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Date of Issue: November 25, 2009

Bradenton Beach candidates take oaths

The rookie led off.

‘I swear’ times three

Janie Robertson, Michael Pierce and Gay Breuler share congratulations after taking their oaths of office Nov. 16 at Bradenton Beach City Hall. Pierce defeated William Shearon to retain the mayoral post for two more years. Robertson and Breuler were unchallenged in the Nov. 3 election. Both will serve two years on the city commission.
Islander Photos: Lisa Neff

First-time candidate and newly elected Bradenton Beach City Commissioner Gay Breuler took her oath of office Nov. 16.

The brief ceremony took place in the commission chambers at city hall with Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Bob Sweat officiating.

Sweat arrived in a suit for the occasion, and carrying his Bible.

Though most city meetings in Bradenton Beach are Island casual, many dressed up to business casual for the ceremony at which Breuler, Commissioner Janie Robertson and Mayor Michael Pierce took their oaths of office.

All three were elected Nov. 3.

Breuler faced no competition in her campaign to succeed John Shaughnessy as commissioner in Ward 1. Shaughnessy could not run again do to a term-limit rule. Robertson also faced no opposition in her bid for a third and final term on the commission. She represents Ward 3.

Pierce defeated William “Bill” Shearon in the mayoral race, winning 65 percent of the vote.

Sweat began the ceremony last week with a salute to the flag.

The supervisor, who on election night presided over the vote count at the county office in Bradenton, then swore Breuler into office.

The audience of relatives, friends, neighbors and city staff applauded as Breuler completed her oath without bungling a word.

“Hope I do as well as Gay,” Robertson said as she stepped to the podium, raised her right hand and began to repeat after Sweat.

“It was painless,” Sweat said after Robertson took her oath.

Sweat then invited Pierce to the podium.

After swearing in Pierce, Sweat said, “You’re in charge now.”

Pierce then thanked those attending.

“It was great to have everyone come,” he said.

The new commission held its first meeting Nov. 19.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3, at city hall.