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Date of Issue: February 23, 2006

Waterfronts Florida contract approved by Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach has entered into a two-year contract with the Florida Department of Community Affairs for enhancements to the city’s waterfront, but not without some trepidation.

City commissioners last week approved the contract designating the city a "Waterfronts Florida" site. The designation comes with a $50,000 grant to develop plans for the city’s shore, both bay and Gulf, as well as some implementation dollars.

The trepidation factor arose due to a glitch, apparently from DCA, which delayed the contract being sent to the city. One of the "deliverables" was to be completed by the end of January, and another by the end of February, based on a timeline that should have had the contract approved by all parties by last year.

However, newly appointed project/program manager Dottie Poindexter said she had spoken and received correspondence from DCA officials regarding the timeline glitch, and received assurances that the dates in the contract could and would be changed.

City commissioners unanimously approved the contract, with an accompanying letter requesting a revision of the timeline.

The committee developing the vision of the waterfronts program will meet at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 22.