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Date of Issue: August 04, 2010

Commissioner supports parking initiative

Anna Maria Commissioner Dale Woodland said he is “100 percent supportive” of the efforts by a committee of residents to circulate a petition on parking. So he signed the petition.

The committee wants to have the commission add language to the parking ordinance that would spell out exactly what is required for parking on Pine Avenue. Parking has been the subject of considerable debate in the city for a number of years.

 “By supportive, I mean that what the committee is doing is great. I really would like to see parking regulations clarified. There are too many ambiguous ordinances in the city,” Woodland explained.

The commissioner said he suggested on several occasions that parking ordinances are unclear and he’s been concerned about the interpretation of ordinances.

“I am concerned that we are not enforcing our codes as we should. There are too many ordinances that are open to interpretation,” he said. “Let’s get them clarified with clear language.”

Woodland said he thinks the petition initiative that restricts the city from using public rights of way or city property for parking for private development, should come before the commission.

He said he found no conflict between his endorsement of the initiative and his vote to have the planning and zoning board review Plan North, a parking plan for the Pine Avenue corridor.

“My vote was just to move it forward for discussion. I never said I agreed with everything in it,” he said.

The P&Z board has made its recommendations and Plan North is going to the commission this week for a work session and possible public hearing.

If the parking committee obtains 204 verified signatures of Anna Maria voters, the petition goes to the commission for adoption. Should the commission reject the initiative, the city would hold an election on its proposals.