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Date of Issue: January 19, 2006

North again wins in new north-south battle

A short war between the north and south took place on a short street in Bradenton Beach last week. The north won.

The "battle" began last Tuesday, when one of the city's public works crews began installing new street signs along Bay Drive - at the time, Bay Drive North, but following the signage installation, surprisingly, the street sign named it Bay Drive South.

One stretch of street between Bridge Street and First Street North - actually just First Street, since there is no longer a First Street South - had historically been designated "north," but more recent maps indicated it should correctly be labeled "south," hence the change.

And hence the concern by resident Ross Benjamin. He checked on the Internet and found that most map locations indicated that most sites designated the short block "north."

"Gadzooks - city officials of Bradenton Beach did it again, they just couldn't let sleeping dogs lie!" he wrote in an e-mail. "It's sooooooo confusing. No wonder so many people here can't figure anything out! But that's really not a change either, is it?"

Public Works Director Dottie Poindexter responded by saying, "Sorry about the error in staff trying to fix an old error. The official record does say Bay Drive North, to the circle, overrides the old maps that shows south at the end near Bridge Street. Please accept our apology."

The signs were changed forthwith, from south back to north.