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Islander’s ‘Greatest’ spokesman died Oct. 28

World War II and Korean War veteran Ralph Bassett of Perico Island died early Oct. 28 at his home. His wife and family were with him and he died peacefully, according to his son, Scott Bassett of Bradenton.

Ralph Bassett was an annual speaker at The Islander’s Veterans Day ceremony that honors veterans of all the armed forces and those whose stories have appeared in the Greatest Generation and Forgotten Generation columns in the newspaper.

His infectious smile, laugh and quick wit made him a favorite speaker at the event, and many veterans said they came to hear about his life in the U.S. Marine Corps.

An Iowa native, Bassett joined the Marine Corps in 1944 when he turned 17, after convincing his parents to allow him to enlist.

Bassett said he couldn’t stand the thought of being left behind, while older buddies were fighting and dying in the Pacific.

His unit was scheduled to invade Japan in October 1945, and Bassett and his pals were told that 80 percent of the company — about 260 men — would either be killed or wounded the first day. The company was scheduled to be in the first wave of the invasion force of 800,000 allied troops.

The atomic bombs dropped on Japan that August ended the war, and Bassett returned to the states to complete his WWII service as a clerk at the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

After discharge, Bassett stayed in the Marine Corps Reserves and returned to Des Moines, Iowa, where he enrolled at Drake University.

When the Korean War broke out in late June 1950, Bassett’s reserve unit — Company A, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment of the 1st Marine Division — was one of the first called to active duty by President Harry Truman.

The 1st Marine Division landed at Pusan, Korea, on July 19, 1950, less than four weeks after the war began. Within a few weeks, Bassett, now a sergeant in charge of a squad, was wounded.

After recovering, he returned to the front lines and was eventually wounded again by an enemy grenade.

He spent three months in a hospital in Japan, and was sent to a Navy hospital in Virginia, where he was discharged in 1951. He then returned to Drake to complete his education.

Graduating in 1954, Bassett married a woman from Des Moines and got a job at WHS radio, the same station where Ronald Reagan worked in the 1930s.

Bassett moved to Detroit a few years later and went into the insurance industry, eventually becoming a pension fund administrator. Bassett formed his own company in the 1960s and sold that when he retired to Perico Island in 1987.

He first came to Anna Maria Island in 1985 and quickly decided “this was the place” for retirement. Several of his children and grandchildren eventually moved to the Island and Bradenton area.

Bassett was a member of the Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island and attended numerous veterans activities on the Island, highlighted by his annual appearance at The Islander veterans salute in November.

Semper Fi, good friend.

BBPD arrests 2 for neglect

A Cortez couple was arrested Oct. 23 for neglect of child.

The arrests followed an altercation on the Historic Bridge Street Pier, 200 Bridge St.

Police said the incident involved several people, alcohol and an infant in a baby stroller.

The Bradenton Beach Police Department reported that two people, one of them identified as Francis William Dunn, 30, of Cortez, and Kayla Ann Boak, 21, of Cortez, got into a verbal disagreement.

Dunn, during the dispute, tripped over a woman, which led him into an argument with her, and then a physical fight that Boak joined, according to BBPD.

In the fighting, Dunn allegedly knocked over a baby stroller he had been pushing. The infant in the stroller hit the ground, suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital.

BBPD arrested Dunn and Boak. The officer stated in the report that the two “failed to make any reasonable effort to protect (name omitted) from neglect.”

Island road advisories, Nov. 2-9

Construction on State Road 64/Manatee Avenue, from east of the old Perico Harbor Marina to Bristol Bay Drive will continue this week.

The Florida Department of Transportation project budgeted at $3 million involves removal of old asphalt and resurfacing, new curbs and gutters, sidewalks/bike paths, drainage improvements and widening of the road at the Perico Bay Boulevard entrance.

The contractor will be working primarily between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday evening through Friday morning, but some daytime activity is expected.

A flagging operation will be present, as needed, a DOT press release said, and motorists should expect minor delays during nighttime operations.

Weather permitting, the project by Superior Asphalt is expected to finish by the end of 2011, the DOT said.

