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Date of Issue: February 26, 2012

Twisted chain of events led to two men's arrest

Daniel Sullivan
Peter Thome

A twisted chain of events, beginning at the Manatee Public Beach, led to the arrest of two men for breaking into a doctor's office in Bradenton.

Originally, Daniel Sullivan, 24, was arrested by the Holmes Beach Police Department on Wednesday, Oct. 11, for battering Peter Thome, 44, on the beach.

According to a federal immigration agent who witnessed the attack, Sullivan hit Thome several times in the head with his fists, knocking him down and kicking him in the head. The witness told police Thome did not fight back.

Thome told police Sullivan is his roommate and that the fight began after Sullivan made some sexual comments to the children of a third roommate, Linda Boudle, also present at the beach.

Sullivan was taken to the Manatee County jail for domestic battery.

Thome continued speaking with officers voluntary, making several incriminating admissions. Thome reportedly told police that he and his roommates were all "crack addicts" and that the children were not being properly cared for. After questioning Thome at length the officer gathered that the Bradenton home was full of drugs, there was no food and the house was very dirty. Thome accused the children's mother of neglecting and beating her children.

According to the report, the officer did not observe any injuries to the children, but did note that the three adults were obviously very intoxicated. The officer had Child Protective Services respond to investigate Thome's admissions and take charge of the children. The officer also phoned in a report on the children to an abuse hotline.

Since Boudle and Thome were too intoxicated to drive their vehicle, an officer reportedly placed them on a county bus for a ride back into Bradenton.

Later in the day, Bradenton Police responded to 2306 Seventh Ave. W., in Bradenton, the home of Thome, in reference to another domestic battery. Thome was taken into custody for the battery.

While there, police noticed a lot of blood on the floor.

Coincidentally, the night before, there had been a break-in at Doctor Correa's office, located at 2505 Manatee Ave. W., in which a lot of blood had been left behind, due to breaking a window at the doctor's office.

At that time, police found a bloody thumbprint which later matched Sullivan's print. He was already in jail for the earlier beating of Thome. Thome told detectives Sullivan had been staying at his home.

Detectives put the two incidents together and found a considerable amount of medicine and papers from Dr. Correa in the home and vehicle. They also found the burglary tools used to break into the doctor's office.

Both men were charged with burglary while in jail publisher Mike Quinn contributed to this story.