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Date of Issue: November 04, 2009

Holmes Beach spending

The five candidates in Holmes Beach seeking one of the three commission seats up for election Nov. 3 have raised a combined total of $7,478 for their campaigns.

The city has 3,234 registered voters.

According to figures available at the Manatee County Supervisor Elections Office, the following were amounts of contributions received and expenditures made for the candidates.

Zaccagnino had one $1,000 loan to his campaign and a total of $60 in expenditures.

Sheridan had four individual contributors, one donation of $100 to his campaign, and a total of $701.78 in expenditures. His contributions totaled $963.

Robinson had $1,790 in contributions, including $1,100 in loans to his campaign. Of his $1,506 in expenditures, $424.18 was on political signs and $78.87 was on political T-shirts.

Geyer had $3,100 in contributions, including $2,500 in loans to her own campaign. Her expenditures totaled $2,461.67 and $1,037.50 of that went toward political signs and postcards.

Morton reported a total of $625 in contributions and $603 in expenditures. He received $150 of in-kind contributions that went toward 25 political T-shirts. Morton also had one $200 business contribution and four individual contributions.

Individual campaign contributions and expenditures may be viewed online at