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Date of Issue: January 10, 2008

Bradenton Beach cop arrests woman on robbery charge

Kellie Evers, 39

Bradenton Beach Police Sgt. J. Gill located and arrested Kellie Evers, 39, of the 3600 block of 51st Street Court, Bradenton, after Evers attempted to rob a friend of Gill's outside Clancy's Bar, Bradenton, on Dec. 31.

According to the arrest report, which was filed by the Bradenton Police Department, the victim, Robert Balsai, said a woman, later identified as Evers, approached him inside Clancy's Bar and told Balsai she had hit his car in the parking lot.

Balsai followed her outside, at which time Evers balled up her hand under clothing, pretended it was a gun, and told Balsai that it was a robbery and she would let him live if he gave her $20 dollars, according to the report.

Balsai said all he had was plastic, backed away and went inside the bar.

Inside the bar, Balsai told his friend Gill of the incident, and he went outside looking for the woman, while Balsai called Bradenton Police.

Gill located Evers in the 4300 block of 59th Street West, arrested her and detained her until Bradenton Police arrived.

Bradenton Police charged Evers with attempted robbery. She was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after they searched her and found a crack cocaine pipe in her possession.