Superior Asphalt is adding a new sidewalk from Gulf Drive to State Road 789/East Bay Drive, and from 31st Street to State Road 64/Manatee Avenue.

The DOT press release said motorists could expect intermittent lane closures along S.R. 789 and S.R. 64 during the project, which is expected to finish in January 2012.

Flaggers will be present as needed and pedestrians should plan alternate routes during construction.

King tides no trouble on AMI

The king tides forecast last week for the Atlantic and Gulf coast caused no problems on Anna Maria Island.

The highest tides — occurring in the afternoon on Oct. 25, Oct. 26 and Oct. 27 — did not produce backed up stormwater systems, overflow canals or flood Island streets.

Public works chiefs Tom Woodard in Bradenton Beach, George McKay in Anna Maria and Joe Duennes in Holmes Beach each reported no problems.

The Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay estuary projects had requested that people document the impact of the king tides, in part to help scientists predict the impact of rising seas on shorelines.

Island boaters and fishers speculated that the high winds and hard waves that hit earlier in October so eroded the shore that the impact of the king tides was difficult to see.

Others wondered whether the coldfront to the north and the hurricane to the southwest had an impact.

Time changes Nov. 6

Most of the nation falls back at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 6, when daylight saving time ends.

Time-keepers in all but two states — Arizona and Hawaii — will set clocks back an hour.

DST is a concept that has been around since at least Colonial days, and, as a tool to conserve energy, became part of the U.S. way of life during WWI and WWII.

DST was observed from April through mid-October until 2007, when Congress adjusted the period to begin three weeks earlier and end a week later to increase energy conservation. The U.S. Energy Department estimates that electricity use decreases by 0.5 percent per day during DST, which adds up to 1.3 billion kilowatt hours, enough to power about 122,000 average homes for a year.

But some science suggests that the time changes negatively impact the duration and quality of sleep — for days for most people, but for longer periods for those vulnerable to sleep deprivation.

For planners, daylight saving time resumes at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Fishing – 11-02-2011

Spotted sea trout season closes, but fish await


It’s time to focus on something other than spotted sea trout if you’re planning on bringing home dinner. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rules, the harvest of spotted sea trout is prohibited here in November and December and will reopen Jan. 1.

Thankfully, the inshore bite in the waters surrounding Anna Maria Island remains consistent, with a variety of species.

Spanish mackerel and kingfish are still patrolling the artificial reefs. On the flats, redfish, trout and snook are beginning their fall feeding pattern. Frequenting the local piers is resulting in sheepshead, flounder and numerous Spanish mackerel. With such a variety of species available, fishing fun is only a cast away.

Capt. Mark Howard of SumoTime fishing charters says fall fishing is “coming on strong with a variety of species on the chew.”

Snook, spotted sea trout and redfish are taking the main stage for the inshore action. Look for these species to be on the edges and dropoffs of flats at the low tides. As the tide comes up, the fish will move onto the flats and into the bushes. “Chumming with shiners will get the bite turned on and draw the targeted fish to the back of the boat,” Howard says.

“The predators are feeding heavily preparing for the upcoming winter season,” he adds.

Grouper have invaded the shallows of the Gulf of Mexico within site of land and in Tampa Bay. Howard has been trolling the shipping channel and around structure using planers and bomber lures with some excellent results for the dinner table. “The key to trolling bomber lures on planers is to get the lure as close to the bottom as possible,” Howard says. “If you are not bumping the bottom, then you are working the lure too shallow.”

Looking forward, Howard predicts the fishing will remain strong as long as the bait remains in the bay and the weather pattern stays the same.

Dave Sork at the Anna Maria City Pier says, “There’s still lots of bait around.” Sork is seeing pier fishers reeling up big Spanish mackerel on Gotcha plugs and silver spoons. Mackerel in the 26-inch range are patrolling the outskirts of the bait schools that are just out from the pier. The bite is occurring on the tail of the incoming tides, so Sork recommends checking a tide chart before you head out.

Other species hooking up include jack crevalle, ladyfish, lizardfish and skipjacks. Remember, if you catch a skipjack, handle it cautiously. On both the dorsal and anal fins, the skipjack has spines, which contain a mild poison. Try using a dehooker or pliers to remove your lure from their mouth. Once stung by a skipjack, you won’t let it happen again.

