p.m.      Beach Bums vs. Surferbus.com

Oct. 2      7 p.m.      Bowes vs. Tyler’s


8-10 Division

Sept. 26   6 p.m.      Best Buy vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream

Sept. 26   7 p.m.      American Marine vs. LaPensee

Oct. 1      6 p.m.      Lobstahs vs. American Marine

Oct. 1      7 p.m.      Miller Elect. vs. Best Buy

Oct. 2      6 p.m.      LaPensee vs. Miller Electric

Oct. 2      7 p.m.      Miller vs. Tyler’s


11-13 Division

Sept.22    Noon       Steam Design vs. LPAC

Sept. 22   1 p.m.      Wash FC vs. Crady Massage

Sept. 26   8 p.m.      Steam Design vs. Wash FC

Sept. 28   6 p.m.      LPAC vs. Wash FC

Sept. 28   7 p.m.      Steam Design vs. Crady Massage



14-17 Division

Oct. 1      8 p.m.      West Coast AC vs. Edgewater

Oct. 3      8 p.m.      West Coast AC vs. Edgewater


AMICC Adult Soccer League schedule

Sept. 27   6 p.m.      Slim’s Place vs. Wash FC

Sept. 27   7 p.m.      Jessie’s vs. Pink & Navy

Sept. 27   8 p.m.      Island Pest vs. FL Discount Signs

Sept. 27   9 p.m.      Moss & Barnard vs. Sato Real Estate


AMICC Adult Basketball League schedule

Oct. 2      6:30 p.m. Gator Man vs. Eat Here

Oct. 2      7:30 p.m. The Feast vs. Island Real Estate

Oct. 2      8:30 p.m. Agnelli Pool vs. Best Buy