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Date of Issue: October 12, 2006

Poindexter resigns as Bradenton Beach department head

Dottie Poindexter has resigned her post as Bradenton Beach project-program manager, citing work stress in the position due to long hours. Her resignation was approved "with reluctance" by the city commission, and her last day was Oct. 5.

"To effectively do the tasks at hand would take two people more than 80 hours of work per week," she wrote in her resignation letter. "With no hope of extending my assistant's hours to fulltime, I cannot continue to work under duress and the subsequent stress to accomplish the time-sensitive deadlines of the work under my responsibility.

"With no consideration that the responsibilities charged to me are equivalent to that of grant applicant seeker, grant project manager, capital project manager and program manager, or respect and cooperation of the mayor, it has become unacceptable and counter-productive to my goal to 'serve' the community."

Poindexter said she has forfeited vacation time and has worked 50-hour weeks, including weekends, to meet various deadlines for grants, and the effort "has taken a toll on my personal life and health. This is not worth the compensation or consideration that I am shown," she wrote.

She also mentioned "public humiliation of recent weeks" that "has dictated the need to take action immediately."

Poindexter was hired by the city in June 2002 as director of public works, overseeing the city's sanitation department and streets and roads division. She took the position with Bradenton Beach after a 23-year stint with Manatee County, most recently as management support for the transportation department.

Earlier this year, Poindexter left that position to head a new city department, that of project-program manager, to oversee the city's burgeoning capital improvement projects as well as the Waterfronts Florida program. Her tasks also included applying for grants for various projects within the city ranging from stormwater management to enhancements at the city pier on Bridge Street.