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Date of Issue: October 25, 2007

Elect Bill Shearon

Bradenton Beach Ward 4 City Commissioner Bill Shearon is seeking the mayoral post in that city. He has served as a commissioner since 2004.

Shearon has owned property on the Island for 10 years and, with partner Tjet Martin, built Linger Longer. Linger Longer is their residence and also hosts seasonal guests.

He was born in Chicago, Ill., and started a petroleum marketing business that eventually expanded to 150 employees. At his time of retirement after 27 years in the industry, he served on advisory board for Amoco, Marathon and Mobile Oil companies, as well as posts on two trade association boards, one as president.

“Over the past several years as a commissioner,” he said, “I have been recognized by many as being fiscally conservative, a proven manager and responsive to constituent inquiries. I have always been readily available to listen to residents’ ideas and concerns, and willing to follow through to make sure appropriate action is taken.”

Seven years ago, Shearon began losing his eyesight and is now legally blind, one of only two municipal officials in Florida with that claim. However, Shearon is the only legally blind elected official with a guide dog, Levet, a black Labrador.

He has two children and five grandchildren.