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Date of Issue: June 09, 2010

Scorecard for Anna Maria legal issues

There are so many lawsuits, legal complaints and motions involving Anna Maria residents, city staff and elected officials that it’s almost impossible to tell the “players” without a scorecard.

This week’s scorecard:

Legal action Filed by Defendant Status
1. Public records  Mike Barfield and Harry Stoltzfus Pending
request to  Pine Avenue    
Commissioner Restoration, attorney    
Harry Stoltzfus Valerie Fernandez    
2. Complaint Robert and Nicky Anna Maria  Decision
to DCA re:  Hunt, Anna Maria, Anderson expected 
density  attorney Jeremy   in 2-3 weeks
3. Motion for Barfield Stoltzfus Court order
mandamus PAR   to Stoltzfus
      to retain
4. Motion to Stoltzfus, Barfield, PAR Hearing
strike Stoltzfus attorney Richard   July-10
court order Harrison    
5. Lawsuit against William and, Anna Maria pending,
Anna Maria re: Barbara Nally, City Commission, no hearing
216 Pine Ave. attorney P&Z board, date set
site plan Jeremy Anderson mayor  
6. Recall Recall Committee Stoltzfus Second
Stoltzfus     petition
      under way
7. Motion Stoltzfus, Recall Accelerated
to invalidate attorney Committee hearing
recall petition  Harrison  Chairman Bob denied
8. Complaint John Cagnina Stoltzfus Pending
to Florida       
on Ethics      
9. Public records Barfield, PAR Cathy Stoltzfus Pending
request to   Duke Miller,  
individuals   Robin Wall,   
    Nicky Hunt,   
    Larry Albert,   
    Terry Schaefer  
10. Public Barb and Commissioners, Pending,
records Willam Nally, mayor, P&Z, request 
request attorney staff, parking revised
    Anderson safety committee
11. Motion to Richard Friday, Anna Maria Pending city
halt development attorney Steve city motion 5-14
on Park Street Thompson   to dismiss
12. Appeal Stoltzfus, Recall Committee Pending, 
to deny motion attorney Richard chair Bob Carter court of 
to deny recall  Harrison    appeal