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Date of Issue: October 08, 2008

For the record

The documents containing the proposed amendments to Bradenton Beach’s comprehensive plan measure more than an inch thick.

Here’s a sampling of some of the proposed language changes or additions:

  • “The Bridge Street mixed-use commercial land-use category … allows for up to three levels or stories of usable floors, beginning with the ground level, which may or may not be open parking. Commercial may be permitted on any of all three levels of a structure at a maximum intensity of 90 percent lot coverage. Residential uses are only allowed on the second and third levels. All residential units must be a minimum 700 square foot.”
  • “Bradenton Beach does not have any existing strip commercial development. Strip commercial development that compounds traffic and land use conflicts is strongly discouraged.”
  • “Within one year of the effective date of the plan, the city shall adopt land-development regulations to define the following: harbor structure, mooring and mooring area, and limited commercial use available to the public.”
  • “In June 2004, Bradenton Beach implemented its recycling program and is anticipating a 25 percent reduction in its solid waste taken to the Lena Road Landfill.”
  • “The city … should seek to maintain the historic character of the city, as well as the Waterfronts Florida Partnership Community designation.”
  • “Parks and recreation lands shall be planned for multiple uses and located in areas most suitable to satisfy the needs of the permanent and seasonal population, including maximizing public waterfront access.”
  • “In the event there is a significant new major development due to a nature disaster or other catastrophic event, the city shall require any new development to provide new roadway right of way as part of that development. The city shall reclaim its rights of way and vigorously enforce that they are kept open.”
  • “The city shall vigorously enforce the minimum setback requirements in the land-development regulations along existing roadways without exception. No variances or special exceptions shall be allowed.”
  • “The city shall require new development and major redevelopment to install or pay a proportionate share of the installation of sidewalks along Gulf Drive.”
  • “The city shall establish a combination of requirements for local streets and Gulf Drive to address traffic calming, reduce negative effects of motor vehicle uses, increase safety conditions for pedestrians and bicycle use and to promote increased transit and to provide for street landscaping.”
  • “The city shall provide bicycle and pedestrian ways for connecting residential areas to recreation areas, school, shopping areas and transit terminal areas as appropriate.”
  • “The city recognizes the need for and supports the preparation and implementation of the transportation study and analysis for an additional bridge from the mainland directly to Longboat Key.