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Date of Issue: December 08, 2005

Red tide still out there - barely

The year-long red tide bloom has mostly busted off Southwest Florida and, although there are still some isolated reports of concentrations of the algae, it has mostly diminished in its counts off Anna Maria Island.

Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota said “Satellite imagery indicates increased concentrations offshore from Tampa Bay to Charlotte Harbor, and nearshore from Sarasota to Venice. A favorable forecast for winds to be blowing offshore should keep adverse effects of the red tide away from beaches.”

There are high counts of the red tide organism from Cedar Key north through the Panhandle of Florida, causing closure of shellfish beds.

Red tide is a naturally occurring algae that at times bursts into bloom. The bloom can cause fish kills and irritation to persons with respiratory problems. The current bloom began in December 2004 and has persisted since.