Bottom fishers using live shrimp for bait are catching flounder and sheepshead around the pier pilings. Sork says to try using some 20-pound fluorocarbon for leader, attach a No. 2 hook and a No. 2 split-shot a foot above your hook and you’re ready to cast.

In closing, Sork says he’s seeing a daily appearance of bottlenose dolphin. The pod includes mothers and calves. “It’s pretty cool to see them feeding on the mackerel,” Sork says. “It’s like watching Discovery channel just outside the window.”

Tom Cassetty at the Rod & Reel Pier says pier fishing is “doing great. Most of the action has been around and under the pier.”

Pier fishers using live shrimp for bait are catching good numbers of redfish. Sizes are ranging from 14 to 30 inches so you might want to use a medium-heavy spinning outfit to ensure you can land a big one.

Black drum are inhabiting the pier. Again, live shrimp are the ticket. Try using 30-pound fluorocarbon for leader to aid against getting cut off around the pilings. Black drum up to 22 inches are being caught by drifting a live shrimp under the pier and letting it sit on the bottom.

And keeper-size flounder are on the menu for pier fishers. They’re lying in the sand in the same areas as redfish and black drum. You should be able to catch one on shrimp, although Cassetty suggests trying live shiners, too.

Another species making an appearance is the long-awaited sheepshead. Fishers using live shrimp or fiddler crabs are catching a few keepers daily. When targeting sheepies, use an extra small hook. Using a strong hook aids in both setting and removal from the sheepshead’s boney mouth.

Last but not least, pier fishers targeting shark are coming up with a variety of species, including blacktip, lemon and bonnethead sharks. Most shark fishers are using cut bait, such as mackerel or mullet to get the bite.

Jonny Keyes at Island Discount Tackle says both migratory and bottom species can be found around nearshore and offshore structures west of Anna Maria Island in the Gulf.

When first approaching the structure, Keyes suggests chumming with live shiners to see if any mackerel or bonito will come up to feed. He uses a 30-pound fluorocarbon leader tied to a 1/0 size long shank hook. “Hook a shiner on there and throw it out,” says Keyes. Although if you see kingfish or barracuda show up in your chum, you may want to switch to a stronger leader and a bigger hook.

Bottom fishing around the structures is still producing good action on gag grouper. Preferred baits are big pinfish or big white bait. A knocker rig consisting of a 1-ounce lead and a 3/0 circle hook is the ticket. Drop down a pinfish and hang on tight.

Also inhabiting the bottom around structures are mangrove snapper, Key West grunts and flounder. When targeting these species, try using a small jig head in place of the knocker rig to see what works best.

Capt. Warren Girle is stalking shallow-water redfish on negative tides against mangrove shorelines and adjacent potholes. “We caught so many reds the other day that we got sick of catching them,” laughs Girle. “They’re feeding on a variety of baits, too.”

Girle is using top-water plugs early in the morning and switching to plastic jigs on 1 1/8-ounce jig head later in the day. You can catch these fish on live shiners.

Snook are being caught in the same areas as the redfish, but most are small. If you do encounter some snook, definitely try using live shiners for bait. There aren’t many instances when a snook will turn down a tasty little shiner.

Moving on the deep grass flats, Girle is catching good numbers of spotted sea trout. “I’ve found the best bite was in 3 to 5 feet of water,” explains Girle. “We’re drifting and tossing jigs in the sandy potholes.” Along with spotted sea trout, Girle is boating bluefish and ladyfish with the same technique.

Offshore, Girle is targeting mangrove snapper and flounder around the nearshore structure. He likes to bait with live shiners and he chums with them, too. “The chummers seem to get the fish in a feeding mood,” says Girle. “Then we drop down a bait on a hook and hang on.”

Jeff Medley at the south bait shop on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fishing Piers is seeing gag grouper dominate the bite for fishers using live pinfish or grunts for bait. “I’ve seen several over 30 inches landed in the past couple of days,” says Medley. “They’re here and they’re hungry.”

