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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

'Road rage' charged against Bradenton Beach official

An "intent to do violence" charge has been levied against Bradenton Beach City Commissioner Lisa Marie Phillips by a neighbor.

Ronald F. Ockerman filed a report with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office Jan. 6 against Phillips.

According to the report by Deputy Michael Kenyan, Ockerman "got into a verbal altercation" with Phillips on 22nd Street as he and his wife were driving home. Ockerman stated "he looked in his mirror and thought he saw (Phillips) flip him off, so he 'flipped off' the driver back," according to the report.

"At that time (Phillips) drove around Ockerman on the left, turned right in front of him, cutting him off and stopping," Kenyan continued. Phillips "got out and began yelling at him. Ockerman then threatened to call the police.

"(Phillips) stated 'Go ahead and call the police. I am a city commissioner. I run the police, and I run the chief,' then instructed Ockerman to follow her because she was going to give him a ticket. She continually yelled and carried on, shaking her finger (middle) in victim's face, yelling, 'What's this? What's this?'

"Ockerman stated that because of her out-of-control manner and the fact that he has a [pacemaker], he was placed in fear of his safety."

Ockerman referred all questions about the incident to his attorney, David Wilcox, who said it was an example of "road rage" and that the matter would be sent to the state attorney's office for investigation.

"I don't have anything to say," Phillips said.