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Date of Issue: November 11, 2005

Bradenton Beach: Rare tie on terms, consolidation 'Yes'

Bradenton Beach voters deadlocked on expanding elected officials' term limits, embraced a study on consolidating Island cities and endorsed other charter amendments in Tuesday's election.

A charter amendment to extend elected officials' terms of office from three two-year terms to four two-year terms ended as a tie: 102 to 102. The matter is considered defeated.

A non-binding question of whether or not to study consolidation of Island cities passed by a huge margin, 170 to 36, or 83 percent to 17 percent.

"We will have to look at the consolidation matter as a commission," Mayor John Chappie said. "Regarding term limits, it's no big deal. It's what it is."

Voters had 13 amendments to the city's governing document, the charter, to ratify or reject on the ballot. The voter breakout was:

Charter review committee scheduling - yes, 169; no, 32. Residency requirements for mayor and commission - yes, 193; no, 49. Elected official compensation - yes, 154; no, 49. Elected official continuing education requirement - yes, 157; no, 36. Elected official forfeiture of office - yes, 170; no, 36.

Electorate-initiated ordinance challenge - yes, 170; no, 33. Electorate-initiated referendum challenge - yes, 176; no, 28. Electorate-initiated referendum enactment - yes, 174; no, 26. Building height standard - yes, 121; no, 81. Conforming lot size standard - yes, 137; no, 63. Forfeiture of appointed officials - yes, 177; no, 25. Technical language - yes, 164; no, 36. 

A total of 206 ballots were cast, 20 of them absentees, of the city's 947 registered electors