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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

Anna Maria has sales tax 'wish list'

Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn has submitted her "wish list" of infrastructure projects that would be funded by the city's share of a half-cent sales tax increase Manatee County commissioners are proposing.

In no particular preference order, the projects are:

  • Repair/replacement of 1,100 linear feet of sidewalk.
  • Purchase of a "bobcat" for maintenance of swales, parking areas and rights of way.
  • Boat, motor and appropriate equipment for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office deputies for waterway law enforcement.
  • Design and construction of a public works building.
  • ADA improvements to city hall, city pier, public parking lots and the historical park.
  • Construction of a pathway to the beach for handicapped persons.
  • Creation of a city waterway map and appropriate signage of aquatic plants and trees for canoe and kayak trips by the public.
  • A high-volume drainage pump to quickly remove stormwater.
  • Design and construction of a retention pond model that can be readily incorporated into individual home landscaping.
  • Construction of several retention ponds in critical stormwater runoff areas.

The county commission is expected to place the half-cent increase measure on the March 2004 ballot for a countywide vote.