Spanish mackerel are still swarming schools of bait around the pier and the reefs just away from the pier. Most pier fishers targeting macks are using artificial lures, such as Gotcha plugs, silver spoons and white jigs.

Remember to stock up on whatever lures you plan on using on mackerel. When the macks are this abundant, you may lose quite a few lures to those razor-sharp teeth.

Flounder are supplying bottom fishers with good action on light tackle. And good table fair, too. Medley suggests using live or cut greenbacks. “Drag them on the bottom around the pier if you want to catch flounder,” he explains. “When you feel a little resistance, set the hook.”

On a final note, Medley says he’s still seeing tarpon around the pier. On the incoming tides, concentrations of silver kings are floating in the current under the bridge around the pilings. “I haven’t seen any caught lately,” says Medley, “but there’s still a few of them around.”

Send fishing reports to fish@islander.org.

Sports – 11-02-2011

Weather chills, youth soccer heats up at AMICC


Gettel Toyota in Division III and Autoway Ford in Division I maintained unbeaten records, though in differing fashion in Anna Maria Island Community Center soccer league action.

Gettel, the only team with an unblemished record, kept it that way, recording an easy 7-0 victory over The Feast Oct. 26. Daniel Fritz led the way with three goals, while teammates Jack Groves and Daniel Sentman added two goals apiece to the victory.

Division I Autoway Ford kept its loss column clean, but Wash Family Construction managed to pull out a 3-3 tie against Autoway Oct. 26. Nico Calleja led Wash with two goals, while Gavin Sentman chipped in with one goal in the tie. Michael Latimer led Autoway with two goals, while Lilly Banyas added the other goal in what was their second tie on the season.

Jen Crady Massage edged Eat Here by a 4-3 score in Division II action Oct. 25. Aiden Grumley led Crady with a pair of goals, while teammates Olivia Glavan and Trent Shacklford notched a goal apiece to complete the scoring in the victory. Clayton Wilkinson, Brenden Murphy and Jovan Vasquez scored one goal each in the loss for Eat Here.

Premier Division saw a back-and-forth contest between Beach Bistro and Ace Hardware with the Bistro pulling out an 8-6 victory Oct. 25. Helio Gomez led the Bistro with three goals, while Luke Marvin, Samantha Latimer, Tyler Marvi, Kyle Parsons and Austin Wash also scored goals in the victory. Julius Gomes scored four goals to lead Ace Hardware, which also received two goals from Chandler Hardy in the loss.

Adult soccer action Oct. 27 saw Sato Real Estate take an easy 6-1 victory over Euphemia Haye. Matt Plummer led Sato with three goals, while Stephen Perry added two goals and Korey Rogers finished with one goal. Justin Noyes scored the lone goal for Euphemia Haye in the loss.

Jessie’s Island Store recorded an easy 5-1 victory over Island Pest Control behind three goals from Aaron Duduks. Richie Rodal and Sean Sanders chipped in with a goal apiece in the win. Scott Eason scored the lone goal for Island Pest Control in the loss.

West Coast Air Conditioning earned an 8-6 victory over Wash Family Construction, getting three goals apiece from Anthony Alfano and Damir Glavan. Ryan Moss added two goals in the victory. Tyler Krauss led Wash with three goals, while Kelsey Bachman, P.J. Smargisso and Darrin Wash each notched goals for Wash in the loss.

It was a battle of builders for Ross Built and Don Meilner & Son Construction that ended in a 4-4 tie in the last game of the evening. Eric Howe led Ross Built with three goals, while Chrissy Rice scored once. Don Meilner received single goals from Chris Kazanas, Jeff Christianson, Nate Talucci and Kim Terhern in the tie.

Center sports standings and schedules can be found online at www.islander.org.


Key Royale golf news

Col. Bob Elliott got the fall season started with a shotgun start for 62 golfers during the 55th Key Royale Club Stag Day Oct. 26. Golfers competed for individual low gross and individual low net along with first, second and third-place team low-net finishes.

