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Date of Issue: August 04, 2010

Anna Maria seeks top-citizen nominees

Anna Maria citizen-of-the-year selection committee members met last week to establish groundwork for the committee’s annual task.

The 2010 Citizens Recognition Comminttee includes Chair Carolyne Norwood, Chris Collins, Judy Chable, Jane Coleman and Betty Yanger. Sandy Mattick was absent. They met July 26 at city hall and decided on a both a newspaper advertisement and nomination form, the latter to be distributed to Anna Maria businesses through the membership of the North End Merchants Organization, at city hall and on the city’s website,

Residents are encouraged to make nominations that for consideration by the committee. The committee’s selection is to be announced at the Oct. 28 commission meeting. Applications are due by Sept. 17. The committee will next meet Sept. 27 at city hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria.

Nominees may be individuals residing in the city of Anna Maria for at least two years, or a firm, corporation, organization, or civic group that has existed in the city of Anna Maria for at least two years.

Coleman said, “We sincerely want nominations of all who do things great or simple to serve and bring joy and pleasure to the people of Anna Maria.”

        Past honorees include:

        • Ernest Cagnina, 1989.

        • Ellen Marshall, 1990.

        • Ted Tripp, 1991

        • George O'Connor, 1991.

        • Edwin Callen, 1992.

        • Ray Simches, 1994.

        • Mary Ross, 1995.

        • Carolyne Norwood, 1995.

        • Mike Miller, 2001.

        • George Norwood, 2002.

        • Gene and Elizabeth Moss, 2003.

        • Anna Maria Environmental Enhancement and Education Committee, 2004.

        • Sinclair and Martha Stewart, 2007.

        • Anna Maria Sun, 2008.

        • Roser Memorial Community Church, 2009.