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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

'New' Tip closed, former owners may return

The controversial Tip of the Island pub in Anna Maria closed it doors earlier this week, just seven months after new owners had promised a fresh beginning to end complaints from nearby residents about parking, loud noise and littering.

When Robert and Dawn Kozash bought the business from Terry and Gloria McKee in June 2003, they promptly announced they would bring a "family-oriented" atmosphere to the establishment and pledged to work with nearby neighbors to eliminate problems related to the previous operation.

Residents living near the Tip had been complaining for the past few years to city officials and Manatee County Sheriff's Office deputies about late-night loud music, parking on private property and other transgressions.

The Kozashes said if they had any live music, it would be inside and more in keeping with Jimmy Buffett and Island-style songs.

On Oct 3, however, Palmetto Avenue resident Dick Schoenke signed a complaint with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office and deputies issued Robert Kozash with a "notice to appear" on a breach of peace violation for loud music after 10 p.m.

Anna Maria City Commissioner Linda Cramer complained in September 2002 to the city that when the McKee's owned the business they were not in compliance with the city's ordinance on beer and wine consumption and should not be granted an occupational license, or at the least cited for a code violation.

After investigating Cramer's allegations, Rathvon and City Attorney Jim Dye concluded the McKees were operating in compliance with the appropriate city codes and ordinances.

Cramer said this week she expects the McKees to take back the day-to-day operation of the pub.