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Date of Issue: November 10, 2005

Costs, timetable offered for Bradenton Beach City Pier reconstruction

Costs are in and schedules tentatively set for repairs to the Bradenton Beach City Pier restaurant, damaged in Sept. 2004 by Hurricane Frances.

Permitting and other design charges: $51,700.

Construction start-date: August 2006.

The city’s pier team outlined a host of procedures needed by various federal, state and regional agencies needed before any work can be done on the restaurant structure.

Earlier inspections had indicated that the restaurant building over the water at the foot of Bridge Street needed to be demolished for safety reasons. Architectural drawings were commissioned and completed by O’Brien and Smith Architects, which included an extensive dockage area for a hoped-for water-taxi dropoff point.

Building Official Ed Mc Adam told city commissioners that a meeting with officials with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection indicated that the proposed docks should be located farther east than originally suggested, a move that was approved by commissioners.

One issue that was apparently lessened was the potential for seagrass bed damage near the pier. Waterborne surveys of the grasses in the pier area revealed much less seagrass than originally thought, making the permitting process much easier, Mc Adam said.

Within the permitting process are civil and structural engineering studies. There will also be a series of public meetings with neighbors and other interested parties to allow input on the pier plans.