Dale Hudson captured the low gross with a 2-over 34, while Vince Mercadante took home the low-net prize with a 3-under-par 29. Hudson also was part of the first-place team that combined to card a 1-over-par 129, along with Carl Voyles, Gary Silke and Ed Havlik. Second place went to the team of Bob Elliott, Vince Mercadante, Chet Hutton and Dennis Schavey.

Hugh Holmes Jr. was closest to the pin on hole No. 3, while Merritt Fineout came within inches of a hole-in-one on No. 8.

Jerry Landkammer, Quentin Talbert, Tom Nelson and Tom McDonnell combined to card a 7-under-par 25 to take the men’s nine-hole scramble Oct. 27.

The men played a nine-hole, low-net-of-partners game Oct. 24. Mercadante and Earl Huntzinger combined on a 5-under-par 59 to take first place by one shot over Hugh Holmes Jr. and Dick Eichorn.


Horseshoe news

Two teams survived light rain and pool play during Oct. 29 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. George McKay and Herb Puryear defeated Steve Grossman and Sam Samuels by a 21-10 score in the finals.

Oct. 26 horseshoe action saw Norm Langeland and Sam Samuels defeat Steve Doyle and Tim Sofran 21-10 in the finals.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection.

There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.


Center to host dodgeball tourney

The Anna Maria Island Community Center will host its second-annual dodgeball tournament starting at noon Saturday, Nov. 26, in the center gym.

Teams of six to eight coed players, high-school age or older will compete with six players on the court at a time. Teams will play three games before the double-elimination tournament.

The entry fee is $60 per team. Registration can be completed at the center or online at www.islandcommunitycenter.com.

Prizes — trophies and T-shirts — will be awarded to first- and second-place teams.

For more information, contact Ryan Hogan at 941-778-1908, ext. 9219, or ryan@myamicc.com.


AMICC Soccer League standings

Division III (ages 8-9)

Teams                         W      L        T      Pts.

Gettel Toyota              6        0        0      18

Isl. Pest Control          3        3        0      9

Island Real Est.           1        2        2      5

The Feast                    1        3        1      4

WC Surf Shop             1        4        1      4


Division II (ages 10-11)

LaPensee                     5        1        0      15

Crady Massage           4        1        1      13

Eat Here                      0        7        1      1


Division I (ages 12-14)

Autoway Ford             5        0        2      17

Wash FC                     4        2        1      13

Spinnakers                  2        4        1      7

Mr. Bones                   1        6        0      3


Adult Division

Ross Built                   5        1        1      16

Meilner & Son            4        1        2      14

Jessie’s                        4        1        1      13

Sato Real Estate         4        2        0      12

Island Pest                   2        3        1      7

FL Dis. Sign                2        3        1      7

WC Air Cond.             2        4        0      6

Wash FC                     1        5        0      3

Euphemia                    1        5        0      3


AMICC Soccer League schedule

Instructional Division (ages 4-5)

Nov. 2              6 p.m.           Bowes Imaging vs. Isl. Dental

Nov. 2              6:30 p.m.      White Egret vs. Gulf Bay

Nov. 7              6 p.m.           Bowes Imaging vs. Gulf Bay

Nov. 7              6:30 p.m.      White Egret vs. Isl. Dental


Instructional Division (ages 6-7)

Nov. 4              7 p.m.           A&E vs Beach Bums

Nov. 4              6 p.m.           Coastal vs. Tyler’s

Nov. 5              12 p.m.         Beach Bums vs. Coastal

Nov. 5              1 p.m.           A&E vs Tyler’s

Nov. 7              7 p.m.           Championship Game


Division III (ages 8-9)

Nov. 2              6 p.m.           The Feast vs. Gettel vs. Isl. Pest

Nov. 2              6 p.m.           Gettel vs. Isl. Pest

Nov. 4              6 p.m.           The Feast vs. Surf Shop

Nov. 5              12 p.m.         Surf Shop vs. IRE

Nov. 7              6 p.m.           Gettel vs. IRE

Nov. 8              6 p.m.           The Feast vs. Isl. Pest


Division II (ages 10-11)

Nov. 2              7 p.m.           Eat Here vs. LaPensee

Nov. 8              7 p.m.           LaPensee vs. Crady Massage


Division I (ages 12-13)

