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Date of Issue: December 17, 2008

City pier restaurant wants lower rent

Anna Maria city pier restaurant owner Mario Schoenfelder, who leases the operation from the city for $8,115.12 per month, told Mayor Fran Barford he wants the commission to discuss lower payments.

“In light of the current economic conditions that were impossible to foresee at the time of the existing lease agreement, I would respectfully request exploring the possibility of some adjustment to the current monthly rent,” now at $8,115.12,” said Schoenfelder.

He suggested an adjustment to $5,000 per month for a 12-month period “would be reasonable.”

Schoenfelder asked the city to “Please, bear in mind our substantial investment to preserve and update the Anna Maria City Pier at the time we took possession.”

The issue will be presented at a future city commission work session.