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Date of Issue: December 16, 2009

Bank foreclosing on Musil-Buehler property

A bank has filed papers in Manatee County court to foreclose on a Holmes Beach property co-owned by an Island woman missing more than a year.

Sabine Musil-Buehler, co-owner of Haley’s Motel in Holmes Beach, disappeared in November 2008.

BankUnited, through the Van Ness Law Firm of Deerfield Beach, filed foreclosure papers in Manatee County earlier this month.

The bank alleges that mortgage payments on the residence at 512 72nd St. in Holmes Beach have not been made since August.

The bank approved the mortgage for Musil-Buehler and husband Thomas Buehler in January 2005 and recorded the mortgage in February 2005.

“There has been a default under the note and mortgage held by plaintiff in that the amount due Aug. 1, 2009, and all subsequent payments have not been made,” the foreclosure complaint stated.

The bank is demanding full payment of $574,293.03, plus interest and legal expenses.

Musil-Buehler’s last known whereabouts were late Nov. 4, 2008, when she left the apartment on Magnolia Avenue in Anna Maria that she was sharing with boyfriend William J. Cumber.

Cumber, now serving a 13-year prison sentence for violating parole in an unrelated case, has said he and Musil-Buehler argued that night in November about his smoking a cigarette and she left in her car.

Musil-Buehler’s estranged husband and business partner reported her missing Nov. 6, 2008, after learning that her vehicle was involved in a high-speed pursuit in Bradenton.

While the criminal investigation into Musil-Buehler’s disappearance continues, a civil court judge has been asked by Buehler to declare his wife dead.

The defendant in the civil suit, a company that sold Musil-Buehler a life insurance policy, has filed a motion to dismiss Buehler’s request, which will be heard Dec. 22.