Nov. 2              8 p.m.           Wash FC vs. Autoway

Nov. 4              7 p.m.           Spinnakers vs. Autoway

Nov. 5              1 p.m.           Mr. Bones vs. Spinnakers


Premier Division (ages 14-17)

Nov. 7              7 p.m.           Ace Hardware vs. Beach Bistro


Adult Coed Division

Nov. 3              6 p.m.           Euphemia Haye vs. Isl. Pest

Nov. 3              7 p.m.           FL Dis. Signs vs. Ross Built

Nov. 3              8 p.m.           Jessie’s  vs. Wash FC

Nov. 3              9 p.m.           Sato Real Est. vs. WC Air


AMICC Adult Basketball League standings

Unique Mobile Detailing 5    1      0

Bowes Imaging                 4    2      0

Beach to Bay Const.         4    2      0

Southern Greens               3    3      0

Agnelli Pool & Spa          2    4      0

Island Sun                         0    6      0

Obituaries – 11-02-2011

Carroll Ralph Bassett

Carroll Ralph Bassett, 83, of Perico Island, died Oct. 28. He was born and raised in Johnston, Iowa.

Mr. Bassett served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean War. He was wounded in Korea and received the Purple Heart and several other decorations. After his service in Korea, he returned to graduate from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

He first pursued a career in radio and television broadcasting in Iowa. A few years later, he embarked on a second career in insurance and employee benefits in the Detroit area, where he and wife Meridee lived for 40 years until retirement brought them to Bradenton in 1997.

Mr. Bassett’s retirement was very active and he continued to golf several times each week and devote his volunteer energies to the Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island. With Kiwanis, he participated in many programs, including the Easter Sunrise Service, foster grandparent program at Anna Maria Elementary, and he coordinated the Salvation Army holiday bell ringing at the Publix store on the Island. He was a member of the Marine Corps League and greatly enjoyed attending Marine Corps reunions.

Internment of Mr. Bassett’s ashes will be at 3 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4, at the Sarasota National Cemetery, 9810 State Road 72 E., Sarasota. There will be a celebration of Mr. Bassett’s life at the Perico Island Clubhouse, 11000 Perico Way, Bradenton, at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 5. Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Memorial donations may be made to Anna Maria Island Kiwanis Club Foundation, P. O. Box 1215, Holmes Beach FL 34218-1215.

Mr. Bassett is survived by wife Meridee; sister Lyla Jean and husband Wayne Hutt of Surprise, Ariz.; sons Scott and wife Debbie of Bradenton, Brent and wife Lisa of Kalamazoo, Mich., and Kent and wife Jennifer of Rochester Hills, Mich.; grandchildren Vicki and husband Tim, Amanda, Laine, Rachel, Steven, Joel, Jarred, and Molly; and great grandchild Andrew.


Lillian Mary Parker

Lillian Mary Parker, 84, of Holmes Beach, formerly of Chicago, died Oct. 24.

Services will be at a later date.

Mrs. Parker’s survivors include daughters Deborah Pouge of Gurnee, Ill., and Kathleen Clarke of Naperville, Ill.; sons George of Palm Desert, Calif., Guy of Wheeling, Ill.; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Island police blotter – 11-02-2011

Anna Maria

• Oct. 22, 100 block of Spring Ave., petit theft. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office took a report that someone stole a bicycle from the front porch of a residence.

• Oct. 22, 200 block of Gladiolus Street, burglary.  The MCSO took a report of a burglary to a residence. There were no details of items stolen.

        Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

• Oct. 22, 200 block of Bridge Street, fight. The Bradenton Beach Police Department and MCSO responded to a fight reported at the Historic Bridge Street Pier. The incident, involving several allegedly intoxicated people, resulted in a baby stroller tipping and a child suffering injury.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• No new reports.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO.

Holmes Beach

• Oct. 17, East Bay Drive, theft. The Holmes Beach Police Department took a report that someone stole a 21-speed Trek bicycle from a driveway.

• Oct. 18, 4000 block of Gulf Drive, expired license. The HBPD stopped a Bradenton woman for failure to yield the right of way. A record’s check indicated her license was expired.


        Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.